John O'Looney is still with us, thank God!


We don't mean to alarm anyone but we've seen a lot of people that are super effective in exposing the globalist psychopaths get taken out. Here we are, quite a number of months since John O'Looney predicted jabs would be maiming and killing kids and, well, jabs are maiming and killing kids. Thank God Mr. O'Looney is still with us today to witness to this genocide as an honorable undertaker.


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Published Dec 7, 2021
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Dr. Reiner Fuellmich 0:00
Again, I have to apologize for keeping you waiting. But you probably found some of the stuff that you heard interesting.

John O'Looney 0:08
To be honest with you, it's like selling ice cube to the Eskimos, I know what's going on. I'm desperate, really, to see what difference I can make now to contribute and turn this madness.

Dr. Reiner Fuellmich 0:21
Well, the most important thing is, of course, everyone knows your video. And everyone found it extremely, not just interesting, but also moving because the the scale of what you found out in your profession is beyond anything that anyone ever expected. And it's so sad to see how you, I think you're the only one, you did say in your video, you said that you were in touch with many other...

John O'Looney 0:56
Yeah, 50 or 60 funeral workers from within different positions in the industry. And they've all said the same thing. They're all terrified, you know, and very, very, very frightened of the repercussions and very, very frightened, because we fully understand that if somebody is prepared to commit genocide on this scale, what won't they do to anyone that speaks out? We've kind of seen it only my mind. I'm committed. I'm committed, I've got no choice but to be honest about my experience. And it's very interesting to to hear about the different drug, the Remdesivir, or wherever it was that the kidney failure and the fluid, and I see that disease when they come in, that they're bloated. That's been going on for a while. Interestingly, many of the families that I speak to who believe they've lost loved ones to COVID, didn't actually go into hospital with COVID. They're quiet COVID in the hospitals, and that leads me to believe it's probably some sort of agent that is either a symptom of the care they're receiving, it might be from the Remdesivir, or perhaps from Medazepam overdose, or that some sort of agent they're being given in the hospitals is my suspicion. It's certainly man made and man driven. I know what's going on. I've picked up three people all under 35 this week, all jab recipients, you know. One of them is a 28- year-old girl who passed away in hospital shortly after having the injection. Her family are absolutely beside themselves with anger and rage. And they know that, of course, nobody's listening to them. When will this end? At what point will people wake up and see this for what it is? Or are we destined to get kind of funneled into the slaughterhouse? I really don't know.

Lindie Naughton 2:52
Can you give us like a little report about what you experienced, like in the last one and a half years, like looking at Covid tests today,

John O'Looney 3:03
Basically, what happened as a funeral director in 2019. in November, I got asked, I got approached by a family who lost a loved one in the neighboring borough of Northampton. And they complained that the hospital wouldn't allow them to ever visit the Chapel of Rest that's attached to the hospital mortuary. So I said, Don't worry, I'll go over there and pick that deceased up. And you can spend time with them in the funeral home, which I did. And I kind of asked them, you know, why wouldn't you let this family see their loved one and they opened the view room door and lo and behold, there was like an isolation tent in there for deceased that were infectious. And I kind of said, Well, what's that for? And they said, There's something horrible coming. And that was my first kind of introduction to to COVID, the word COVID wasn't used. And, you know, I kind of left and spoke to family members and said that up until this night, horrible to come in.

And then the news break in early 2020. Pretty quickly, the BBC was in touch with me, asking me to promote the hysteria which I did, unwittingly, you know, thinking I was helping. And they attended and they briefed me on the questions and answers that they would be doing and I gave them all of the hysteria they wanted. And I beat myself up now because I didn't know any better at the time.

