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Kid by the Side of the Road: 2nd Edition / Author: Juan O Savin

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It's not over. We got this. Hold the line. Let's do what's in our best interest of the people, not what's in the best interests of our enemies and doing it foolishly. President Trump didn't act foolishly. Let's not act foolishly. We got this.

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Hello, flyover family. Welcome.

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Welcome. Welcome, welcome.

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Fly over conservatives dot com. There's also resources there, medical connections, lawyers, lots of places under resources that you may or may not be needing in the future, depending on how proactive you are in your life right now. This is a continuation of yesterday's episode, we're going to kind of jump back in there because there was some news that that that sort of tied into that. And it just we needed to put a bow on some of the conversations from yesterday. So with no further ado, he's now in a different state and on the move, like always, but, our buddy, Juan O Savin.

Juan O Savin 1:48
Hey, it's good to...it's good to cross paths with you again.

Stacy Whited 1:51
I know.

Juan O Savin 1:52
We're talking.

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We were, we were texting back and forth. And you were sending me some articles. And it was like, Man, this is this is good stuff to know. But we really should have tied that onto there. We're also gonna do some decodes today, because I think that's one of your greatest strengths is, is seeing behind the facade of what's being shown. You know, a lot of people only see what's being shown and you have a knack for kind of putting two plus two together, and you actually know what there is to be seen. And we're going to do a little bit of that on on some symbology and some numbers and some things like that. But but there's some news that broke yesterday, and I was kinda want to give you the platform to take off from there on what you were sending us.

Juan O Savin 2:32
Well, you know, Revolver just had an article that came out yesterday. And I think it's a very important article. And I think everybody, especially coming into this fourth of July weekend, and the events through the remainder of the summer, should read this article, understand the implications of what's being said there. And it has to do with issues that I've raised all the way back, literally for decades, but especially since the time of the Bundy Ranch incidents, and the Malheur Reservation incidents. And even with the death of LaVoy Finicum. in fact, remind me during the course of this, I need to talk about that situation there with the Finicum family and the lawsuits, before we end the broadcast today.

EDITOR: (We cover the Revolver article mentioned here by Juan in the Related article below.)

David Whited 3:26
Okay, got it down here. So, so the revolver article has to do with the oathkeepers and and you know, Stewart Rhodes and some some people involved in that there. But it kind of gets to what I was saying earlier about, there's something being shown and then there's kind of the truth that sometimes it's hard to see. So and that's where you really come to, well...

Juan O Savin 3:52
Okay, so let me let me just bounce around a little bit here. But but it's worth kind of going back to this January 6, date. It's becoming more and more of a hinge point of the attack on conservatives on President Trump, and of even matters related to the election. And so the process at the time of the election and passed. The core part of this whole thing being there was this meeting that I mentioned in our last interview on December 28, where a bunch, a staffer inside the White House, was able to get a meeting for a number of people who had been supporting the president, who were there on the election fraud and on the Russia fraud. You know, let's just say that for what it is at this point in time, and it was not understood necessarily be that all the way along but this dossier thing was a bullshit fabrication against President Trump, designed to keep him from first getting into office back in 2016. But then after that, to take him out of office, and subsequently the investigations would which took years, you know, fleshed out that it was people who were purchased in to the situation with Democratic National Committee money, with Hillary Clinton campaign finance money, to create this false document. And this false narrative of Russian collusion, Russian interference. You know, there's, there's a lot of plotting and scamming, that goes on, of, you know, nation versus nation, state versus state, political party versus political party, it's the same thing in business, you know, it's just the nature of the world, people competing for position and using every tool that they have to try and own it. And so, in this contest, series of contests, it's almost like a James Bond, Bond-zonian plot or plots, to control, business, politics, the world, militaries, whatever. And we, the American people, and people throughout the nations of the world are caught up in these plots for control, and for money, and for you know, you know, who gets to be slaves and who gets to control those slaves, right? It's really that simple. And so part of the part of the thing that's going on here, is you in that kind of a scenario, you have spy versus spy type of stuff that goes on all the time. And we've been seeing, literally, these spy plots one against the other, using informants using control tactics of...So, for example, up at the Malheur Reservation, over half, you have to think about the impact of what I'm saying here. Over half of the people that were inside, doing the protest, were on the payroll of, under the control of, even being blackmailed by federal agencies and state agencies. So that while to the world, they were part of this protest process. Behind the scenes, they were agent provocateurs. They were amping up the situation. They were trying to move things in a particular direction. That was not at all in the interests, or the designs of the people who were protesting. How do you have an honest protest when half the people there have a hidden secret agenda and reporting to do it? How can Americans have an honest conversation, and even an honest, sincere, valid protest on the way that things are happening within the government when, you know, even just a handful of spies, if you will, are there, you know, subverting things from the inside out? It's not just a matter of observing. You can go into a situation as a covert operative, to gather intelligence to make sure things aren't going off the rails that you're not in some type of danger, danger situation. It's another thing to send in people who intentionally or even haphazardly become agent provocateurs. They're the ones providing the amping up. They're the ones that are ginning things up. And they're not they're just merely as observers reporting back, letting us know what's going on, making sure that there's no real danger. I mean, you can go into something not knowing having been baited in, you know, you need to have Intel coming from the inside out. Okay, I get that. And maybe get in there, you find out you know, it's just not quite what we were told what isn't what was being sold to us. You get informants all the time, that say stuff that's not actually true, or is a misperception of how things are actually going. And you get in there, do the investigation, you find out. You know, I remember a particular accounting thing and what was presented was not at all the case the people involved were were genuine, hadn't done anything wrong. You had a person that was pissed off, because they took them out of this particular corporate situation involving a foreign contract. And he was looking for revenge. And so he said all sorts of stuff. And he had done little things in the paperwork that made it look wrong with certain people. But when he actually dug in, found out what's going on, they actually removed him, because what he wanted to do was criminal, and they weren't going to have the criminality there. So you have to be aware of that, that things aren't always what they seem, but you needed to check to make sure. And then the agents involved, they're so pissed off, they go back and go after the bad guy. Look at what happened with Pat Byrne. Pat Byrne has this gal who's over here, you know, is a Russian citizen trying to go through the gun stuff and report back and has a particular thing. And they're trying to set him up to gather this Intel from the supposed foreign spy. And it wasn't what was portrayed to be. And Pat did this amazing job of actually manipulating the situation in such a way that they couldn't turn it into him being a bad guy. He exposed the true bad guys for who they were. And it wasn't even the agents that were directly managing him. It was the people further up the ladder, in the administration, and within the reporting structure all the way to the top. Whoever that might have been, it was pretty obvious. And I let his book and data tell the whole story. I don't need to tell his story.

David Whited 11:44
For the listeners, he's talking about Patrick Byrne, the founder of Overstock.com.

Juan O Savin 11:44
Right. And as it turns out, here he was being manipulated into a situation that was, put this gal in a very tenuous situation reporting, like, Pat did some pretty masterful stuff in protecting her reputation and in creating a scenario that he could talk about later. Almost impossible for most people to do. I think there's some divine assistance, intelligence in that even going to our whole nation, and the relationship between us and Russia. There was an attempt there to use his particular situation, and this gal and him in a way that could manipulate world events and relationships. And even the dog agrees with me. Yes, yeah. Nation state and dog bowl versus dog. You know, leave my dog biscuits alone. Yes, exactly. Deep State eight year old. dog biscuits. Yeah.

David Whited 13:04
When you talk about that, like we Patrick Byrne, the thing that enables a narrative like that to continue to smoke is media cover. And so there has to be this almost trifecta of a state funded and state produced plant. And then then the agreement or, you know, whatever, on the back end, for the media to cover things in such a way that allows that to remain credible, you know, as they as they worked in concert together.

