The Unity of Patriots Ends the Enemy's Divide-and-Conquer

Donald Garrett and I talked recently about Drudge Report in terms of how we're structuring our own website. Matt Drudge got his news site to be the most visited website on the internet for many years, millions of visitors per day, an amazing feat. It provided balance, even a lean towards honest reporting, fancy that! It's laid out for maximum coverage, an effective aggregator and presenter of "the news."

We've all noticed how far Drudge Report has fallen since Matt either sold it or sold out in the last year or two.

It is now a loud shrill mouthpiece for the lying psychopaths of our world, skewing every headline towards the false fear mongering divisive narrative that we see in New York Times and Washington Post.

Several years ago on Alex Jones' show, Matt talked about what he said was an inevitable development as we've seen with his website, others like it, the Republican party, social media and the whole of American society. He publicly announced that it was a Supreme Court Justice that told him it was coming, there was nothing we could do to stop it.

This takeover by the liars in our world of what was once considered a reliable source for news and information highlights the enemy's effort to prevent the greatness of America's destiny, what would end their globalist neo-feudalist goals. If they can flip Drudge Report into a clown agency for lies and disinformation, some might think they can do it to anyone.

Though we patriots know this effort of the death merchants to destroy America will fail, the tidal wave of freedom's fire washing over mankind being far too powerful for the evil doers to overcome, they have in fact programmed themselves to resist us, to the death. Hence, securing America's True Destiny will not be achieved without a mighty effort, requiring sacrifice, selflessness, service and surrender, the hallmarks of a heart fired by Love intensified to the ruby fire of the Sacred Heart of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, the Lamb of God.

Letting go, personally and socially, of the worn habits of the past, truly releasing the things we consented to that we shouldn't have, will allow us to rise above that devil worshiping cult of death and destruction. An Age of Peace, Prosperity and Justice is available for all, but it requires that we let go of fear and anger and instead claim the conqueror's mien of Victory, every moment of every day.

We shall present a new us in America's second revolution, a revolution in higher consciousness.

The old standby's like Drudge Report and the Republican Party will not lead us there. Remember, Trump had to defeat the Republicans for the nomination, they were dead set against him and still are (Bolton, Mattis, Kelly, Bush, Cheney, Romney, Kristol, the list is long.)

The Democrats may seem the obvious enemy to many but to many it's the Republicans. The less obvious enemy is the establishment and evil masterminds behind both parties, appearing as opposites, but unified in engineering chaos in America. Trump's brand renews the grassroots of the Republican Party, even as that causes the self immolation of its corrupt elitist old guard; at the same time that Trump's highly effective initiatives in our forgotten neighborhoods are the proof that many have needed to #WalkAway from the Left.

As true American Patriots, we will take what was once promised by Drudge and the GOP, now betrayed, and carry it forward, picking up that Torch of Liberty - still flaming, yea, BRIGHTER than ever - raising it high into The New City, trumping the devil and his agents to end their divide-and-conquer war upon us, now and forever!

Q 3957 When Does the Non-Disclosure Agreement Expire Regarding Drudge Report Sale to Foreign Entity?

14 Apr 2020 - 9:36:22 PM

When does NDA expire re: DrudgeR sale to foreign entity?
Think 2020_P election +1.
[removal [blackout] coming of pro_POTUS accounts]
Win by any means necessary.
All assets will be deployed this election.
Sleepers [Pro] will shift position [Nay].
[Paul Ryan_Fox]


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Twitter Space on Ukraine (Khazaria of old)

UPDATED JAN 26 with more on the Khazarian Mafia which came forward from Shelanite Judah that perhaps us understand better Jesus' "synagogue of Satan" from the Book of Revelation.

Hebrew scholar Dr. Shmuel Asher has written extensively on this and speaks of his findings in a two part interview we've added to this article.

UPDATED Jan 25 with deep research on Khazarian Mafia and Ukraine-located US-funded biolabs.

I spent some time in a Twitter Space on Ukraine as a listener. I was able to type in comments related to the discussion.

You can tell how important their spin on Ukraine is to the deepstate (some would call them the Khazarian Mafia.) They make sure to have their many propagandists involved, intimidating participants that then hesitate to speak forcefully about what is obvious.

These deepstate shills included a guy using the name, Malcolm Nance, who actually has no problem advertising on his Twitter bio that he's "US Intelligence +36 yrs." LOL

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Richardson Post - The Fall of the House of Biden

We feature a recent article by Howell Woltz of The Richardson Post that adds up the facts in a common sense approach to the fake presidency of Let's Go Brandon, with the deepstate's desperate attempt to morph their evil administrative state into something else.

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Elon agrees with us - Davos is SO booooring

You know how it is when you're stuck having to be with someone that you know ALWAYS makes things up. Their unwillingness to relate to the REAL WORLD is so booooo-ring! You can't wait for them to leave or to get the chance to leave yourself.

Thank GOD Davos is over, right?!

Because we find Elon's take on WEF so spot on, this article features every one of Elon's tweets, replies and likes of tweets regarding the WEF in Davos this past week.