I took a call from a company who said that they were part of the resilience team, that kind of pandemic team, who said that they would be calling every week. All of the Undertaker's across the country will be contacted. And they would ask how many people we've had in what our capacity was for deceased, where these deceased come from? How many were COVID And how many were not. And it wasn't too long before they deliberately steered me. And by that, I was picking people up who were dying from terminal cancer. And he was saying, Well, there must be COVID because there was COVID in there and I've got to put it down as a COVID. Everyone was a COVID death, you know, despite the fact that there was no doctor in attendance, no tests being done, and they were all COVID. Even one guy that was run over. I had families coming in really upset because their loved ones have died from cancer. And yet they were being put down as COVID death. And they were spam testing these people as they were dying with PCR tests on 45 cycles. It's just inhumane. I don't know how anyone can treat another human like that. That's what they were doing. And then they're all down as COVID deaths. And then, in March and April, the phone rang, we were on the, on the TV here, the government advertise that they suspected that we're going to be lots of deaths and exclusive encounters. And I remember at the time thinking, Well, how did they know that? You know, how can a virus specifically target buildings, and not the community? Snd sure enough, the phone began ringing. There was a government directive to transfer everyone from hospitals to care homes, and they died shortly after in those games. Again, there was no doctor present no COVID test present, they didn't appear to be COVID patients. And I suspect that the,y were probably euthanized with the death jab. And interestingly, you can use Freedom of Information Acts to obtain the figures of medazepam that's been procured. And those numbers have gone up between 350 and 1,000%. In fact, that I was told they built an installation in France to keep up with the demand from the British government. They've ordered that much in, so that kind of lasted about two and a half, three weeks, and then that abruptly ended. And then the death rate was perfectly normal, and the figures locally for cremation, but would agree with that. So despite their best efforts, there was no pandemic death rate in 2020. It wasn't in fact, it was busier in 2019, overall. So I kind of suspected what was going on. And I had a horrible gut feeling that it really wasn't right. And just because of what was done, there wasn't a pandemic. And yet, they were beating this hysteria. And then, November, December came, and we were doing funerals. It wasn't really overly busy. And I kind of said to a few people, I wonder why they advertised it in January, they were going to begin vaccinating people. They found this wonderful life saving cure in this vaccine.

There isn't a vaccine at all. And they began vaccinating on January the sixth and the death rate went through the roof instantly. I've never known a death rate like it. That was pandemic level, the moment they started putting needles in arms. And that went on for about 12 weeks. And then again, it just abruptly stopped. And now people are lining up to have these vaccines, they're going into schools, coercing children and slowly funneling everyone via bullying, harassment, job threats, financial pressure down into violating every human rights law and the new embed code to kill people. You know, so very early on in the process, I had a family who lost a young girl to cancer. She was only six, bless her. And this was in very early February time 2020. And they asked me to wash and dress their little girl and they won't spend time with her. And this was at a time when all other funeral directors were taking caution to the hospital because they're also scared, you know, and saving people in there, no washing, no dressing, just the body by placing the lid on and maybe the clothes laid on top. And that was it. But I agreed to do that. And then I kind of thought, well, if I can do that for them, I could do that for everyone. So that's what I've done. And I've washed and dressed everyone the whole way through COVID without a mask, because I couldn't get any, because everyone was panic buying them. And let's face it, a mask is no protection. It's not going to save you from a virus, you know, you'd have to be an idiot to believe they would. All it does is promote things like pneumonia, bacterial pneumonia, and stuff like that. It's not helpful. It's actually very damaging, you know, so to wear one consistently, mentally and physically. But people just do it. We live in a society, don't we, where people have kind of more interest in Netflix and a flat screen TV and won't do them how many likes they can get on Facebook. They took their eye off the ball and we've let these demons get into positions of influence and power. And this is the end result. You know, this is the end result. So last Tuesday, the 21st, I went to Westminster. I was summoned to go to a meeting with Sir Graham Brady, who's the commissioner of the 1992 Commission,, the 1992 Committee. He's a very senioritory politician. And I sat there with the likes of Dolores Cahill, Tess Daly is it? Tess Wyatt, Mike Begone and a plethora. I've got all their email addresses, you'll know them all. They're very outspoken, and we all gave testimony in our respective fields. And we gave evidence based on our experience and and our expertise within those fields. And the evidence was damning. We told to them exactly the damage that was being done. The science was explained as to how that was going to happen over a period of between two and five years to recipients. And the fact that children would also be sterilized as well. He listened. He left saying that he would do what he could, but he couldn't make any promises. And that was where we left. And there was a great feeling of frustration and anger and defeat. And we kind of, we can't decide whether he's complicit. I personally feel that perhaps he might be. And perhaps he gave us audience just to see what we knew, you know, and report that kind of thing. I really don't know, I really don't know. But I went to the moon with a lot of hope, and left feeling really upset to be honest with you, because they're still going into schools now, nailing these kids with God knows what. And, you know, I'm hearing now? Children have been injured and dying as a result. This week alone, I've got three people in;; a 28-year-old, a 32-year-old, a 33-year-old. They're all jab recipients. This needs to stop, it needs to stop now, because the future for all of us is very, very quick.