Juan O Savin 13:34
Well, and of course, intelligence agencies, controlling media persons, or entire entities is is a big theme, you know. The reports route that O'Riley was on the payroll of CIA on certain stuff. And other media figures. Other people have said that at some of the intelligence hearings that every major figure in the media was on three letter agencies payroll. And that included people, you know, the most trusted news sources in America, you know, right. And you start realizing, Oh, my gosh, you know, how much of what I'm getting is actually accurate, or is it twisted and perverted so much that it really has no connection to accuracy? You know, it's it's so bent. You can't trust those words. So you have it within the media, you have it within, you know, whether it's the reporters or the reporting styles, the media agencies, what they choose to cover, and how. And then, when Americans decide that they're going to show up or people anywhere in the world show up and they want to, you know, have a public discussion,of course, now we have the cancel culture where you can't talk about certain things and have an honest conversation, can't have a disagreement. Look, not everything that's being said, related to, you know, how do you say? What word you can use? If I get my arm pinched, whatever the word is that you know, because if I use any trigger words, we can't have a conversation. It's true. The, you know, I had this conversation the other day with somebody. If you don't have a First Amendment right, you don't get to the conversation about the Second Amendment. And so they were all No, no second amendment, Second Amendment. Like, no, you're missing the point. The first amendment, these guys were not, you know, just throwing darts at the board when they picked the sequence of the most important things. Being able to have an honest conversation helps you to come to conclusions about, you know, which parts of the conversation have to be first and how to protect it and things like that. And so the First Amendment, which has to do with free speech, was the most critical thing. And it was backed up by the Second Amendment, it didn't lead with the Second Amendment for a reason. So I think we have to, you know, think about that. But then, even having this first conversation, if you have agent provocateurs, internally, who are amping up or twisting the conversation. Now, that's very unAmerican, because you'll have infiltrators, that want a particular political persuasion, want particular business, things to come out. And you know, one of the things for example, when you're doing criminal operations, a lot of times the best sources is one criminal bands opponent. So they'll give you the data on the other guy. Yeah. So, you know, they're they're trying to use you to do their dirty work. Sure. that that happens again, in the political and other realms.

David Whited 17:20
So you know, politics, there's constantly they're quoting, an unnamed source. Well, it could be a plant within that other campaign. And then once one newspaper, or somebody quotes that, then other people just quote that one, and it kind of becomes this, this circular process of untruths. Yeah.

Juan O Savin 17:36
Well, and so, again, we come back to this Revolver article. And I think it's a very important article. It's, I'm glad that was done again, at this point in time. We've we've talked about this type of thing, numerous times over the last several years. And even during, I go back to Bundy Ranch, and Malheur, even as those were going on, I was warning people behind the scenes, and telling them that they needed to be aware of their surroundings and the other people. There were a number of people on the inside that were on somebody's payroll, and, you know, they were trying to gin things up, and, and even the sequence in which Malheur started, you know, the doors left unlocked and the key's there and then being told, hey, by the way, nobody's there, Hey, did you know nobody's there? Did you know everything's unlocked? It's wide open, by the way. You know, if you're not really aware that you're being set up, you know, you can walk right into something and next thing, you know, you're, you'll have all sorts of a problem. And by the way, one of the great guys, one of the great interviews, that was done, you know, in the circumstances leading up to the mountain reservation, I hope he'd redo it again. Giambi Wells did an interview with Chief Briles up there in Bend, Oregon, and Chief Briles, who was the fire chief there. did this just amazing interview. I talked with him a number of times. It's a beautiful interview. The one that Giambi Wells set up there, you know, five years ago or whatever, I think was probably the best interview that laid the groundwork for what was going on there and why. And I wish he'd repost that, hope somebody gets a message over to him, I probably sent him a message. But at the end of the day, you look at that situation, then over half the people are on somebody's payroll. What's that about? So then we come back to this current situation on January 6. There was all sorts of intelligence behind the scenes to federal agencies, that something was being set up for January 6. That there was this plot that was brewing to do some type of a big, you know, takeover of Congress or whatever. Problem is, a lot of the people involved after the events occurred, the key instigators, have never been charged. They, you know, you have people who just showed up and, and smiled and walked through the door, looked around and walked out the door and they get thrown in prison. And you can't even get to a proper hearing because they're terrorists. And, you know, the, the normal court rules three day, you know, stuff doesn't apply, and they're gonna go to jail for, you know, decades and decades over this. And and you have other key people that were doing a lot of the amping up behind the scenes, including Rhodes. And over there at oathkeepers and nothing's happening. And some of the stuff that, you know, in the communications that are there that the article talks about, you have to go What in the world is going on here? Well, it's actually pretty simple. The same thing that's been going on for decades. One of the things that I've discussed with people over and over and over again. We saw that there was an intent to amp up these whole militia groups and to get them off in a zone that was a very dangerous ground back in the 80s, and 90s, and espeically in the mid 90s. And so there was infiltration, there was manipulation, there was all sorts of bizarre things going on that was set up to malign, to damage the whole imagery of a citizen militia, to make it look like we're a bunch of kooks and nuts and lunatics and you know, you gotta wear your, you know, style of camouflage that's the accepted style this week in order to be a true patriot militia person, you're gonna take over and, and save the country. And, you know, everyone wants to, you know, be the savior of the hour, Savior of the day. There's a superhero aspect to that, and I fully, fully fully get it. That's like in the DNA of Americans. Yeah. It's, it's this Maverick thing. That's, that's Patriots. You just have to take some deep breaths, and not allow the imagery to become more than the substance. And there's some people where they, they've, they're, you know, they wear a cape well, and it's fantastic. But at the end of the day, what's actually being done isn't doing much to save the country. It's a bunch of chest beating, and it's and it's dangerous. And, and those people that, you know, wear it on their sleave the hardest, you know, the the most sometimes also the easiest Look, it's the guy next to me in the foxhole, I'm not I'm not throwing any stones, you got to get that. I mean, it's a very fine nuance. You want a guy that's ready to go to the fight. But the other side of the coin is you don't want to be egged on at the wrong moment in the wrong way, and stand up in the middle of a firefight and get taken out. You got to keep your head down, you got to think about your surroundings, you got to pick the right moment, you know. You know, so there's, there's a real fine line here. And we have to be so sensitive. There's a particular story and I won't say it precisely because I don't want to tick off the people or hurt feelings to them. And I can say something very positive a particular person was in a firefight and this guy beside him got killed. And he was so pissed off, he stands up and he starts raking the tree line out there. And he himself gets hit. Now when he was just standing up, you know, flailing away with the bullets flying downrange, lead downrange lead downrange, you know, you know, the one with the most lead downrange wins. Well, not necessarily. If the other guy's pretty well concealed protected, he just gets off one accurate shot and you're done. I mean, that's, that's a lot of the the most important training for a special forces type units is, you know, make it count. How much how much can you carry in as far as bullets, you know, weight wise? Make it count. You know, if you need to put a few rounds out and get it down there. But, you know, a shot is not as important as an accurate shot, in most cases. And so you gotta you got to really think about what you're doing and I'm using a military type scenario. But you know, we're under attack. This isn't... Okay? This isn't us just, you know, playing in the sandbox and doing whatever. America and American ideals, the American citizen, the Patriots are under attack right now. You cannot be, you know, halfway about this, you know, as though it's just a football game, a sports contest. This is about survival of the American patriot. You guys still be alive and you'll be, you know, American sheep or something. And by the way, when Christ when the Bible talks about the children of God being sheep, you know, Peter, I care for my flock and that sort of thing. I'm not sure that God is actually, that this is a compliment.

Stacy Whited 25:57
Man, that's true. David was raised on a sheep farm...

David Whited 25:59
I grew up on a sheep farm. They're dumbest animals; they would get out. They would escape from their pins. And they get into an alfalfa field when it was raining, and they would eat this wet alfalfa. And then they would lay on their sides and die from bloat through their stomachs would just rip open....

Stacy Whited 26:16
...they just kept eating...

David Whited 26:17
...because they couldn't control themselves. Yeah, you know, yeah, they've. if sheep weren't aligned, they would, you'd have 1000 walk off a cliff, one after the other. They just keep falling on in front of it, they wouldn't, they wouldn't think twice about it.

Stacy Whited 26:29
Yeah, I don't think that was a compliment what Jesus was saying to us.

