The Battle continues...

Yes, Trump Won. The World knows it. God knows it. And the enemy of the people know it, which is why they are working overtime trying to defame Trump and those that stand with him. 

One investigation after another is driven by the Swamp's effort to make truth out of lies. Trump is clean and has been proven free of wrongdoing time and time again.  

Hey NWO Joe and Team... it's not working! 

The load of deceit they toss our way daily makes the World of Unity, World of Wonder foundation stronger and stronger. Let's look at how genuinely ineffective their schemes to lie, cheat, and steal are. OH, this is good...

A Simple Game of Baseball, or is it??

Not a coincidence that this year's Congressional Baseball game, July 28, 2022 -- held as a yearly charity event since 1909 -- was a shutout. (get details HERE)

Republicans 10, Democrats 0! 

Much like what we are seeing in the political arena, eh? Democrats are getting their butts beat at the polls! 

😎Final Out of the Congressional Baseball Game of 2022👇👏

Canadians are chanting 
"No farmers, no food!" 
In front of the Netherlands consulate 
In support of Dutch farmers.


"HOOOONK! Dutch Farmers and Truckers Overtake Amsterdam In Defiance of Globalism and Agenda 2030. Notice the presence of Canadian flags in solidarity with their initial efforts. Ottawa started it; Amsterdam follows through." (~ Kennedy TV on Telegram)

General Flynn Stands with the Farmers

His allegiance is to the USA and to helping all peoples gain freedom worldwide.

💥We Stand with The Farmers💥
💥💥💥💥World Wide💥💥💥💥

"Thank you General Flynn for Truly being The People's General and helping us World Wide in our Fight against Global Tyranny! Thank you for Supporting us getting our Autonomy Back in teaching: Local Action leads to National Impact!" (~ Grasshopper on Telegram)

The Netherlands Farmers block the highway 
Having a bbq party 😁

The WORLD OF UNITY is now complete as people throughout the globe come together in peaceful protest for all causes! 
London packed to the rafters with people in support of those killed and injured by the jab.


 Sheriff Mack speaks about the "election cartels."

When you understand the proper function of a sheriff, you can begin to understand there is a way to get back to constitutional living. (for more about Sheriffs, check out this excellent presentation HERE.)

Watch below as Sheriff Mack breaks down the core election fraud perpetrated by the DC Swamp. This is horrendous, and Sheriff Mack wants you and I to be a part of the solution.  

"They thought they could make President Trump go away."

Well, now that isn't going to happen. The Democrats' attempts to make Trump go away have done nothing but raise swamp-creature killers like Kari Lake. 

Listen to her fiery response in this interview. She makes me proud!! 

This is real, folks! 😱

The mayor of DC wants to call the National Guard to help with 4000 illegal aliens. Yet, the whole of the Swamp allows hordes of illegal aliens to enter the southern USA border daily, making no effort to stop the flow. 

I am still shaking my head after listening to her plea for help. Double standard, anyone???😳

So much is about the children!! 

And Governor Ron DeSantis knows how to take care of the children in Florida. He is true blue to the core in his efforts to expose the lies and protect children. 


The truth is Verizon lied!

OAN owner tells what happened between the Verizon network and their negotiations. Dirty politics at play here, folks. Listen below as Robert Herring gives full details.

Deven Nunes tells it like it is!

Nunes explains to this Englishman pushing the 'Trump Is Divisive' narrative that he's been brainwashed by fake US media narratives:

"This is a fact of the media owned by the Left in the United States and the social media companies who create false narratives, and then they run it through social media so that it ends up on your phones. And so what you see in Europe.... that's not what's happening in reality." 🎯

OH you need to listen to this👇👏👇👏

 ..and more NEWS NQW...
Sometimes comedy imitates life
Sometimes life imitates comedy

Taking advantage of Joe Biden's open border Invasion😳😂🤣

What's next on the Pox agenda? 👅👇

Oh yes, she did say that! 