So, when the vaccination process started, or the injection process started, in January in England, like you said, like 12 weeks after that, you saw a lot of spiking basically started immediately, but it stopped after like 12 weeks to say.

So about 12 weeks after the really intense death rate, it kind of petered out and went back to normal. And I would suggest there's different, clearly different, batteries being used. And the reason I say that is because of the wide range of injuries that I'm seeing. So for example, one guy came in and his mom went blind. Not long after having another guy came in, and his father was paralyzed from the waist down almost immediately. So then he was seen as vulnerable. So then they took him for a second job three or four weeks later, and he was dead the following day. I've had clients come in where they've continual bleeding, non-stop bleeding for female clients. And they've reported that to me, and that apparently, is where the womb lining falls away, as a result of these injections, effectively sterilizing them, because they can't carry a fetus. So there are such a wide range of different injuries that I'm seeing and hearing firsthand, and obviously, because I've come out public now, a lot of people are reaching out to me for help. They don't know who else to speak to because the local health authority won't help them. Another woman, an Irish spoken woman who live locally, called me. She had an autistic child of 14, the son, and he was injected, and he's turned into a vegetable. He was fully functional. He had a good life, good quality of life. She was coerced. And now the health...they won't engage with her at all.

Lindie Naughton 13:29
They are saying, Well, there's nothing not related and we don't want to look into it or like.....

John O'Looney 13:36
Yeah, that's the end of the conversation. And I'm seeing all of these one-in-a-million things constantly. I'm getting people reaching out to me. I've had nurses reach out to me, doctors. There's a guy called Ray who's an ICU nurse in Australia, and he works in ICU with children and he's surrounded by children that were herded into the Olympic Stadium a number of weeks ago. And many of those are now dying and there's nothing he can do for them. That's his day; it's filled with being surrounded by dying children killed by the state.

Lindie Naughton 14:11
And the children are dying of what specifically?

John O'Looney 14:14
Multiple organ failure, heart conditions and blood clots, I spoke to a nurse that told me a friend who was also a nurse has got 12 patients on the ward at the moment with blood clots in their arms, for example, So something that was unheard of, you know? You get one blood clot once in a blue moon and now it's a regular occurrence in jab recipients specifically. So, when will they stop? When will it stop?

Dr. Reiner Fuellmich 14:49
Unless people rise up, it will not stop, I don't think. I think we're moving. I think we are moving in the right direction, but I'm afraid If you look at the lethargy, maybe, maybe you can call it that of many people. It's probably gonna take many more deaths.

John O'Looney 15:11
I think it will. And the danger there is that they up their game as people wake up. And they sense that. I feel that they're moving forward quicker, with more urgency. So these death rates in these jab recipients is going to be called another variant, the same as all the children that are going to die, they're going to call it a variant, they're going to adjust to protect the children. And they're going to mandate on the back of that, and then the manhunt begins. So what do we do then? Do we start hiding in woods? Do we do what they did in in the Second World War and begin hiding children under the floorboard? So, I've got a 10-year-old son, and he doesn't want to have this vaccination, because he lives in a family business, and he sees what it's doing. I don't want him to have it. Why are my rights as a parent not respected? They're clearly there. My human rights and the Nuremberg Code and these have been ignored. We have children, 12-year-old children, coerced into making a life and death decision. And children that can't buy beer, they can't vote, they can't have sex, they can't drive a car, but they can make a life or death decision with an experiment injection that I can see firsthand is killing people and maiming people. And people like yourself can concur with that. And when we get audience with people, like Sir Graham Brady. So why was the phone call not made there and then to say, Stop now and let's look at this again,? Let's look at the data. Nobody is doing that. And that suggests to me that they're complicit. This is a global movement, and different countries are simply trying different ways of achieving the same end. And that's a regular 100% coverage on this. The future is really very, very dark unless we do something very quickly.

Dr. Reiner Fuellmich 17:00
Yes, I agree with that. But we are doing the best we can. Each and every one of us is doing the best they can. And I know you are, too. There's always hope. And we are moving in the right direction, just not fast enough. That's why it's so sad to have to conclude that it'll probably take many more deaths until finally people will begin to understand that there's not a deadly disease out there, but it is being created by the jabs through the deaths.

John O'Looney 17:40
Yeah. 100%. I've got no doubt in my mind.

