Fire! of the Holy Spirit, Descend Now for the Judgment of Abortion and the Abortionist!


"Unborn babies are persons and they have the right to life", say Judge Andrew Napolitano.

Napolitano is a former judge of the New Jersey Superior Court and is a news analyst on Fox news. He frequently weighs in on the constitutionality of actions taken by elected officials including the judiciary. Earlier this week Judge Napolitano weighed in on the likely effort moving forward of the Biden administration attempting to make it nearly impossible for states to make and enforce their own laws on abortion.

In a column on Fox News Napolitano asks: 

"Is the baby in the womb a person? Of course, she is. The baby has human parents, and her body contains all the genomic materials to grow into human childhood and adulthood. The denial of personhood to babies in the womb is akin to the judicial denial of personhood to Blacks before the Civil War. In the very essence of the Declaration of Independence, Thomas Jefferson wrote that our right to life is inalienable."

Judge Napolitano also writes:

"The opinion holds that during the first trimester of pregnancy, the states have no interest in regulating abortion beyond the health of the mother. During the second trimester, the states can regulate the procedures used, but they may not ban or interfere with abortions. During the third trimester, the states may ban or permit abortions.

"Roe's medical cornerstone is viability -- the ability of the baby to live outside the womb. In 1973, viability, generally, was at the beginning of the third trimester. Today, viability is closer to conception. Hence, state regulations protecting post-viable pre-third trimester babies.

"Roe's legal cornerstone is the absence of personhood. The opinion offers that because philosophers, theologians, scientists and physicians cannot agree on when personhood attaches, then neither will the justices of the Supreme Court. Thus, Roe declares that the baby in the womb is not a person. Yet, legally, if the baby in the womb is a person, then a host of constitutional protections insulate the baby from being killed by her mother and her physician.

"The Fifth Amendment prevents the federal government -- which gives millions a year to Planned Parenthood -- from impairing life, liberty and property of people without due process. The 14th Amendment prohibits the states from impairing life, liberty and property without due process, compels them to treat persons within their borders similarly -- what is an unlawful killing for me is an unlawful killing for thee -- and compels the states to guarantee privileges and immunities; foremost among which is the right to live."

Napolitano is urging Americans to recognize and understand the personhood of the child in the womb. Without the recognition of the personhood of the child, radicals in congress and in the other branches of our government attempt to legitimize the killing of the child in the womb by claiming the child is not protected by the constitution. However Judge Napolitano disagrees with that view point. He says:

"The right to live is the highest right there is. Any society that can impair the right to live by declaring any groups to be nonpersons has rejected the self-evident concepts of right and wrong and cannot long endure.

"Negating personhood is the most dangerous thing the government can do. It is a one-way slippery slope. Whose personhood will the government negate next?"

Click here for Judge Andrew Napolitano's full opinion.

Beloved living Christ come to us, Beloved Holy Spirit come unto us, your own who have welcomed you to the temple of our hearts and would bid you enter.

We are the faithful and true. Bring armies of angels and descend this day for the Resurrection and the Life of all souls seeking life through the portals of birth. Come oh Lord to support woman and her true mission in bringing forth the divine in every child whom God has made.

Jesus, our Master, come, in answer to the call, the heartfelt calls of millions who desire to undo the curse of death upon woman that has now these many years been extended to the child in her womb, that portion of herself more precious even than her own soul: the soul who should become the living, breathing extension of herself. Help them Almighty God!

Come to bind the death rider! May we be the voice of the ones who have been silenced, who wait and who weep and who mourn a lost opportunity to be at your side, to be as children in your arms, to be in our churches throughout the world this day and in those of religions even other than Christianity.

 May it be so. May it come to pass, as we have prayed, that all souls who would have been aborted may now be received because the people are awakened, because there is enlightenment by the Holy Spirit!

 May we know the descent of the Holy Ghost with the full fire of the judgment upon the seed of the wicked who have come as if from Herod to snuff out the life Flame in those who come to rescue a world and are denied entrance by their hand. For we truly know not who the souls are that God sends to us, perhaps as even our rescuers.

For your house has become a den of thieves! And we must cast the moneychangers (who run their abortion mills) out of the temple of the living God! For they have committed the sin against the Holy Ghost that is not forgiven until it be forsaken and forsaken ten thousand times ten thousand. They have much to do ere they shall be received as one of these little ones.

