I don’t want a black history month ~ Morgan Freeman


Countering the cancel culture. 

A cut above others in Hollywood, Morgan Freeman easily cuts through the drudgery of star status interviews and heads straight for the jugular. 

He is a brave man who has thus far survived the downfall of many celebrities' over these past few years. Cancel culture has failed to cancel him because they have no valid response when he speaks the truth. 

In a clip from a 60 Minutes interview (2005), Morgan Freeman was asked why he thought Black History Month was "ridiculous." 

If Mike Wallace thought he would catch Morgan in a misstep or make him backtrack his words, he was dead wrong. Mr. Freeman stepped up to the plate more than adequately, explaining why having any month dedicated to the history of any race is a racist concept.

In a later interview, Morgan Freeman goes onto CNN to make the case that race issues are an excuse to remain isolated in prejudices.

Morgan Freeman's view on Black History Month and Race Baiting

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Published 6 years ago
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When You Know, You Know

The fallen ones garner our consent in covert ways. 
It isn't that we have been 'stupid.' Nope. 
It's much more complicated than a mere derogatory word can describe.

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