Is this a rumor? "Arizona Senate lays out RICO indictments against Katie Hobbs..."


World-class news can be hidden. 

It can be so hidden it's called a rumor. 

I have done an inquiry on four search engines and found no lamestream media or fake news sources to back up the social media news that AZ Governor Katie Hobbs is being indicted on RICO charges. By the way, Donald J. Trump, under false pretenses, is being charged with the same. 

I have found nothing about it YET in alternative news sources as well. But that doesn't mean it's not true. Colluding mockingbird media is legendary for its ability to lie about and hide real' news. So, let's not call it all rumor just yet. Why not?  Because there is a solid foundation for this indictment proceeding to be true. 

There is no doubt Katie Hobbs has a criminal history. The evidence was brought out to the public on Feb 23, 2023. (see video below) 

#ArrestKatieHobbs began trending worldwide within hours after its release, but it didn't move forward as a legal case, which happens when you put criminals in charge of prosecuting other criminals. 

The revelation of Hobbs' criminal activity resulted from an overall investigation into multi-state racketeering and corruption conducted by the Harris/Thaler Law Corporation. Their research tied her to 2020 election fraud as well. 

Here is the short list of what was uncovered: 

  • John Thaler of Harris/Thaler Law Firm claims he uncovered proof that the Sinaloa cartel (formerly led by El Chapo) bribes high-ranking officials in Arizona, including Katie Hobbs, Adrian Fontes, Kris Mayes, etc.
  • The cartel allegedly uses this influence to rig Arizona's elections, launder money using falsified trust deeds for single-family purchases, and successfully traffic drugs/humans through the southern border. Thaler claims that the cartel uses intimidation tactics to silence anyone who may threaten their extensive racketeering.
  • The investigator also includes a declaration showing that in October 2020, they discovered 25,000 falsified ballots at a Maricopa County residence belonging to someone they were investigating with lots of cash involved.
  • Thaler claims his team reviewed 120,000 documents in Arizona and found tens of thousands of direct evidence proving the allegations.

Arizona RICO - Katie Hobbs Linked To Cartel Drug Money
RubyRayMedia on Rumble
Published Mar 25, 2023 (first posted on Feb 23, 2023)
Length 42:08

Breger said, "Our primary findings were first reported to Governor Ducey in 2022,...These documents have definitely evidenced multiple racketeering enterprises, which include narcotic sales, money laundering, tax evasion, payroll, theft, bankruptcy fraud, life insurance fraud, auto insurance fraud, bribing of elected and appointed officials, creating and modifying public record, falsifying professional licenses and related credentials, swatting individuals who pose a threat to these enterprises, and last but not least, election fraud."

 You can read the evidence presented here👇

Trending today on social media, seven months after the evidence was brought forward, is the rumor/news that Katie Hobbs is being indicted for violation of RICO ACT-13-2301, which includes. 

  • bribery, 
  • racketeering, 
  • money laundering,
  • drug trafficking, 
  • human trafficking, 
  • aiding and 
  • abetting the Sinaloa Cartel 
  • election fraud


EXPLOSIVE Arizona Election Fraud Testimony with Links to National Election Fraud : This story of corruption is being uncovered at the state level, but its roots go deep into DC swampland. This deserves ALL of your attention.

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