Dr. Reiner Fuellmich 17:43
Absolutely. I agree. I agree from everything we've heard from all of the experts. There's no other conclusion we can draw from all of all of this. The ultimate, the most important or the most difficult step to take, as I just mentioned in my talk with Shimon Yanovitz is you have to understand that there's not mistakes that are being made, this is being done intentionally. And in order to understand that, most people refuse to understand that because in order to understand that, it'll simultaneously force you to understand that your own government is working against you and trying to literally kill you.

John O'Looney 18:32
100%. And I think therein lies the key really. I don't think there's any point in us...There's going to be a great challenge when you're trying to use the legal system that they actually tailor to their own needs. It's going to be very difficult to do that. And I think what I'm seeing firsthand is something so horrific, that can't be true, it isn't true. And it's like a self defense mechanism, isn't it? Where is the realization for these people that they've been deceived and might have actually walked over the edge of a cliff is going to be impossible to accept. And also, I think there may well have been an advocate system in place with with these vaccines. And the way that for me works, is imagine if you had 100 vaccines and 85 of them were just placebo. You've then recruited 85% of recipients as advocates of a new, because they've had no ill-effects, no symptoms, they're not going to get sick and they're not going to die. And the 15% of those that I believe are designed to maim and kill, those are your COVID victims. So I kind of tried, toyed with myself and thought, How are they going to get those people, those people that have had placebos? I couldn't understand, because I knew what was going on, but I couldn't understand how they're going to get people that have had placebos. And then they announced several boosters a year for the next five years. So that's how that's gonna work. You know? The genius of it is immense. The geniuses is the most, uh, you know, you tell me a politician that wouldn't be happy with an 85% majority. It's overwhelming, isn't it? Good to know.

Lindie Naughton 20:13
If your theory is right, the good news would be that it's placebos for a lot of people.

John O'Looney 20:21
And I'm getting a lot of people, I mean, I would hasten to add this is purely conjecture. This is theory, because I couldn't understand why. And if you think about it logically, if you lined up and just give lethal injections to people, and they'll start dropping down dead in six months, it wouldn't take very long before the uptake would stop with it. So I believe that's what they're doing is they using this advocate system. And you know, these people who have had no ill effects have received a placebo, there'll be only too keen to get booster, and there'll be only too keen to advertise that booster. And I would suggest there's a small percentage, and that if you think about it logically, if you're lucky, it's a lottery. So when you go and get an injection, it's a lottery. And you're either lucky or you're not. Can you be lucky three times a year for the next five years?

Dr. Reiner Fuellmich 21:07
Or longer? Because what's really going on is, this is what we learned from one of my clients who told me that, in October of 2020, two months before the shots, the jab started, the head of the or the chairman of the German Bundestag Sales Commission told him that it's not going to stop with these two shots of biontech Pfizer, but it's going to continue one shot every six months. Now, that tells you the whole story right there.

John O'Looney 21:41
Of course it does. You know, what do people not see?

Dr. Reiner Fuellmich 21:44
You know, if your theory is correct, and I think that Vorfka Vulaag agrees with you. I think he says so. Um, if your theory is correct, then what's going on right now is, it's a game of, it's not gambling, it's Russian roulette. It's Russian roulette.

John O'Looney 22:07
Yes. That's exactly what it is. Yes. Yeah. You need a large majority of placebos to use those advocates, inadvertently, they're recruiting people, to kill people. They're advocates, aren't they? They're recruiting advocates. And now, who wouldn't have a placebo and not be totally happy about receiving that for many months? Of course you would? Because it's not hurting you and you're not getting sick, because there is no COVID.

Dr. Reiner Fuellmich 22:37
Yeah, that's precisely his stance as well. You know, Dr. Voltcom Voda?

John O'Looney 22:42
Not really, to be honest. I'm kind of sold. I know why. No.

Dr. Reiner Fuellmich 22:47
Yeah. You are extremely well informed. So I suspect that you're not getting your information solely from the mainstream media.

John O'Looney 22:57
No. I've kind of...When you're on the coalface, you see it firsthand. And then when you go public, a lot of people reach out to you and they fill in the missing pieces. And when you sit with people I test daily, they furnish you with the facts, the science, and you know, I'm very well versed on exactly what's going on. I get the phone calls from families to say they've lost their mom or their dad or their son or their daughter on a weekly basis. I now do the funerals of murder victims. Yeah, some families are aware, some families are totally oblivious. Interesting, I had a family who came in to arrange a funeral yesterday. They're all vaccinated, they all look really sick. And one of them is just...We arranged it for the 8th. The family have tested positive, and now a six. And now it's got to be delayed for 10 days. And I just can't believe that these people can't see it. And they're very aggressive as well. If you kind of say, Well, have you thought about it like this or that, or, you know, they just can't see it. Some people are waking up, they're reaching out to me and said, I totally get you. I didn't realize. I won't be having a booster. I would suggest that will probably change when they fend to lead them off to a concentration camp. So I never will. I'll die in a concentration camp. And I would suspect I'll probably pick COVID victim, and who will be remotely surprised people dying in a quarantine camp from COVID.