Juan O Savin 26:32
Yeah, I mean, you know, at a certain level, I mean, honestly, maybe that's partially what makes Americans different is that they don't want to be sheep. Slaves, no more. You know, grow up. Even us being able to have an advanced conversation or adult conversation on this stuff. Look, all I'm saying is that there's a lot of the people that want to be the leaders. I'm thinking even of one specific situation where I was invited to a particular situation with a group and one of the guys is wearing a Nazi Hitler mustache, and he wants to lead this whole operation. And the whole time. I'm just going, man. I'm telling you, you do not understand the country you're in. Right. Yeah. I mean, as though this is, you know, you're going to be covert, but you're going to have the best Hitler mustache of them all? Seriously, seriously. And it was actually, if it wasn't that it was such a serious situation, you know, I wanted to laugh the whole time. I mean, you know, in this particular situation, he's taking himself so seriously, and the people around him are and I'm just like, Oh, my gosh, I mean, you're so in the bubble, that you cannot even see the rest of reality around you and how you're perceived. Seriously? It was, it was comical if it wasn't so serious. I come back to our patriot movement. You know, there's attempts to get us to fall into imagery. In the in the 90s, it was all the camo, you got to show up at the City Council meeting in your camo. You got to, you know, show up on the TV screens in your camo and look a certain way, and then you're a serious Patriot, you're not gonna put up with any anymore. You know, give me a fucking break. Get your head screwed on straight. What are you thinking? That's not, just doing that doesn't make you a better patriot than the guy next to you who may be a little bit more, you know, aware of how his time's best used, because he's got to pay the bills and gotta keep the wife happy. And that means having a date night. Seriously. Yeah. You know, are you, have you lost, you know, perspective, kind of seeing the bigger picture? You know, you can't kill the patient to save the patient, the cure can't be worse than the disease. And so there's all these things going on where manipulators externally and internally. Externally being let's say news media, they show up and some internet or TV channel wants to interview you. And I had this conversation a couple months back with one of the guys that agreed to be interviewed for a particular, you know, special that's being done. And I said really? Seriously, and you think that they're going to portray you in a way and what you're saying in a way that's going to be helpful overall, or do you just want to be seen? I mean, you just want to know, and, and at the end Oh, no, no, no, no, I'm gonna be fine. It's gonna be great and As they promised me and everything else, I'll show you what came out. It really made all of us look very poor. It was not a good portrayal. I remember Rush...something came up and there was a particular media group that wanted to do a very good interview of him, supposedly. And he says, Now Now, I'm not going to waste of my time with that, that'd be the dumbest move in the world, because they will never give me a fair shot. And, of course, correctly, that was his correct determination. And then they did a hit piece on him and they did a couple of things. Another group came and decided that they would do it, and they gave certain guarantees, and actually did a pretty good interview. But it was the first big one that Rush had done. He controlled the situation, he thought it through enough, he was careful enough in in making sure that he had, you know, got the right kind of proper respect to what they did. Didn't mean they gave him one that was exactly just him saying what he wanted to do only his way. He didn't care that they had a counter viewpoint, he just wasn't going to let them make it all the counter viewpoint and negative. It became a conversation and he talked about it on his show quite a bit into the before and after. So at least he got a pretty fair shot. And the people enjoy Rush, uh, you know, God rest his soul. I mean, so much of the people out there are... people don't realize how huge an impact Rush and Mike Reagan made in the mid 90s. In the conversation out in the world, through the other smaller local groups, they were the two big dogs nationally. They were both made members of the 94th Congress as honorary members, because they helped with Newt and the Contract with America, and in explaining that out to people and then getting a republican congress in place after Clinton won the presidential, that media conversation became really important. And those people that were involved in that down through the ranks at the local city levels, where you had radio shows and like that, their shows were really the follow on to the big national shows with Rush and Reagan. Both of them had over 500 affiliates during that time period; monster.

David Whited 32:36
You know, Rush is like for anybody in my generation is kind of like this uncle in the back of your head that kind of helped you navigate both Clinton, you know, terms, and then kind of on on through. I hear him coming out quite a bit, just in people's language, because he gave gave people a way to frame events, you know, that was unlike anyone else, you know, other than...

Juan O Savin 32:59
Well, there was enough dwell time with him where people could listen through and kind of get stuff. Didn't mean you had you completely agreed with him. There were several things that we disagreed, pretty...

David Whited 33:09
Man, he's a storyteller. He's the only person ever with radio. I pull up to the house sometimes I listened to him coming from work, because there's older guys that worked with me, and I was we're just first married, then it's been 30 years ago. And they'd be talking to stuff and so I'd be listening to Rush in my car. He was so good at leaving you hanging that he would you'd sit there and listen to three minutes of commercials wait for him to come back on to continue the story. Well, he's the master storyteller.

