James O'Keefe is recruiting an undercover army


His latest project is going to make massive waves!

When James began, it was just him and a few brave souls thinking way outside the box, coming up with creative ways to trick liars in all forms of corrupt settings to reveal the truth on video. That innovative style led to Project Veritas. Pfizer recently made sure the board of his company ousted him for his outstanding job getting a Pfizer employee to spill the beans about the deadly c19 jabs. 

Legendary men require legendary means.

James O'Keefe's unprecedented ways of uncovering the truth will continue to make history.

You can become a partner with James. Follow his lead and video dangerous liars in any corrupt system harming our world. Whether in the political, education, medical, financial system, or where ever you can, do it.  

Read James O'Keefe's Twitter instructions below for details and become a part of the solution. 

James O'Keefe wants you! 

James O'Keefe: About J6.....

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Published Mar 11, 2023
Length 1:24

"Hey, @allmattNYT of @nytimes. Remember me? With Tucker's revelations about J6th, and your statements as a NYT reporter last year that "There were a ton of FBI informants who attacked the Capitol…" and "The lefts overreaction in some places were so over the top"…."They [media] were making too big a deal [of Jan6]. They were making this an organized thing that it wasn't." … maybe you'll reconsider speaking on the record to me about this now? [Email me at] OKeefeTips. "


Citizen Journalists: "You're able to expose a lot more" ~ Gen Flynn
General Flynn discusses the Rise of Independent Journalism.

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