Dr. Reiner Fuellmich 24:27
Well, I don't think it's gonna come to that point, because we are joining forces pretty much with everyone who is in the, I guess you can call them the resistance movement. And it's us. It's our people who are the really smart ones, who are the intelligent ones. We've interviewed a whole group of professors of psychology and psychiatry, and one of them is a professor from Belgium, Professor Desmin, and he explained to us that it is so hard to reach those who have already gotten vaccinated because it's like no, he said, it's not like hypnosis. It is hypnosis. 30% of the people have fallen victim to this constant narrative of panic, panic, panic. We all have to be afraid unless we get vaccinated, we're all gonna die. 30% of the people have actually fallen victim to this in the form of hypnosis. And they cannot be approached, they cannot hear us anymore. But they're still 40% of the people who are sort of sitting on the fence and don't know which way to fall down of the fence. Many of them have in the meantime, began to ask questions. I just want to explain this a Dr. Bolduc, he's the one who stopped the swine flu, which was their first attempt at a pandemic, some 11 years ago, he was in in a position of power, because he was a member of the German parliament and he was also a member of the Council of Europe. That's how they found out that what they call the pandemic, then, by the way, by changing the definition of what a pandemic is, you know, before that, it used to be a disease that spreads worldwide. Number one, element number two was many serious cases of illness. And number three, many cases of death. Then got rid of the latter two elements, and now it's only a worldwide disease. So any flu can be made into a pandemic.

John O'Looney 26:35
In fact, they nearly killed me with the swine flu jab. Yeah, I took it. I didn't know. I'm kind of asthmatic, an ex-smoker, and I had the swine flu jab, and I was really, really, really ill. I nearly died. And I thought I was gonna die. I'll be honest with you. And that was the last time I ever took any job of any description. Because, and they're harassing me constantly. I'm a high risk person, I can tell you, I've washed and dressed over 100 COVID victims without a mask, many of them still warm, because they've streamlined their system for collection. There were no doctors or police in attendance. Now, it's literally the carer brings the doctor, the doctor is calls the funeral director. So I'm collecting these people are still very much warm. So I'm sure if they were infectious, they would have been. And I haven't had a day off work. My wife tells me she's fine. My pharmacist's helped me the whole time. He's 55. He's a heart attack survivor from 10 years ago. And he's fine. You know, so I'm in no doubt in my mind, there is no pandemic, I've spoke to doctors, nurses, I've had nurses in for years, reach out to me, and tell me, they've been pushed out of the job. And these people are in the same circle. They know what these jabs are doing. Many of them, they won't take these jabs, so there'll be pushed out of their jobs, you know, that makes the whole situation worse in the hospitals. And that's all part of the plan, isn't it? You know, it's all part of the plan. I really, I suppose I see what's happening and my heart breaks, because I know today in many British schools, there'll be kids, their lives have changed or forever, or they're going to die as a result. I want action now. Right? Right now. It's terrible. It's terrible and horrible walking through crowds of people that laugh and joke, not realizing what's going on, totally oblivious. And knowing what you know, it brings to mind the other thing is: Ignorance really is bliss.

Yeah, until it catches up with them.

Yeah, yeah, very true. Very true. Or would I rather not know? Sometimes I wished I didn't so that I could have a peaceful weekend without worrying about who's gonna come through the door next that haven't been killed? Terrible, it's terrible. I certainly, you know, they say History is written by the winners. I don't know. Let's hope we do come out on top. And that history records this terrible crime against mankind and we are successful. Well, I really don't know. In fact, I saw a very interesting video on the GPS and it was by, I don't know if you've seen it. The doctor's name was Dr. Carrie Madej. And she used a very, very high, really strong telescope, and looked at these very closely, one of these particular vaccines, and it was horrific what was in there. It was horrific. There was actually a living entity in one of them that looks like an octopus. It was bizarre. I've never I've never seen anything like it. Do you know? And she showed various slides, photographs that they took and it was... Why would people want this inside them?