Juan O Savin 33:33
Yeah. And he and he would explain things enough that if you stayed long enough to listen, the full explanation, you'd get to, you know, you might not agree, but chances are pretty good, you would agree because he laid out enough of the stuff, the dwell time was enough that you could actually get to an understanding of why he was saying things the way he was saying. So but you could have media externally, to situations twisting the way things were told, and making it look different uh, you know, from outside the bubble, or whatever. And you had certainly lots of detractors of Rush. But they were trying to do it from the outside. And Rush had good defense because he had lots of time and he had lots of locations to get to to give you his side of what he was saying his way. So but it's a different thing. If you had let's just use that example. If you have a big host like either of those who's then working for the other team, and they can decide not to cover certain stories. So for example, the allegation was the assertion was that and I mean, I knew plenty of people over at Fox at the time, but that you couldn't get certain stories on the air, one specific one being anything to do with the birth certificate. O'Reilly was calling the shots there inside Fox and not letting anybody talk about didn't matter whose show it was, you weren't gonna talk about it on Fox. And so we never had...the only alternative media could talk about that. And then he had people on the inside of the birth certificate issue that appeared to be totally, let's get this done, let's go that way. But they were dead ends, and they were twisted slightly. And they actually weren't necessarily working again, to actually get the story out, but to figure out who the players were, and then to nullify the players individually and take the story down wrong pathways that were already known to be dead ends are going to be a problem, or where they knew they had perfect control. And so it wasn't an honest conversation. Once again, he had, you know, internal agent provocateurs that were perceived as being, you know, on the issue, but they weren't. So I come back to the Rhodes thing, right. A number of things that happened over last many years. Here, you have oathkeepers, people with a...it really brought in a lot of, of military and policing patriots to the organization, because on principle, on the name, on the oaths within those organizations, that organization, these people are there to protect America. And if it gets too far down the road, save America. And yet, now you're wondering just exactly who some of that leadership are a number of the leaders there in the organization realizing something was wrong, stepped away, because they said, you know, this is, somehow certain things aren't adding up here. And I won't take the thunder out of the article. But the question is, you know, are people on the payroll, or under some kind of agreement with contract with federal agencies, to be agent provocateurs, not just listeners, not just cooperating. You know, a number of the, one of the groups of Gab, they provided, I believe was Gab, they provided very precise specific information through known FBI contacts in a relationship that was already there for the digital media, of specific things coming up on the January 6 event, and they shared it very timely. And by the way, they shared it before December 28. Before that meeting, that these patriots, very good people, all of them both the person inside the White House, and the people that were brought into that meeting with the President, these were all you know, the real deal. They're supporting the president. They are trying to get to an accurate vote situation, you know. So you can't construe because things didn't come out a certain way or they were very animated, right, that they somehow were idiots because it didn't happen that the president blew them off or whatever. The president in what was being presented to him at different levels was aware of what the push was to try and twist or tweak events coming up on this January 6 vote, and if possible, to cause the people that show up at that event with some spark, you have Tinder dry foliage there. And one spark got all the people there. And you could start some kind of a thing that would then cast all patriots, as you know, an American because they did something, you know, half cocked, brainless to go take Congress. It's just a building just a bunch of people that I What are you going to take? What are you going to hold? You know, what's the point going to be? We come to make our stand to be counted as citizens and be heard. But it doesn't mean that those people that showed up that day were there to be involved in violence or do something horrible right to president says go home and peace, etc. These agent provocateurs internally wanted the people who were present there on the 6th, I was present, to do something that then could change our brand, that could malign the movement that would make us, you know, objectionable to the rest of the people at home that are just trying to live life and wanted to participate, all of a sudden, they have to apologize? Well, I don't know who those people are, they aren't me, they did stuff that I didn't want to do. They wanted us to do something that then would be reproachable to the rest of America and the world. And the actual breaking into the congressional building. Uou know, that's one of the things in the movie I did with Jennifer Mac, The Called the Makings for a Perfect Day. If you haven't seen it, you should go see it. That's available online, you guys can put a link there on the show here. We show all of the events of that day, and the day before on the fifth, the people, their attitude, what was going on there. And one of the things that's in the in the movie is there was people trying to beat in the windows on the congressional building, after the door already had been opened up, was just being done for, you know, drama, setting theater, for theater. And then other other of the Patriots that were there are pulling them down and trying to pull them away and telling them Don't stop. So the people that were there on the general audience. They don't want this. It was a couple of provocateurs. The day before, on the fifth, they had another agent provocateur that's out in the crowd, and yelling that we got to break into Congress, we got to take it over. We got to, you know, occupy Congress, we got to break into the building, you know, and this was on the fifth and you're like, and Who's this guy? Oh, yeah. By the way, he's been doing this in other events. He's got this history of being at places strategically, trying to amp and gin things up on Oh, by the way, is under the control of on the payroll of three letter agency. Oh, you didn't know that? So and what's the deal? They get credit, they get, you know, bonus points, when they report back yet I got him to do this, or, you know, whatever, they're going to do this, and I'm aware of it while you tried to ginger up, you know, you know, how much of this is is truly genuine Americans doing this, and how much of it is somebody trying to get in there and take some people that might not be as sophisticated, emotionally, mentally, who may be just pissed off enough? I talked the other day, I mentioned the show that we did the other day with some coaches, college coaches, names that many people in your audience would know. And we had a very important conversation they didn't, one of the coaches says, you know, on the 28th thing coming up on the sixth, you know, I was ready to grab my guns and get out and join them and get this done. And I says, No, that's the whole point. Yeah, you cannot have civil war in America. When you game this out, and this has been gamed out in the computers over and over. The AI has done this, people understand they don't want to understand I'm just telling you, looking at how we win or lose here. And the way that we lose as citizens is if we can be provoked, baited, amped up into going to a civil war state. Because we don't win. We lose if America goes into some type of civil war. And it could be regional. It could be city versus country. Rural. There's a lot of ways that can play out. But if you can divide the country sufficiently, the business of America doesn't happen. That's what America is, it's business commerce, trade. And if you can shut down the business, if you make it so people can't work beyond a certain point, you reach a tipping point, and America isn't America anymore, doesn't work anymore, doesn't function right. And our decline is far more rapid than most anywhere else in the world that you would do this modeling and the reason is, because we're so reliant on the machinery, the cogs of society, working. You stop those because we live in these...We are so interconnected at so many levels, citizen to citizen, the infrastructure has to work above a certain level, otherwise, the things that make us unique in the world fall off the map. And we're toast very quickly. And so civil war in America is probably the end of America this time, and it will have to be reinvented and start over from completely from scratch. And we don't want that our enemies want that. That's why they want black against white. That's the way they want policed society versus a chaotic society. You know, they want revolution in America. Look, the people in Russia were upset with the Czars, that was baited, napped up and turned into something you had the Russian Revolution. And what happened? You ended up with a country that fell under the rule of an elite class, a communists and the horrors that existed in that nation were far worse than ever, anything existed during the ages of czars. And same thing in Iran. You know, what the Shah and his family were doing with Slovak, their internal investigative agency and trying to get some of the monsters there in the country was pretty horrific. And, you know, I was just with folks there in DC the other day related to that. And you know, that at the other side of the coin, though, what came with that revolution? They were baited into this internal revolution. And the end was far, far, far worse than anything that ever occurred under the Shah. Iran at the time, I think was the fifth most powerful country in the world militarily. One of the biggest economies in the world. Hard to imagine, and the, how advanced it was, etc. And then, you know, completely fell off the map after this revolution. Imagine that for America. Yeah. If we fall into civil war, in America, we all lose. And so then you come up on this January 6 event, on the 28th of December, when these folks were there in the White House meeting with the President. They were very discouraged when they thought they had an understanding that the president he was going to sign the insurrection act, he's going to do certain things. And all of a sudden, for example, Powell who'd been helping on on issues related to the Russian dossier, and of the attempts to damage President Trump on the dossier stuff. Suddenly, she's not let back in White House, nobody's answering the phones. Nobody's returning the calls, they don't get it. The President took way more time than was originally allotted for this meeting. and listened to everything, listened to it, two, and three, and four and five times heard all the different ways, all the different advice, and then didn't follow any of these paths that these advisors had. Well, why was that so critical? It's not because he was dithering, it's not because he didn't understand the magnitude of the moment and how much was at risk. It's because he also understood that there was a setup happening behind the scenes. And the intent was to have him do certain things, and then have his followers amp it up a little further, amp it up a little further. And by January 6, you got people showing up for an armed insurrection and takeover of Congress, and then occupying Congress, and some great national spectacle to the world. If these people had had their way, and armed people coming and owning the streets, in DC, etc. And now the whole country falls into some kind of a civil war. And it might be gentle. It might only fizzle out after a day or two. But now that gives other people in other parts of the country some kind of well, we can do it better, and they didn't succeed there, but we'll succeed here. Next thing you know, you have pockets here and there of all sorts of mischief going on across the country when...

David Whited 49:30
No win, no win for anybody.

Juan O Savin 49:33
...over time and by the time we got to these warmer months, you would have had the country falling into some type of civil chaos. And over time by attrition. It's an event here, it's an event there. And next thing you know, it drags out for the next decade in the midst of our health crisis, in the midst of economic crisis to come, in the midst of an invasion of our country at the borders, in addition to stresses on our military, at places all over the country, I mean, all over the world. And I think you have to think of this in a in a bigger strategic thing. We're not under attack in just one way, from just one location. The groups that are that are attacking us from around the world, they are singular, in that it is a satanic demonic, evil, if you just want to be that generic, plot to take down America, because we are standing in the way of the globalists. And they need us in our own internal chaos sufficiently, that they can complete their plansm their task, to rule and reign over the whole world. And, you know, own this 1000 years of whatever. And by the way, on the way, and I discussed it, even in the books, is they want a population on the planet of about a half a billion. Think about this, that means that 13 out of 14 people just pick them out any crowd, you're in a particular day. 13 out of every 14 people must die. Well. That's what they've they've projected that out for a couple of decades, several decades. They believe they only need a half a billion with the technology the world has, and all the stresses on the planet, that that we're herding, or that's what this whole green thing is about. That's what this 2030 initiative, you know, is about out in the future; managing controlling 2050 we only want a half billion people. Okay, who's half billion to choose? There's 13-14 people there and you're gonna have to get rid of 13. Is it you? Is it your kids? Is it your neighbor? Is it your wife's family, your husband's family? Is it the son-in law? Which ones are the ones you got to pick? Because we didn't throw them out of the lifeboat the world can't support them anymore. And it's a very satanic agenda. Yeah, because the reality is the earth can support way, way, way, way more than we have on it right now. And that's also a zero- sum game. Oh, so you're not accepting that we have technology that could come online to make, off planet to viable? And not 1000 years now, but literally decades, out in the future? The population growth has somewhere to go, right here in in close-in, and I'll do some work on that somewhere in the future. I wanted to do it last year, but I just haven't had time to go into that detail. But the reality is, with the advancements in technology, etc, that's the natural evolution of man of the species, and moves us to where we survive, even things that can happen naturally, you're gonna have natural events, like an earthquake or something that are terrestrial. You can also have stuff with a sunspot with a technological situation like we have on the planet right now. And we'll have out in the future, that could be a real threat if you haven't got things sorted out, right. So even with various protections, you're not thinking big enough, because we've had a history here on the earth of sunspot activity that's been far more devastating. And I'll talk about that in the future. So at the end of the day, part of the protection is the mass of people, the births and the growth, and in all those people that are for whatever reason, by a war, abortion, starvation, that don't survive to adulthood. Where's the next Tesla? Where's the next Gandhi? Where's the next Salk? Who has some genius to add to the whole equation that takes the world to a whole nother level? Have you just lost that person because, you know, you couldn't manage your food sources enough that they survive to adulthood or they get access to the education or whatever. You know, even these refugees coming over the border here in the US, what's really sad is that the money exists, right for them to be fine, even where they're home. But there's there's war, chaos, greed in the politics, politicians, the money side and you know, The people are trying to escape because it's so horrendous, where they're at. The criminality is so unbelievable where they're at, and then they're gonna come here and it's gonna spread here that we need to help fight the war at home, rather. So, anyway, all that to say that when President Trump didn't sign the insurrection act, when he did not act the way those people expected him act in the White House that day on the 28th and thereafter, he didn't do it, because he was dithering, he didn't do it because he was foolish. He didn't do it, because he didn't know how to protect his own best interest in his families, etc. He did it to protect America. He was not self serving, at the critical moment. At the critical moment, you're here to stand down. Because the American people weren't ready. They didn't have enough information about what happened on the vote. They were not properly prepared, emotionally, mentally, to deal with these issues with data and facts. And so he had to step down, allow the situation to mature on the details on the data. He, he did exactly what he was supposed to do. It was not just brilliant, it was also at his own expense and risk for himself and his family. Standing down meant that he had to step back and away knowing that it put him in danger. And his family in danger. Because out into the future, once these people got in control, they were going to continue to come after him, because they know as long as he lives and breathes, he's dangerous to 'em. It's not just himself personally, but the people like you and me, who are backing and supporting him and understand what he stands for. He's a figurehead for so many things. And if they could have baited him into acting his own best interest, or in the interest of this patriot movement, at the wrong time. Timing is everything. They could have baited us into civil war. He would carry the guilt and the shame of that in his imagery forever. That's the only way we'd remember him. We wouldn't remember any of the things that he did only that he was the one that led America into civil war.