[These Party of Davos clowns are what Noor bin Ladin calls the 'Malthusian Psycho Freaks'. Read Malthus and you'll get it.]

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Michael Matt tells us that President Trump is at war with evil

In 7 minutes, Mr. Matt shows you the global evil Trump is fighting on our behalf.

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The woke criminal witness protection program

I wrote yesterday about New Zealand's Prime Minister's sudden resignation, saying that her career "suddenly died" in the way many of her victims do after she's forced the jibby-jab on them.

It took less than a full day for me to realize that these power elitists are into burning a public career down just to build up another one behind the scenes that pays them off for their wretched crimes. It's sort of a witness protection program for globalist psychopaths. And, there's no accountability until we stop letting them take office by election fraud.

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Woke career suddenly died

UPDATE JAN 19: Bribery scandal grows as rumors are circling that Ardern will join BlackRock to profit from forcing New Zealanders to get the jibby-jab.

Written earlier: The Suddenly Died film is anything but funny when someone you love does that! The world we live in makes the irony SO RICH when those pushing the cause of this phenomenon see their careers suddenly die. 

New Zealand's Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern (Kiwi version of AOC?) announced yesterday (Jan 18) that her career suddenly died. This seems to be happening to a number of woke leaders here in the U.S. and around the world - not to mention woke celebrities like ... oh ... Alec Baldwin for one, who was charged today (Jan 19) with Involuntary Manslaughter for shooting a director on his movie set.

Who's next, Canada's Castreau?

Woke careers that suddenly die, though, may be going into a kind of witness protection program.

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Russian NHL player Ivan Provorov says nyet to woke

As globalist-marxist sports institutions make life increasingly uncomfortable for athletes with a conscience, the ones that stand up to woke really stand out!

The National Hockey League's Philadelphia Flyers ice a guy, now seven years with the team, by the name of Ivan Provorov, who is a top-four defenseman playing well over 20 minutes every game. "Provy" is a Russian Orthodox man who very politely said, 'net, spasibo' (that's Russian for 'no, thank you') to wearing a rainbow Pride jersey in warmups, on religious grounds.

Very nice to see his coach, American John Tortorella, back him up too!

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Polycrisis for Polyclowns

In yesterday's (Jan 16) opening session of the World Economic Forum's (WEF) annual conference of global thieves that present themselves as your betters, their head polyclown, schwabbie of all schwabbies, zee Klaus himself, realizing that people were not feeling all warm and fuzzy about zee "Great Reset" con, coined a new grift saying, trust me, we all face a 'POLYCRISIS' in our world.

This is being peddled as a convergence of out-of-control crises across society, the economy, energy and of course, when there's not enough snow on the Swiss ski slopes!

As I allude to here, these are "crises" they themselves manufacture or engineer to freak us all out, dumb us down, make us sick and poor, and kill us off in big numbers.

I will show here that, despite the rote script of the failing mockingbird media, these large-scale fakes seem to be largely having little impact in an environment in which self awareness is quickly rising.

We see WEF wiffing. "Three strikes and you're out!"

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Thanks to President Donald J Trump and his stable-genius Operation Warp Speed, we are all alive and well still to witness for ourselves the pharmakeia death cult choosing on their own to be self-consumed by their own evil as they are outed, kicking, screaming, jabbing, in the light of day. All you have to do is hold up a mirror to them!

Investigative journalist Lee Fang published in a Twitter thread today Jan 16 a "new piece from the TWITTER FILES. How the pharmaceutical industry lobbied social media to shape content around vaccine policy."

My version of that: "How the panicked pharmakeia cult overreached so much that, as hard as they tried to conceal their corruption, their lies and their censorship and gaslighting have only served to show the world what genocidal psychopaths they and their globalist co-conspirators really are."

They told you who they are on their Georgia Guidestones and of course, in many other writings. Their tinfoil hat pejoratives are sounding tinny.

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Psalm 37 The Heritage of the Righteous and the Calamity of the Wicked

Dear Christian soldiers, patriots of the Most High: be comforted and be at peace for the mouth of the Lord hath spoken it.

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What it takes to get your country back

The evil Dems are self-done really; they were so eager, weren't they, to show us what they are, almost like they thought we would take some kind of perverse liking to their screeching insanity? LOL.

What's more likely is that they didn't care, thinking they'd gotten away with their weirdness for so long, why not double down? Pride and its arrogance goeth before the fall.

As a nation, we are certainly on to their wicked fraud, gaslighting and vote stealing. (Stating that, of course, makes me an "election denier" in their fake-news idiocracy. All that does is make us dig deeper, doesn't it?) It's why we turned out for Trump in YUGE numbers. So, that Left problem WILL get sorted out and SOON!

What has really set back MAGA are the backstabbing RINOs; and that's the fight Trump and America are in right now. Nothing proves this better than the fight that South Dakota MAGA is in with their RINO establishment, in a similar fashion to what we observed in the U.S. House of Representatives effort to elect the House Speaker.