Dr. Reiner Fuellmich 30:00
Because they don't know it.

John O'Looney 30:00
Yeah, kind of that. But when you tell people, they just won't believe you. I mean, to be honest with you, my brother is a sheetmetal worker, he runs a factory and I kind of explained to him, and we've ended up falling out, we don't speak anymore, because he just can't accept he's double-jabbed now. He's probably had his booster, as well. He cannot accept that. And I said to him, You're sheetmetal worker and I'm on the coalface. I won't lie to you. Why would I lie and put my own family at risk? And they just can't see. And it's a very clever game. It's all part of the strategy, isn't it? Divide and conquer? The BLM Movement, and everything else just to divide everyone up because we're easier to conquer if we're not together, and the anti Muslim rhetoric is a typical example: Divide everyone. My feeling is that your family is just as important as mine, and that's why I speak out, because I know what's going on, and it's wrong. And it's indefensible, and it's pure evil. Pure evil.

Dr. Reiner Fuellmich 31:08
You know, if we got all of those who have gotten the jabs, if we got them to take two steps backwards, and put themselves in the position that they were in a year and a half ago, and told them then what was going to happen, that they would all be wearing masks that look like coffee filters and make them look like they're idiots, that they would be receiving jabs with stuff that has not been tested, there are no medical studies underlying these so-called vaccines, they would have told us go to hell, you're stupid, go take your pills, go see a doctor, something like that. And all of a sudden they're...

John O'Looney 31:48
Small steps. Small steps, just a little bit at a time. And a lot of this legislation, of course, has been kind of slipped by the backdoor on a Sunday evening, when people are just watching Netflix, people are going to work, people are worrying about how they're going to pay the bills that they keep increasing, the electricity bill. The power bill has just gone up phenomenally for everyone. 400,000 businesses have gone bang in the UK alone. There are 600 new billionaires in the UK.

Lindie Naughton 32:22
Can I ask you about this BBC interview that you did?

John O'Looney 32:27
Very early on in the process, I believe it was March 2020. And it's out there in the domain, because a couple of people have sent me the link in the past. And basically, they contacted me because they know I'm a local funeral director. And I've always been happy to speak to people and they kind of said that we need to, obviously, we're really worried about this Covid, we need to come and do an interview. They came out and they spent longer briefing me than they did actually filming and asking the questions, and they kind of very carefully orchestrated every question, basically, for me to promote the hysteria. And honestly, I was happy to do that, because it was very early on in the game, and I believed it. If you go to a hospital and they say to you, this deceased is in a body bag that has HIV or TB, you're gonna listen, trust me. You're gonna listen, you're not gonna jeopardize your own safety. And this was no exception. They told us all there was a deadly pandemic, and it was killing people. And they showed us footage of people falling in the streets in China. And people believe it. Why would I disbelieve it? This is my government telling me that, but it was only really for the fact this little girl died and I washed and dressed her. And then I kind of thought, well, if I can do that for her, I can do it for everyone. And that's what I've done. And I slowly came to realize this is just lies. It's not true. It's not true. And I had other funeral directors sending people to me, referring clients to me, because I was the only one that would wash and dress all the way through. So I know what's going on. I know what's going on there. I've got an idea it's pretty pointless trying to reason with governments because they won't accept it. I mean, interesting that I'm hearing through the grapevine The New South Wales premier has resigned. Apparently so yeah. Yeah, it was one of my colleagues here told me that news about an hour ago. So how true that is, I don't know. But apparently it's because it's been discovered and uncovered she's been taking 10s of millions of dollars in bribes... Yeah.

Dr. Reiner Fuellmich 34:26
Oh, that would be...It seems to be true. I mean, you've gotten some confirmation on this piece of information. You know that she, too, is a graduate of this global Young Leaders Program of the WEF, right?

John O'Looney 34:43

Dr. Reiner Fuellmich 34:44
It's all about corruption.

John O'Looney 34:45
Yeah, of course itis. Does it lend itself to what we are saying or does it despair?

Dr. Reiner Fuellmich 34:52
It makes us Nazi Nazi right wing right wing.

John O'Looney 34:57
Yeah, of course. And this is what I'm saying. You know, the same people wouldn't even be standing, this is where they lead the way.

