Hurricane Ian Floods SWFL, but Love, Hope, Compassion and Humor Remain High and Dry


Hurricanes are a way of life for seasoned Floridians

After moving to Naples, FL in 2009, I found out there are a few essentials to always keep on hand

  • Boards to shutter up windows. ✔️
  • Two weeks of emergency food and other essential supplies✔️
  • Might want to think about keeping a kayak just in case.✔️
  • And very important, keep an ample supply of humor nearby. ✔️

I remained in my home in Naples during Hurricane Irma in 2018 (also the year I moved from SWFL, but that's another story). I experienced a tremendous sense of camaraderie, compassion, and oneness with my fellow Floridians both during and after the disaster.

The outpouring of love and hope was phenomenal and contagious as some prepared to evacuate, and others chose to hunker down in their home. Once Irma swept through, and it was safe to go outside, I watched neighbors hug each other, kids play together in flooded yards, and strangers drop off bags of ice, water, and food. I was in awe of the 1000s of linemen and the National Guard only a mile away, fully equipped with smiles and supplies to help everyone. The atmosphere fostered open hearts and minds toward one another, where race, religion, and political affiliation no longer mattered. And more importantly, I discovered the aura of love for all humanity did not fade after the cleanup. Nope. It continued to grow and glow, caressing each person's heart with warmth and light, just like the Florida sun on a white sandy beach.

Peace and Aloha to all affected by Hurricane Ian. 

Watching Furry Friends rescued during Hurricane Ian makes my heart sing

"My boyfriend saving a cat from flood waters near Bonita Beach." ~ Megan Cruz Scavo 

Dog rescued from flood waters off sailboat in Fort Myers. He went back and got a cat too. What a Hero! 

Does anyone want to rescue this poor fellow?...🦈 Shark seen swimming in the streets of Fort Myers 🦈 

 Smile and the World smiles with ya! 

Talk about being dedicated to your job...

 But wait, there's more!
This man 👇always makes me smile.😁He handles the media🤡clowns like a pro boxer!👏

"DeSantis eviscerates reporter for 'politicizing' Florida's response to Hurricane Ian."


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