David Whited 57:47
And you know that's true because even even with the the Stewart Rhodes and these things happening, that's still the angle. You know, you probably saw yesterday with him down the border wall. You know, those brought up by CNN, the clown from CNN, there's always the Yeah. Yeah, Jim Acosta, Jim Acosta said, Hey, are you gonna apologize for January the sixth? And everybody just booed him. Because it's it's, it's it's played out over time, then people will begin to see it for what it is that it was not a reflection of the desires of the crowd. Most people walked away with the feeling inside that similar to maybe they lost a loved one almost, you know, that kind of pain with what happened that day? That that like frustration over us? We didn't nobody wanted that. And then and then, you know, for him to be bringing that up today, President Trump, Are you gonna Are you gonna apologize for January the sixth? It's like you are a clown. Jim Acosta, you know, for even continuing to bring that up and just trying to create cliques because that was not the will of the people in that crowd. it's not the will of any segment of the American population right now. And I think, President Trump's leadership,

Juan O Savin 59:00
And again, when people read this article, which is a very important article, I hope everybody reads it this weekend. It's well thought out, well put together; it comes at the appropriate time. We're at this patriotic moment, America, July 4th weekend. We have so many issues at stake that we have to cover, but we have to do it the right way. And if we fall easily into the baiting traps, to get thrown off track, amped up in the wrong way... Look, we're gonna get our country back. We got this. In fact, the very fact that President Trump didn't ready fire aim. He held; he had to allow the American people to get to the right moment in time to understand the issues collectively. As I've said several times, I said it in the previous interview, 80 plus percent. And just so you know why 80 plus? it's not just it when you get above 80% to consensus on what exactly happened in this last election. You don't have civil war in America. Even people that may be on the other side, you know, didn't want Trump, you know, most of the vote that was against Trump was against Trump, wasn't for Biden, right? Okay. I don't think. Yeah. Actually, she voted for Joe Biden.

David Whited 1:00:42
Real quick, were you saying that, that that article, I'm gonna keep referencing the Revolver. There's a lot of people that are gonna listen to this on on Apple or Pandora, one of these other Live podcast platforms. It's gonna be in the show notes below on there, or you can you can go to my telegram it'll be posted on there, that's a place for free speech, which you can really say which t.me forward slash fly over conservatives. So t.me, forward slash fly over conservatives, I'll have that Revolver article there as well for you.

Juan O Savin 1:01:13
Okay. So anyway, to move on, I think that our main thing is, is that we're not thrown off track, because somebody's got an agenda and has people even in very high places, in these various movements, we still have to do a bit of policing internally, and make sure that they're staying on point. And just like people stepped away from oathkeepers. I think this may be end up taking that organization out. Do we need organizations like that? Yes. But if they become compromised, if people inside our honeypot and blackmailed have somehow captured, moved up through the ranks, and they stop operating correctly, I don't care if it's the church, with the priests, or the politicians, or these private organizations, wherever we find it. Paul himself in the Bible said, If I come to you, preaching any other gospel, don't believe it. In other words, if he himself could be tweaked, perverted, lost his mind somehow and suddenly comes telling him a whole different thing. possessed some way and loses his way. He says, Don't believe me, because this is the stuff and he did this comparative analysis of the history of the faith of the church, so that he could show he wasn't preaching a different gospel. You know, that there was continuity past into the present. For American patriot citizens, we have this history. That's why I like to go into the history in what I've done, and try to give some some history of how we got to where we're at right now and some of the presentations and my writing and things like that. Uh, you kind of need that as a reference, an anchor to understand we're not actually dealing with anything new and different in America today than was dealt with by people 100 or 200 or 300 years ago, in trying to come up with the right plan for America. In fact, I think it's right in the first lines of the book, I'm sticking with Beco wanted to want to say this, you know, let me just read this paragraph. As a country, one thing people forget in this modern era, is that we've been in a national crisis numerous times, far more than people care to recall. Okay. I mean, that's the way the book starts. Yep. This isn't the first time Come on people. Deep breaths. I had somebody sent me a note last night. A gal in one of the organizations, you know, and it was death of America, death of the Republic. We're in the last throes. I'm like, Oh, my gosh, come on, man. We are not. In fact, what President Trump did, by holding on December 28, may very well, in time, historically be seen as President Trump protecting America against his own best interests, making the right choice when everyone around him, wanted him to do something that would have fed and assisted this operation to take America into Civil War. And several of the people for all the right reasons that are real good guys, who may, you know, look, you can be very sincere about things and still be sincerely wrong. Whatever the real motivations, involvement, attitudes of Rhodes, or the people around him more, and I don't actually believe they weren't patriots, I don't believe that they were sinister. They just didn't understand that other people further up the line intended to take their energy and their momentum. And in a jujitsu-like move, move them, and that energy to nefarious purposes, not good. And so there's times when, you know, for all the right reasons, you do exactly the wrong thing. And President Trump was aware, had been briefed, understood what that was behind the scenes. Those reports were there days before, of what was intended to try and pull us off track. But again, sometimes you let the enemy make their move, and you move stuff back out of the way as best you can. So you don't give away the bigger game. They are sucked into the canyon, they move into the open field. You know, I I'll give you a perfect example. When David, the events leading up to David engaging Goliath in the Bible, think about this for a second. What Goliath did, he had a bunch of Philistines, and they came to a certain point on the edge of Israel. And then the Israeli people uh, they show up, and they're on the other side of this valley. And for 40 days, Goliath would come out to the edge of their encampment on the edge of this hillside, and he would challenge the Jews. Why should you all die in battle today? Why should you, you know, suffer loss. Let's do this. You know, let's just have a duel. You send me your best warrior, your very best guy. And I'll meet him on the field of battle, and we'll have a fight. And if I win, then you become our slaves. If you If you win, we'll become your slaves. Okay, so send me your best. Come on. Everybody doesn't have Did I just just one of you just pick one out? What is the giant you know, he's big guy. But hold on a second, a lot of bravado. There's there's a little more here to think about. Why? If he's a giant, he's got all these Philistines behind them. Why didn't they just go engage the Jews directly and get it over with? Why for 40 days? Was he out there taunting them? Why don't they just walk across thing and the giant go in there and kill the bunch of 'em and it's done? Why?