⏬Does Pelosi have a (hiccup) speech problem or a drinking thinking problem?😏

Offense to any one group is not intended.
We are equal opportunity offenders.
WHO IS JOE?: OH LOOK! There's Joe on fake news again...But Wait! Who are we really watching?? His mouth is moving, but half the words coming out are incomprehensible. Even while reading a teleprompter, this faux president continually fumbles. So who is he really? Tap on the masked image for clues.
PRES TRUMP IS RESTORING HIS GOOD NAME WITH THE WORLD: Donald J. Trump on Telegram July 27, 2022: I have notified CNN of my intent to file a lawsuit over their repeated defamatory statements against me. I will also be commencing actions against other media outlets who have defamed me and defrauded the public regarding the overwhelming evidence of fraud throughout the 2020 Election. I will never stop fighting for the truth and for the future of our Country! Read the letter in the photo link. 
THE STORY OF MICHAEL: This child, with a disorder so rare that it doesn't even have a name, teaches us about love and humanity. (From Lifeaction.org) This story touched my heart, so I had to share it with you. Click on the photo above to have your heart touched also. 

Amazingly fast critters! 

 Who knew Elephants could dance so well?!

45th President of the United States, Donald J. Trump, to Hold a Rally in Wisconsin Friday, August 5, 2022, 7 PM CDT. 

Link here for all details: SaveAmericaRally-WaukeshaWisconsin
What a zinger to the old entertainment industry, eh? Tap on the photo for complete details.

🥰Trump had a lot to say at the SAVE AMERICA Rally in Arizona last weekend.  Check it out👇👍

 "I ran twice. I won twice.
 And now, we may have to do it again."

This is how you take care of Drug Dealers...

Trump Rally in Prescott Valley, AZ 7/22/22 -- Worthy Quotes!

"We lifted 7 million people off of food stamps and 10 million off of welfare. And they were happy!"

"Space Force, we are lucky we have it!"

"We have the most UNSAFE border in the history of our country, and I believe in the history of our world."

"Two things that always happen, a wall and a wheel. I don't think they are ever going to be replaced!"

"Just two years ago, we were energy dependent, even energy dominant. Now we are a beggar for energy!"

"Look at what has happened to our country in less than two years; our country is like a different place. It's SAD to see!"

The only ones who don't have to wear a mask are the ones coming across the southern border."

"Leave our Police alone! Let them do their job, and give them the RESPECT they deserve!"

"The only countries without a drug problem are the countries that have the death penalty for drug dealers."

"This is like a WAR; it's an INVASION of our country. The only way to STOP it is to be tough and quick!"

"Our country doesn't win anymore; we are always fighting with each other…We are going to start WINNING again!"

"Your second amendment is UNDER SIEGE. [They] want to KILL your second amendment."

"The way [they] win is by cheating in elections."

"NO more fake drop boxes!"


"We need a landslide SO BIG that the radical left cannot rig it or steal it!"

If [they] don't get it together fast, I'll get it together for [them]! 🔥

"Adam Schiff is a sleazeball; everyone knows it…Perfect watermelon head!" 🤣🍉

"How bad is the SCUM in our country?! Where does it stop?! where does it end?!"

"Everyone knows the Green New Deal will lead to our DESTRUCTION."

"Fake news are the ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE."

"We are a nation that is NO longer respected, or listened to around the world, and in many ways, a nation that has become a joke."


"As long as we are confident and unified against the tyrants we face, they don't stand a chance. Because we kneel to God, and God alone!" 🙏🏻

– President Donald J Trump 

I agree. I believe these two fine men are:

Gene Ho 
(Trump's former photographer & now GEORGE editor)
Lets us know
 Trump is SAFE!

 July 28, 2022, Donald J. Trump plays in the LIV Golf pro-am with Dustin Johnson and Bryson DeChambeau. Another guest joins, and Trump gets a Hole-in-Won. Watch: 


This year, President Donald J. Trump will be a featured speaker, along with over 120 other conservative politicians, pundits, and proud patriots. Here is a very short pictorial list of a few top conservative patriots, besides President Trump, who will be there...


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