We're in that fight also here in Montana; and why we recently wrote to celebrate the inauguration of the new Montana Freedom Caucus established by a number of our legislators.

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It is soon curtains for the Sleepy Joe act

We've been covering Hunter Biden's Laptop from Hell for three years in a vacuum of FBI-run censorship and mockingbird media ("mockies") blackout. Suddenly the mockies make a big splash about "Joe Biden's" "confidential documents" stashed with the Corvette?

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Trump and company are on full offense now

I am glad to report from the 111th longitude on 1-11 that President Trump's video release today powerfully addressed the Twitter Files exposure of deepstate corruption in government and Big Corp by which every day Americans - as well as those with great exposure, including the most visible person on planet earth - were and are severely censored in their speech and reach.

This, non-coincidentally, follows a day when in the United States House of Representatives, newly elected Montana Congressman Ryan Zinke, also former Secretary of the Interior under President Trump, made his first speech from the House floor of the 118th Congress telling us of how his own personal experience in government bears out that "a deepstate exists...".

Oh! You'll also want to hear about the House's new "Church Committee" for taking the deepstate on!!

We have videos and transcripts. Enjoy!


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"What if I told you that Obamacare was set up to traffic children?"

Member of several Presidential Task Forces and leader of the State Nationals movement, David Straight is a straight-shooter. Having dug very deep into the monstrously evil deepstate, we know what he says to be true, about Obamacare being set up as a way for the satanic power-elite freaks to track and traffic children; but it's rare to the point that you never see someone go on record to tell it, especially from that level of influence.

This tells us that it's time for people to finally come to terms with the real world we live in. Cognitive dissonance or not, it's a cut-the-deck-and-deal-the-cards moment in American and world history. Denying the horror just won't do you any good at all. Ignorance is not bliss, it always ends badly - very badly.

#YouCantAlwaysTellPeople #YouHaveToShowThem

#NCSWIC #WWG1WGAWW #WorldOfUnityWorldOfWonder

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There's a FREEDOM CAUCUS in Montana now!

A recent article in Western Montana News gives us a lot to be happy about!

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Now Brazil!

The globalist stooges think that they're going to get away with squashing Brazilians. We say nah with our Brazilian friends! But this won't be without a fair heaping of drama along the way to wake up more sleepy-peeps - and also, to make sure all criminals are caught in the act; please don't forget how important that is to this process too.

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House Speaker Donald J Trump

UPDATED Jan. 7  Donald J Trump may as well be the Speaker of the House of Representatives after all the deals that have been made, all the messaging and all the behind-the-scenes wrangling to bring Trump Republicanism into practical and real prominence. 

Kevin McCarthy (or the guy playing him, see the comparison pic below) finally got over the finish line in the 15th round (see the significance of that below) then "McCarthy" in his acceptance speech dropped bombs on the establishment, including their Chinese Communist Party. 

The patriots are in charge! Lots to unpack in this article, we'll do our best!

Written Jan. 6
We're proposing it, along with General Michael Flynn, Kari Lake and Stephen K Bannon, who has made a very strong case for it on his television broadcast of The War Room. Last night, it was confirmed by Gen Flynn and Kari Lake that President Trump has agreed to serve as House Speaker if the votes for him are there.

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Miracle in the Capitol

UPDATE Jan 5: Trump announces  that it's time to wage war on drug cartels. He also expresses approval of the process the Freedom Caucus is putting the House through. Steve Bannon spends most of the 2nd half of his War Room morning show proposing President Trump for Speaker of the House for 100 days calling him the best negotiator for the American people.

7th round and 8th round of House Speaker votes, McCarthy still doesn't have the votes, nobody has budged. For the first time, President Trump is nominated and it's done by Matt Gaetz! MTG sitting beside Gaetz laughs and applauds! "Trump for Speaker" trends on Twitter! America's General, Mike Flynn sends his enthusiastic agreement with Mr. Gaetz!

9th round finds Gaetz joining Lauren Boebert and one other member of their caucus in nominating Kevin Hern from Oklahoma, recently voted as Chairman of the Republican Steering Committee.

Written Jan 4: There is a very bad status quo in America and California Congressman Kevin McCarthy represents it. We repeat: the status quo in America is very bad. It's kind of simple, really.

What might confuse some people is that President Trump still promotes Kevin McCarthy, even if it is "tepid." We think that whenever Trump gives the bad guys the mic, it's to expose - not only the individual - but the whole swamp the individual slithers around in.

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The Revolver News Trump Interview

On a day, January 3, 2023, where the House Speaker is up for grabs, where we ponder how an NFLer keeled over and died on Monday Night Football, Revolver News publishes its first interview with President mainly focused on the fraud that denies him the executive office for which he was elected. 

Consequences for lukewarmness are seen in that Speaker battle, we think McCarthy simply wishy-washy'd himself out of that position when he was given so much opportunity to side with the People instead of the lobbyists. Trump's strength on principles shows up as such a great contrast to that spineless jellyfish.

We have the 46 minutes of video-audio interview; and a written summary.

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