David Whited 1:08:17
He demoralizing...

Stacy Whited 1:08:18
Put fear in them? Put fear?

Juan O Savin 1:08:20
Well, they must have had something that they were afraid of. And by the way, the Jews came into the land, the the nation of Israel came into the land and land was populated with giants, when they came in, that's why they didn't go in for 40 years. Because the spies went and said, hey, it's a great place. It's full of milk and honey. But oh, by the way, we were about grasshoppers in their sites. They're all giants. But they they defeated them. There was a history there in the region. The Giants hadn't survived that. So the question is, you know, why didn't the Philistines just go in and take it? Because there was fear of the people and probably the way that they held their formations. Why didn't the Israelites just go kill off the Philistines if they could? Because they had fortifications. The dangerous thing was to come out of your fortifications into the open field, because now you actually do have to do a one on one of some sort. In fact, a great story that Watchman Nee, one of my very favorite writers, and not to be confused with a cult guy by name of Watchman Lee, I think it is, with an L. Watchman Nee was a Chinese missionary in China, back to turn of the century and his books like Sit, Walk, Stand, 12 Baskets Full; a number of books are just some of my very favorite reading ever. I'd encourage anybody that wants a devotional or something like that go read his stuff. But one of the stories he tells was when Japan came in and World War One,uh, World War Two, and was trying to invade certain areas, they'd send a tank into a city, and just, you know, stop anything that was in the city. And so the Chinese locals, you know, they weren't seeing, you know, dozens and dozens of troops, they just have a tank and this guy come in and take out a couple of key things and the people'd be in fear and, and run away, and then the troops that come in later and occupy the town or whatever. And so they came up with a strategy for engaging the tanks. And the strategy was a sniper would just shoot a single bullet at the turn of the tank. And, you know, it's not doing anything. But if you're inside the tank and get hit by a bullet, it's like dripping water. So they keep shooting the tank, you know, and the guy you know, you're inside the tank, you got a little peep hole, you're looking around, Where's that guy? I want to take him out. You got a big gun, you're gonna shoot off the gun again, take the guy out. And you know, he just complained, all you do is hit the general direction, take her out. But you're inside the tank, he can't figure out where the guy is, because he's hiding. And so and that's all they have, they have just light arms, their their arms from the middle 1800s, you know, that the Brits left there. So they're not highly sophisticated weapons as it is. And they don't have a lot of ammunition. So they just be plinking on the tank and hitting it very precisely up in the turret area, where it made it ring like a bell. Well, eventually, this happened over and over and over again. They captured about 40 of these tanks. Wow, whoa, and the way that they captured them intact, and then turn them back on the Japanese is the tank driver would get tired of being plinked on like that, would eventually open the hatch and stick his head out to see where that guy was shooting the bullet, so it could turn the churn around and blow the guy up...

Stacy Whited 1:12:14
Oh, my.

Juan O Savin 1:12:15
...hit his head out of the hatch and the sniper is a sniper. He's not just anybody. But he very precisely goes in there hits the guy, and he's dead. And they get the whole tank and...

David Whited 1:12:28
It's still a lot of Bugs Bunny, Roadrunner-Coyote kind of thing?

Stacy Whited 1:12:30
Yeah, that really is. Yeah.

Juan O Savin 1:12:32
It is. And, but it worked over and over again, because who's gonna tell them how he got the tank? They took the driver out. There's nobody to say, Well, I was dumb idiot, I stuck my head out of the tank.

Stacy Whited 1:12:42
I couldn't take the noise any longer.

Juan O Savin 1:12:45
That's right. It was a it was a great strategy. It was amazing. In so many ways, we as a people have the advantage. As a people, our laws aren't being followed, our constitution isn't being followed, the courts are corrupt, the Congress is corrupt and captured in so many ways. But right now, with some time, as painful as it's been, we got to do something about it just got to make some Damn, it's got to happen right now. This process of people having to wake up, this Gulliver waking up moment, and come out of the stupor. And, you know, just because you know, people in your audience have woken up doesn't mean everybody's woken up. Right? It means that people are waking up. And then a lot of the people that weren't paying attention that, you know, ultimately, maybe are more conservative, or misunderstood how the issues were just because, you know, they didn't want to be, you know, too extreme. That's part of the whole thing of making anybody that's patriotic look extreme. Okay, with your extreme camo, you know, and matching boots. See,

David Whited 1:13:55
That's even the term that they're they're using is they're trying to get American citizens to report on American systems that you consider an extremist is the term.

Juan O Savin 1:14:05
Yeah, Danger, danger, danger.

David Whited 1:14:07
If you got a flag up on your house, you might be an extremist.

Juan O Savin 1:14:10
Yeah. And, you know, who's the real extremists here? You know, I have a, you know, defund police, you know, sign that's not extremist? Yeah. And so at the end of the day, we have to be aware that there are active, ongoing agent provocateurs in a lot of these organizations, in a lot of places. But just like people walked away out of the management of oathkeepers that were good people, and this is Whoa, I can't be part of this. Something's wrong. And now you're seeing stuff in the like this article. And there was all these people that showed up and things didn't make sense. How things happened on January 6, just didn't make sense, not with the crowd, etc. For all we're being portrayed as a certain thing, the reality is they didn't pull off what they wanted to pull off. They helped to have a semi permanent occupation of Congress, with patriots surrounding the building and stopping the work of government in America. As it was, the thing fizzled out in a couple hours, and everybody was back out of the building and things went on. They didn't get their occupation, like they had at Malheur. They didn't get this saga, this drama for months and months on end. And then the normal hand off of power in America on January 20th, happening with a new president being sworn. They didn't get that. That's what they wanted. With America in chaos leading into the later months of spring and summer, and an american revolution to match the Russian Revolution were the bad guys. Take the sincere actions, the sincere cooperation, assistance of American patriots, and twist it and pervert it, and next thing, you know, they're dismantling their own infrastructure. And other people come in and then build out of the chaos, what they want, out of chaos order. But their new order for the world is not in the best interest of the American citizens. That's why Make America Great Again, is such an important theme. Because if we make America great, if we take care of our own home, we clean up our own house, we then can go back out and help the rest of the world to throw off these tyrants, who would be their task masters for eternity if they had their way. Slaves no more.

David Whited 1:17:14
Well, let me just transition this to get producer Colton to bring this this this image here. I love this book. Because this this Kid by the Side of the Road book is beautiful for to put on the coffee table, you know, have it out and taking a look at...bringing this up here. You got this, this Make America Great formula on here that I would like you to elaborate on just a smidge. We can put that up on screen and people can can see that. That that's important. Got the equals mc squared in there. Let's go back a few Colton can come to the one that has the the maga over C?

Juan O Savin 1:17:52
I guess yeah, I must have given this to you in Nevada. Is that where, I guess?

David Whited 1:17:55
That's where I got this particular copy. I got like in a couple of different different times, but into the kind of time stamped there. But let's go back a couple of pictures here producer Colin's working on it. But what I like about this book is is it on face value, it's a nice read. And it's beautiful. It's nice just to look at. But there's a lot of like clues within the clues. And I'd like to you know, there's a couple of images I want to show just so people can can like hear from you a little bit of decode, because I've never seen this out there where you've ever broken down the book and gone, gone through that. And just if you have pages, just one or two, because we're just sitting talking with you and we're flipping through it. You're like, oh, now you know why this says this...

Stacy Whited 1:18:34
And it's so much fun to actually hear how you decode it.

David Whited 1:18:37
What's that little box by the M? You know, why is that there? And you know, all these? There's, you don't do anything by accident. And you're so you're so well, well thought through. I guess we can...

