FOR GOD AND COUNTRY: Sidney Powell Says We Can Reinstate President Trump This Year


We can tell how valid this proposal is by how much it is ridiculed and disparaged by the mockies (our short-form nickname for the CIA's Project Mockingbird media agents that long ago fully infiltrated and controlled the national corporate mainstream media and the public narrative in the USA. The same ones who gave us the Warren Commission and the 9-11 Commission clownshows; and more recently, Russia-Russia-Russia and the insanely ridiculously contrived impeachment circuses.)

Videos of Sidney's appearance on the "For God and Country" stage with Doug Billings in Dallas Texas this past Memorial Day Weekend are being cut and distributed all over Rumble and other platforms, already counting up to hundreds of thousands of views, to steadily increase into the millions as the word gets out. In other words, Sidney's remarks are going viral, there's no stopping this train of reveals of the evildoers, they shall not pass!

Sidney Powell Discusses a New Inauguration Day for Trump After Fraud is Revealed 

Dinesh D'Souza on Rumble

Published May 30, 2021

1:10 viewing length

We're not going to bother showing any examples of the mockies' lying, gaslighting, projecting slander, since that nonsense is ubiquitous and we wholly revile the profanity - it's not even helpful. Instead it is just quite an affront to the 8 out of 10 American voters who actually voted for Donald J. Trump on November 3.

We laugh at this desperate demonic presence in our world. We're not the ones who are desperate, we are winning! We feel bad for those who still today, after the many decades of proof of the fake news iniquity, continue to even tune them into their homes or cars or portable devices. Shame on you! We recognize also the decades of vaxx damage that has sadly afflicted many of our people with the kind of neurological damage that prevents them from seeing and hearing things as they are rather than as they are crafted for them to perceive.

We've observed though that the professional liars' audiences have vastly shrunk and are shrinking daily still, mostly because their hand has been forced, they are no longer in any kind of disciplined self control of what they do as they self immolate in public view, jumping the shark with every fake news panic piece. Enjoy the show!

Sidney Powell "Trump will be reinstated!" Lin Wood & Gen Flynn Agree: Trump Won! Q: Watch The Water!

Christian Patriot News on Rumble

Published May 31, 2021

31:41 viewing length

CPN does a great job putting Sindy Powell's comments into proper context, within the global designs of the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) which we know to be a proxy for what used to be the global elite New World Order bloodline Illuminati families, reduced to only a shadow of their former selves now that a protracted silent war by Trump has taken them out.

Sidney talks about the Chinese/Cuban "investment" into all of the world's 120+ Container Ports, how she's visited them all to prove to herself the threat of CCP hegemony over the world's sea trade (where there is the greatest volume of trafficking of children for sex slavery and satanic consumption.)

Sidney: "... if it weren't for the United States of America and our liberty and freedom, Australia would have already been taken over by the Chinese." (We have a detailed article, almost a year old, on the human trafficking hub that is the port of Melbourne, Australia.)

"They (the CCP) have planned for the long term. They do intend to dominate the world. They are willing to do anything to do it as we saw with the Chinese virus. I'm sure they are planning more of that. The fact that the United States invests a single dime through anyone in the lab at Wuhan is beyond appalling and is actually criminal."

"Our government has completely forgotten that it is supposed to work for us. We have an entrenched political class ..."

"We have to clean it all out some way and take it back for the people of the United States."

"If we have any rule of law in this country, he (Trump) needs to be reinstated this year."

The Jenna Ellis - Lin Wood Disagreement

Christian Patriot News covers this in the above video and we thought we should include it in writing too!

Michael Flynn makes liberals' heads explode! 

Gateway Pundit Exclusive: General Michael Flynn Responds to Media Smears over His Appearance at God and Country Rally on Memorial Day Weekend

General Flynn and Trump Attorney Sidney Powell lit up the crowds and were a HUGE HIT at the pro-Trump and anti-Marxist rally this weekend.

Thank you, Jim Hoft of Gateway Pundit, for your coverage.


Human trafficking evidence has been uncovered connected to some very big corporate names:

- Wayfair
- Etsy
- eBay
- Twitter
- Amazon
- Walmart
- Yandex

..and other e-commerce

I predict, that if these revelations have merit, then Australia's shipping ports (and those connected therein) will face huge pressure with lines of inquiry that they cannot dodge.

The Victorian and NSW Branches of the Maritime Union will also come under the blow torch with these revelations and disclosures.

20,000 plus children go missing each year here in Australia - many of them are trafficked. I'll bet that some of these kids (%) are trafficked overseas and thus through the Australian Ports. And if there are Australian kids being trafficked out - then sure as night follows day, there will be kids being trafficked into Australia.

Scouting around, it now looks like there are hundreds of Q Anon Digital Researchers that have these big corporate names in their sights, and will unpack and expose the lot of them.

As the son, of a Life Member of the Waterside Workers Federation (now MUA), I intend to do my part. And if it came to be that the MUA had anything to do with child trafficking, I personally will be deeply wounded. But this will not stop me from doing my duty in support of children nor indeed anyone who is being trafficked in or out of this country.

I finish by saying, that even in Victoria, there has been a recent announcement, of a line of inquiry by the Children's Commissioner Liana Buchanan. The investigation goes to "missing children" from state care. There are hundreds that go missing. 


We all need, to get the Word out. Mother Earth herself, is dying for us to speak in her behalf with a grain or two of common sense.

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