If You Hate Elon Musk Watch This Video — It Will Change Your Mind


Business Core on YouTube posted a fascinating montage of interviews of Elon Musk that reveal the real man in contrast to all of the slander he gets from the peanut gallery.

If You Hate Elon Musk Watch This Video — It Will Change Your Mind | Elon Musk's Speech

Business Core on YouTube
Premiered Aug 12, 2021
24:28 viewing length


In his January 13 tweet, Elon Musk described SpaceX progress with their Starship as "Good progress towards our "Hop in & go to Mars!" goal.


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    PoeAwakenTV · 7 months ago

    At 2:30 on this 12-19-21 day, morning... middle of the night... and having a moment of reflection to realize that all I have experienced, learned and all the gifts God has given to me, have brought me to THIS PRECIPICE of truly understanding the greatest question we can ask, "Why am I here?"

    Why are ANY of US here? And why are we connected in a "tribe" HERE, in an INTENTION that is truly Devine and even beyond our human comprehension?

    I know throughout my life, I've been considered "different", and honestly, I strived to be different and unique. (but perceived as strange... like I care about others' perceptions of me.) I continue to, be open to the exploration of myself, my authentic Self, and to be open to all possibilities, listening without my human mind-contamination.

    I want to Know, with the highest degree of possibility, to WHAT is CALLING ME. I would guess this statement is true for many of us in this "awakening / service to humanity movement".

    Certainly, it appears the earthly odds are against us. Yet, depending on the "unearthly" passion, determination and persistence of that Flame that burns within each of us, there is no stopping us.

    For me, reaching a desired audience, crafting exactly the Right message for intended outcomes and often lacking the support in this effort.... are perhaps disappointing and sometimes even defeating.

    Yet, WE .... and this long list of amazing, spiritually evolving Souls who are in on this journey are clearly not for the earthly, material perks (money, ego, fame, jobs....). I for one, and perhaps many of us, can relate to some of the messages in this Elon Musk video piece.

    Before I say more, I must thank you to the Leaders of this "tribe", and other "tribes", for your inspiration, vision, dedication and persistence to never give up. You have proven to be here for US, holding Space for others who are waking to a Calling to make a difference, and to inspire us to "look forward to waking up to tomorrow".

    The Truth is, "Tomorrow" is far more than another day... it is a NEW WORLD, a DESTINY that WE are crafting now. We have everything we need, within us, to shape what that NEW WORLD will be.

    Tomorrow is not some distant future.

    Tomorrow is RIGHT NOW, when viewed from just seconds ago.

    Tomorrow is what we created for Now... and it is what "Now" is being created... for tomorrow.

    God bless you all, each one of you. Going as One, going as All. ~ Poe
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Franz · 7 months ago
    Amen, tomorrow is right now. We intend it, moment by moment, with every thought, feeling, word and deed.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Peggy · 7 months ago
    I loved that video!
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