Juan O Savin 1:18:51
Well, let me just add this. Look, you know, there's a lot of stuff in there. You know, the book itself is actually just for interviews that I did on various shows a couple years back, and it was reduced to the book. And so it's stuff that people have heard me talk about at different times, but it's all put in one place. But But why the book? It's not even necessarily for your audience. It's for your audience's friends, your relatives, your family, people that you work with, it's a coffee table book on purpose. It's so that it shows nice. It's something that they may not be might not even be in the room at the time, or it's out there with a client or something like that. And they'll open it up and they'll look and they can open up to any page in the book and they're gonna see something that's kind of catch their eye. Right. Okay, survey. And by the way, see, here's where here's where that's page. Let's see. Make sure to there. Yeah. 107 Yeah, it's actually page 17, but anybody that knows Gemtaria knows that you drop the zero. So somebody's turning the book and they're looking through it, they got 107. That's not the one before says it's 16. That's 107. What's that about? Okay, well, and page 19? Well, it's not 19, it's 19.5.

David Whited 1:20:19
And so that, that; there's a power number. That's so important.

Juan O Savin 1:20:23
That it's the power number. So it starts the conversation that you find it in various parts of the book. And, and that makes it interesting. So much of what we talk about, people are getting bite size parts in various places, with various of the hosts, and the programs. And it doesn't kind of blend it all into one narrative. And so by doing it here in the book, I think it helps people to have at one time a particular way, that's, that's the basics of how we got here, what this is all about. Meaning of the numbers, the letters, the sequences. This isn't the first time in history, we've been at this kind of a precipice, as a people, what are the powers behind it? Who are the people? What are the forces? It's, a lot of people in our audience would say, well, but there's a lot of stuff here that I already knew I know this and that, but I don't think I've had anybody actually complain, like, they thought that the read wasn't a good use of their time. In fact, there's like 5000 reviews of it over at Gum Road, where the book is sold. And it's, it's, like 99.8% positive or something.

Stacy Whited 1:20:54
That's pretty incredible. That's a lot of reviews.

David Whited 1:21:46
5000 reviews is a lot. That would be more than just about anybody on Amazon.

Stacy Whited 1:21:49
I know. That's pretty incredible.

Juan O Savin 1:21:52
Well, one of the funny things, so at one point, I was like, gosh, Why are? Why am I only getting four stars on a bunch of thess, or two stars? Well, it turned out, a guy translated it into German and they had it over there. And he got back to me, he says, Well, you understand that over here, the way our computer stuff works, when we tried to give it, he tried a couple times to give it a review and give it five stars. And each time it came up with one star, but a star was the highest that he could give, it was the star no star in his particular platform. So you know, and then there was another one that only allows four stars, and there's a lot fives and it didn't, something in the translation was lost. So who knows, maybe I got more than 1.9 on the stars or something. But But at the end of the day, I mean, it's it's, it's what it is, I'm very, very thankful for that. And, you know, I don't actually I mean, a reference book here and there, but I've never actually, you know, gone through and done anything. I think one time I read something from one of the pages where I talked about page 50,51, where I talked about the Washington DC needing to be surrounded by? Well, let me see, here let me pull it up, because it's kind of fun to...Let me see if I can find it here.

Think about this. Before Donald Trump even announced that he was running for president, when there was questions, should he would he run for president? And so one of the hosts asked me something along those lines, and I, you know, been asked if I would back him if he ran again. And I had said, Well, I just don't know, if he's going to have enough support out through the ranks. Because the president isn't just a person, it's a team. And if you don't have the depth of the ranks, and that's what comes after being in politics for a period of time, then you it's pretty hard to be president. It's not just a person. So in the context of that, with this host, here's what I said. And you have to remember that this was actually said originally back in 2015. We have a long road ahead. And I don't think Washington DC and remember, this isn't for me. This is this is verbatim what I said from the interview. We have a long road ahead. And I don't think Washington DC can really be cleaned up. It can't be fixed, because it's already fixed. As a rigged game. My advice to the president which has a very pleasant, revered reverent ring to it, fits, right to President Trump, if he becomes President Trump is that he hire all his contractor buddies, and have them get together as much fencing materials and heavy equipment as they can possibly muster. Then bring it all to DC under the protection of the US Marine Corps guards utilizing close in air support. They should proceed to surround DC with multiple layers of chain link fence and concertina wire, like we did at the city of Fallujah, in Iraq. Simultaneously, we need to have all available military and armored National Guard units surround the city at the Beltway.

David Whited 1:25:32
This is 2015.

Stacy Whited 1:25:33
Wow. 2015.

Juan O Savin 1:25:35
2015. Think about that, okay?

Stacy Whited 1:25:38

Juan O Savin 1:25:39
I'll skip down a little bit here because it would take too long for your listeners. But a little further down it says President Trump should also request that patriot citizens show up for this national effort. Of course, we're coming up from Fourth of July weekend. So I'm talking to all our patriots. The Patriot citizens should also show up for this national effort with all the toilet bowl cleaner they can lay their hands on. After which they'll provide that to the military Guard units so that the cleaner can be dispersed into that soupy DC cauldron ASAP. This is after I said let's divert to the Potomac and flood it, don't go invade it. Just divert the Potomac and flood it and flush out all the hidey holes in there, we don't risk troops coming in. That's what I said in some of the paragraphs earlier. Anyway, put the toilet bowl cleaner, God in His Heaven knows, it's going to take several flushes and plenty of Drano to clear those filthy pipes. All the while we the citizen soldiers will be keeping a sharp eye out for any blue died toilet water and swamp creatures that might be attempting to escape through tunnels coming out at strange places, some even hundreds of miles away. By now many of you know about the underground tunnels, including the DUMBS, deep underground military bases. So we are not dropping our guard. I say we carry out 40 days of 40 flushes. Just to be sure God knows, maybe the total flush it should be more like 41 or 44. We'll see. Wow. So I mean, I the book's kind of [inaudible] in those ways, but I I think it is interesting that all that time back and then what happened in DC, you know, after the election, stuff like that. So there's some there's some fun easter eggs in there that have come to pass pretty close, in many interesting ways. And

David Whited 1:27:47
Take one second, you got the cube down here underneath each page number and then if Colton could bring up that special dress on here.

Juan O Savin 1:27:55
Well, okay, so let me, let me tell you...

David Whited 1:27:57
Can we hit that real quick.? Is this it, do this last thing in closing, I can do it with you all day. This is so much fun. This is part so fun, as you go through these things.

Stacy Whited 1:28:09
So, he's got Melania's dress up. And you obviously have a cube.

David Whited 1:28:14
It's interesting, she got the orange there and the orange in your page.

Juan O Savin 1:28:19
Well as a kid, so every page of the book. And let's go back to the first edition, which you have, I've got the second edition here with let's see, if I pull it up here not there we go. So I've got a second edition of the book. First edition, there's a few left and 10 packs. And I've been signing a book and those 10 packs for a few people that wanted them that were to give them out friends and all that kind of rewarding them with a signed book. So in the in the first edition, every page has this cube at the bottom, and in orange. And the reason that I put that in the book in that you remember this, this went to print at the end of last summer, and then was was available, you don't have to go through the whole process had to be ready to go to print and everything. And then they go through the whole process and it came out, you know, first part of November at the election. And so this is way before this date, when President and Melania got off the plane at Palm Beach, we're headed over to Mar-a-Lago, having stepped down from the presidency. And so the context of that is during the entire Presidency of President Trump, there's always little secret communications going between the different crowds and they find ways to communicate besides the numbers even. One of the more famous pictures was of Biden holding a file which has top secret on it. And then his hands are in a very particular shape, that has a message to those that understood what they're seeing on the message. And then you had to know what the context of the meeting was and the conversation. And so it was a signal to that crowd of people about who was dominant in this conversation or what the purposes were, and that he was in alignment with them. In the administration of President Trump, you have ships at sea. And this mentality is the ship of state, of state is at sea. And so you don't want to telegraph exactly what you want. Maybe your communications have been compromised, maybe somebody got the codes, even in communicating, say, by radio ship to ship or back to shore, somebody can triangulate on you, they don't even have necessarily know what the coded messages or direct message, they can triangulate on and destroy you, track you, follow you, whatever and, and reveal a position of the other ships. So what will happen is, the ships will communicate by flags. And so the flags, the sequence of the flags will communicate certain information to the other ships wirelessly. It's just a visual signals, you know, what's going on. So President Trump, during his administration, Melania cooperated, assisted, was active in helping to convey signals to everybody else with certain dress codes.