Dr. Reiner Fuellmich 35:03
Yeah. No, I think they're coming apart at the seams on the other side. I know we will have to walk a few more miles, I believe, but we're gathering speed, we're picking up speed, we're bringing together more and more people. It's all of us together. It's all of our efforts together, combined effort, that is pushing us in the right direction. And that will push them over the brink, I am absolutely certain.

John O'Looney 35:34
Wow. If I can ever be of any help, you know, you can always ask me. I've been inundated with interest in me; 1000s of emails and phone calls from doctors and nurses, and it's been really challenging. My wife has really suffered with the strain of it all. And so it's really tough, but I have to keep talking because I know what the truth is. And, you know, if I've got two choices, if I say nothing, I might be able to duck and dive for another what? 12 months, 18 months, then they'll close me down anyway. Or I can speak out now and hope that I can kind of gather some momentum and people will wake up and this madness can end.

Dr. Reiner Fuellmich 36:13
Yes. We all feel the same way. There's no use and ducking, there's no... I have some colleagues and I know some pilots, Lufthansa pilots and from other airlines as well, who have decided that they're going to leave the country. But all you do is you buy time, because it's only a matter of time until they're there, too. Of course, we have to keep fighting here.

John O'Looney 36:39
Yeah, I kind of speak out. I mean, my wife is obviously very concerned for our family here and now. But like I said to her, it's just as important. Your family is just as important as mine. Why would I not speak out? Your grandchildren or your children? They're just as important as my child. Why would I not speak out? I have a moral compass. Do you know and that moral compass, I can't stay silent because I know what the future holds. And I've got a critical mind. And I look to the future. And I know what the future can see unfolding. And everything that I've said would happen has happened. So, I just hope that we do beat these [b_s], because that's what they are.

Dr. Reiner Fuellmich 37:23
We will, John. Someone wants to ask you a question.

John O'Looney 37:26
Yeah, of course.

Unknown Speaker 37:27
Thank you. Hello. I have a question. Because you're in this job for a long time already. You're working many...How many years did you work?

John O'Looney 37:36
So I've done about 15 years in total now.

Unknown Speaker 37:39
Okay. So you experienced also the swine flu in your profession?

John O'Looney 37:45
So I began doing this back in about 2008, I started out. Not sure when the swine flu was, but I was really ill. With the swine flu. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 37:56
This was 2009. Yes. Because I'm interested, do you get the diagnosis of the people who died from...Do you get the diagnosis?

John O'Looney 38:07
So by that you mean death certificate? So the death certificate I see on occasion, we don't need them as a funeral director. But inevitably, when you engage with a family, that family, you know, what happened to mom, what happened to dad, and I get really close to them. And they tell me, they're really forthcoming. So the main deaths that I'm seeing now are heart attack, stroke from blood clot, either one being from blood clot or organ failure, or the occasional COVID death, they can relabel you know, where people have died from these things and it's been relabeled as a COVID death. Some families are blissfully unaware, sometimes are aware, and they're very angry. And all of them are jab recipients. And bear in mind that this runs in conjunction with the regular death rate that we would have any way.

I would be interested whether you recognize that in former years, so 10 years ago or longer, the diagnosis "flu" was given very often.

There's no flu deaths now. There's...

Unknown Speaker 39:13
I mean 10 years ago. Did you have flu cases...

John O'Looney 39:17
Yes, Winter Flu it was called. Yeah, Winter Flu. Last year was the first year ever that I've not known a single Winter Flu death, they're all relatable to COVID.

Unknown Speaker 39:28
Yes, we know that the flu's identity was the same as influenza because they did not distinguish between the viruses, they did not used to distinguish. So they just called it flu. And the only thing that they were looking for was the influenza. That means only one or more than 100 viruses who make the same symptoms and who may be who may lead to death too. And so the flu is a summary, it's a sample of many viruses, respiratory viruses, and informaticians, who only look for influenza. And you know, they only look for Corona. So they pick out one, only single virus. And tell us the story about that.

John O'Looney 40:18
It's pretty obvious to me that the whole thing has not really been about COVID. You know, when you're filling people full of Remdesivir, people will then have kidney failure, and they'll drown in fluid in their lungs as their lungs fill up. That's what's happening. When you fill people up with things like medazepam, that they'll die because their breathing is...It's one of the drugs used in the cocktail for lethal injection in countries where they have that. So you'll know. I don't know. I'm selling ice to the Eskimos, aren't I?

Dr. Reiner Fuellmich 40:49
We have Dr. Brian Artis in one of our sessions, and he explained this in great detail to us.