Stacy Whited 1:31:55

Juan O Savin 1:31:57
So the colors of the dress she wore, certain patterns, etc. were conveying messages. So that people who were in the loop, you know, right there in plain sight was a hidden code to everybody. Remember, remember, Clinton wore the tie from Monica, when he was talking about the situation and she was gonna go have to testify? And so he chose that day to wear a tie that Monica had given him as a communication that he was there with her. And, you know, he was still thinking of her and he was in her corner. You know, give me a break. Okay? So of all the dresses that Melania wore, of all the flags that were flown during the entire Presidency of President Trump, wouldn't you think the last official flag that would be flown would be the most important one of all? Okay. And so the most important flag of all. The end of the book I wrote, therefore, election 2020 will equal mega to the third power over corn. Well, what's that about corn? You know, we know what the election was. And we know what Maga is Make America Great Again, in that that populist movement if you want to use those types of terms, but I put to the third power. Everybody knows the Einstein equation equals MC squared or, or, you know, two, the second power, but three is a cube. And so election equals mega cubed over corn. Well, who's the corn? it's all these people that are farm operation people, people that when you go to the farm for CIA or for other intelligence agencies, we have a bunch of 'em, there's 16 intelligence gathering agencies. And then the 17th is the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, the coordinates all those other agencies information into one under Homeland Security. So people that are used for undercover, for infiltration, etc. And they're trained at the farm. We call them corn. Why? Cuz they're farm products. And so even with the context of the rest of the conversation we had during this entire show, you have corn at the head of an agency that is then turning around and trying to provoke, manage, manipulate patriot citizens to go off in directions that may not actually be in the citizens best interests. It's like all the salt all the slugs showing up at a big convention and demanding of the speaker More salt More salt We want more salt. Salt and slugs does not go well together with our leaders . I don't care I want more salt.is salt and we want salt right now. We're being denied salt. Well, you're being denied salt for a reason. Right? Revolution, we want civil war now. Some guy shows up and you know, you're being amped up by corn. The Maga people, Make America Great Again, cannot be manipulated. and wanting corn products. I also talked about like Zuckerberg over Facebook. Facebook was created, it was a DARPA creation, Defense Advanced Research Project. Okay? It was militarily funded by the US taxpayers to create this social media system, where people voluntarily give all their personal information out and their day to day activities out, create a record of it forever, that can be referred to, passed around, dug into data mined, and they do it and they paid to do it. It's like you're buying a cell phone and and using a tracking device so that you can be monitored everywhere you go and everything you say and do and you pay for it every month. Okay. So at the end of the day, these these little projects to administerate you, to manage you, to get you to cooperatively be part of their programming. That can be kind of a problem. And so we as a group, as patriots have to kind of grow up understand that not everybody that's put out there as being, you know, in working their best interests and, you know, to help them and do whatever is actually, you know, a good guy, or that they may have good intention, just like all those people that showed up on the 28th. Not one of them was a bad guy. But they didn't know the rest of the information that President Trump did. And to assume that he wasn't aware that he made was going to make a decision solely on what they had, as opposed to possibly other knowledge of things going on in the background. Where he made a decision that ultimately, they had the right idea, but the timing wasn't right. And the people weren't ready and the country wasn't ready and the world wasn't ready. Hold, hold hold. We will not do a ready fire aim.

Okay? We're not, you know, taking the next shot till you can see the whites of their eyes. Right. Okay. The moment hadn't come yet. We still aren't there yet. There's things that still have to happen. But election equals mega to the third power or cubed over corn, these corn farm products that are being put into the midst of our country leadership, military everywhere to manipulate us into their GMO corn by the way. You don't want that corn. No. And and because it's you know, it's designed to be a pesticide. They think we're pests. So you don't want that GMO corn. No more GMO corn in our in our politics. No more GMO corn in our business affairs, no more GMO corn in our, you know, patriot organizations. Okay. And so I put a cube in orange on every page of my book. Okay. So election equals maga to the third power cubed over corn. And the President and Melania, FLOTUS, First Lady of the United States. as the last message to the world told everyone election 2020, not 2022, not 2024, election 2020 getting to the truth what actually happened is everything. And it was the last message. Don't let go of election 2020. That's why we win.

Stacy Whited 1:39:43

David Whited 1:39:44
Drop the mic.

Stacy Whited 1:39:45

David Whited 1:39:49
I love it.

Juan O Savin 1:39:53
It's not over. We got this. Hold the line. Let's do what's in our best interest of the people, not what's in the best interests of our enemies and doing it foolishly. President Trump didn't act foolishly. Let's not act foolishly. We got this.

Stacy Whited 1:40:16
Good message. That's amazing. Juan, thank you so much for your time. This was absolutely incredible,

David Whited 1:40:22
Happy Fourth of July to you, my friend.

Stacy Whited 1:40:24

Juan O Savin 1:40:25
Well, and let me just add this as a closing thing. I've got about I think about two dozen books with me and I'm getting ready to leave them, I can't travel with them. I'm going to throw them in the mail back to the printers. And I'm going to sign them here, from Burbank, California. I'm right here in the shadow of all the studios, I'm doing something on the Sound of Freedom here and had meetings here. So I'm going to sign these books from Burbank, and I usually sign them in several places, you'll think I signed your book, I usually sign them in 2,3,4 places. So I'll sign these before I leave and get on my plane and I'll have them mailed out. And probably by Saturday, they should be something for the second edition of some sign books, and I'll put those in there and they're buying a 10 pack of books, then there'll be one signed, if they if they do that, just for however long I've got those books there. And it's not going to be days and days and days will probably just be a day or two. But for those that want to buy, you know, set of 10 books of the second edition, I'll find that for the Burbank thing, and I've got some first ones there that are signed, I'm just about out of those. And my logic is this, the people that are buying 10 of them in that way, they're giving them out to friends, they're giving them out to relatives, I want, the purpose of the book isn't just for the person that's buying it as a great read, it's I appreciate every person that's bought the book, I'm very, very thankful. And, but it's for that coffee table book, it's for fun, it's for the other folks, I want that out there. I know I'll be by the printers in the next week or so. And whatever number orders come in over the weekend, I'll sign those and it'll pull it down so that I because I can't be there all the time. But I'll sign some books for folks. And but just within that 10 pack group for where they're sharing with other people, that's my logic. And I appreciate you guys tremendously. And let's all have a great Fourth of July, you know where I'm gonna be privately. I've got, you know, I think nine states I'm gonna be in the next 10 days. But I've got quite a bit going on. But I appreciate I'll have a lot of other information I want to share over the next couple of weeks in some very interesting meetings that I've mentioned to you behind the scenes that are very important with people that are critical. And so I'll be looking forward to getting a chance to talk about some of that, and but I cannot tell you how much I appreciate you folks, all of you and your listeners are my heroes, every last one of you that you, you know, go enjoy the Fourth of July. Remember what it's all about. Relax. We got this.

David Whited 1:43:26
Yeah, put your flag out, eat some steak, blow some stuff up. Be hopeful for the future. Yeah, be hopeful for the future. Steward, your hope well. Be in control of the information that you're taking in, who you share it with, and then be in control of the information you're sharing with others. And that book can help you do just that.

Stacy Whited 1:43:44
Absolutely. So thank you so much Flyover family for joining us. We bless you, we bless you to wake up, speak up and show up and we bless you to understand how important you are that your voice is important, to use it. Thank you so much for joining us today. We'll see you back here next time.

David Whited 1:43:59
You are important.

Stacy Whited 1:44:01
Bye bye.

Announcer 1:44:04
We hope you've enjoyed this episode of the Flyover conservatives podcast with David and Stacey Whited. Please subscribe hit the notification bell and leave us a comment below. Lastly, if you enjoyed today's podcast, share with those who came to mind. Be blessed and make it a great day.

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