John O'Looney 41:00
Yeah, and I see this in the bodies when they come in; bloated, full of fluid. You know, so yeah, yeah, the fingers are swollen. And you know, the face is swollen, you can see it and you can press the skin and leave it, indent in the skin with your finger because they're so full of fluid. You know, so I know the people I suspect have been killed with this.

Dr. Reiner Fuellmich 41:26
That's exactly what Brian Artis told us.

John O'Looney 41:29
And I've seen this on the coalface. Yes.

Dr. Reiner Fuellmich 41:32
Yeah. Because this is one of the... If I remember correctly, he told us that Fauci made this a mandatory treatment, using Remdesivir, full-well knowing...

John O'Looney 41:49
Full clinical basis, one clinical basis.

Dr. Reiner Fuellmich 41:53
The clinical basis is the one that Brian Artis found out about, and that it was used in a number of trials, and it had to be pulled out of the trials, because it was deadly.

John O'Looney 42:03
Yeah, exactly. So that was the

Dr. Reiner Fuellmich 42:04
So that was the clinical basis on which he ordered this as a medical protocol.

John O'Looney 42:16
Yeah, right. Right. But and there's something that is special about Britain, because, well, maybe it's not special, but it is special insofar as this is the information that's come out, this may be the very same in our country. It's just that we haven't learned about it yet. And that is the medication that is what is it called...I think it's an anesthetic. But that's what's

Midazolam. I would hasten to add a brand name, it's probably going to be known by different names. But here, it's called midazolam.

Dr. Reiner Fuellmich 42:57
And they used it and you did describe that the purchase of midazolam went up what? between 350 and 1,000%.

John O'Looney 43:07
Yeah, yeah. So I've got people that I've been speaking to have been sending out Freedom of Information Acts to the various health authorities. And those are the figures that have come back. And basically, the way that works is they asked for the procurement amounts for from 2015, to date. And you can see the jump there. And so the argument that was given was, all of this was used to ventilate patients, intubate patients, sedate them. Just wasn't no, no. And they've used it all. You know, they've used it all. And I never once saw a ventilator. I never once saw a COVID test. I never once saw a doctor, but they were all COVID tests. But you're arguing with people who are not prepared to listen, and they just push him forward. You know, at what point will we see change? I really don't know. It seems to be getting harder, not easier, to avoid this madness.

Dr. Reiner Fuellmich 44:06
I think it'll get a little bit worse, maybe a lot worse until we turn the tide. I think that's that's the tragic truths. I think there's nothing we can do about it except we can continue with what we're doing. What you're doing is definitely going to have an impact, just like everything we're doing has an impact. But this is really...I'm very grateful for your testimony, so to speak. You're going to be one of the experts, ultimately, you're going to be one of the experts that people will have to turn to, that the courts of law will have to turn to.

John O'Looney 44:45
I hope I live to see that.

Dr. Reiner Fuellmich 44:46
I'm sure you will. All of us will. Well, John, I'm, again, I'm really grateful.

John O'Looney 44:53
I'm really grateful to you because it's a message that I can't tell people without people like you. And I feel like I'm standing in the trenches with you. And you know, never doubt for a moment that I'm not fighting for truth, because that's what exactly what I'm going to do and I'm going to keep doing it and keep doing it. And you have my thanks and my admiration. Thank you so much.

Dr. Reiner Fuellmich 45:16
And vice versa. John, despite all of this, try and have a good weekend. Go out in nature.

John O'Looney 45:22
I'll try.

Dr. Reiner Fuellmich 45:22
Go for a run or something.

John O'Looney 45:24
That's the plan. It's more of a brisk walk nowadays. Alright, take care, guys. God bless.

Dr. Reiner Fuellmich 45:31
You too. Thank you so much. Bye.

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We called it from day one here at Ruby Ray Media. After 30-40 years of this work we have learned to recognize the globalist psychopaths' patterns of behavior very early in their cycles. A very noble man, undertaker John O'Looney from Britain, was very early exposed to the global covidiocy fraud by the very nature of his line of work. It's much more than fraud, it's murder, it's genocide.

Those who commit these crimes - or without remorse, play a part - are all accountable and justice comes swiftly this time!

Take from this that there's never been more open looks at this creepy cabal of criminals. There's never been a greater determination among mankind to take them out. Don't worry about the sheep and the zombies since by their own choice they will not determine how this goes. The fiery hearts of called-out ones are enough, one with God! From the beginning we were winning.

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