As hearts of Light, we enlist in the army of Christ to go forth and claim life on behalf of those who are helpless. Jesus  you may ask us as you asked Peter: Will you feed my lambs? And we must answer Yes!

This is the day of salvation through that Heart of the Lord. We desire to win this Victory, and win it fully, that a nation and many nations might be spared the judgment of the sin of the murder of their own children, then I pray to you, Lord we must have the engrafted Word!

Lord we must have your Sacred Heart. We must desire this burning heart within us and visualize it within our own breast and know that that fire burning will be a sign unto all those who are of Antichrist. And the line of division will be drawn, even more than we have seen it drawn before.

Beloved Lord Jesus, we desire to succeed in the defense of life and we know that it demands that we espouse the higher calling in God and in Christ and that we be willing to sacrifice "all these things" for that calling!

I tell you Lord Jesus, many of those who have mouthed the right words have not been willing to sacrifice the human ego to win the Victory. And therefore the forces who speak in your name do not have the fervor of the true flame and they have not succeeded in preventing more than  62 million abortions in the United States of America in these many years!

They have not called upon Saint Michael the Archangel with the necessary fervor that his legions might be empowered by those on earth to go forth to slay this dragon of Antichrist that does devour the holy innocents who have come to enter into the community of nations but who have been forbidden–forbidden by the fallen ones and that ignorance that is still all-pervading through the nations [concerning the crime of abortion].

And those who are the blind are they who will not see your own life in every newborn child. Lo, it is  Christ! And Lord we would see you smile through the eyes of the newborn babe. And therefore those who would deny you have done so [by aborting that babe], yet they are they which testify of you.

Let those liberal clergy in all nations and in all world religions who have denied the life of God in the offspring of his sons and daughters know that they shall face the judgment of the false teachers and the false pastors and the false prophets, and they shall not escape their judgment!

 Jesus you have said; "Suffer, then, the little children to come unto me." Let there be the family counseling centers. And if you will help us Lord to take counsel together to form adoption agencies that we might offer to receive children of those who are not able to keep their babes [and give them to those who will love and care for them].

Lord Jesus, let us love this day! Let us enter the love feast! And let us release such a powerful love that it does cast out fear in those who are desiring to seek you and know you and to walk on the road to Emmaus with you and who would walk out of their churches and follow you down the highways of life to bring in those souls who can yet save an age and can yet put to an end the very possibility of nuclear war and earth changes and all of those predictions that will surely come, if this nation does not stop the practice of abortion, legalized and government-sponsored and [tax-]supported abortion.

 Angels come and attend with us. And now, we would know the presence of your legions of angels. For they themselves are masterful beings and they serve our souls, they guard our souls.

In this hour we surrender our burdens, our cares, our anxieties, our fears of the future, our fears of our yesterdays coming again and our resistance to taking the next step on the Path, which will require new levels of commitment of our own self-mastery, our expanding hearts and less and less regard unto the selfish self.

O soul of mine, O soul of mine, I speak to you,  and I speak to Jesus Christ! I am your bride Jesus. You are my beloved. I would be in the Master-disciple relationship. I pray let there be permanent change wrought this day! Jesus, declare it unto me.

Jesus we know that if you say we are healed, then we are healed. Therefore we accept the healing!

We pray fervently unto God now! And we are not ashamed, for we are in the temple beautiful of your Sacred Heart in this moment and may we receive blessings without limit, according to Thy Will. Never the less not our will but Thine be done oh God!

May we know the meaning of the higher walk with God. May we hold that footstep and hold that word and that thought and that feeling. We release our burdens, but do not take a backward step, do not fall into the old patterns.

We may struggle, we strive to overcome the patterns of the past. We self-correct! We implore you Lord to help us! Therefore we pray, O Jesus, my Lord and my Master, occupy my mind! Occupy my memory! Occupy my heart! Occupy my soul! Occupy my temple, my physical body that is prepared for thee!

Amen and Amen


"A resilient baby who was born at 21 weeks has defied a zero percent chance to live. Beating the unimaginable odds, the now-7-month-old is one of the youngest babies in the world to survive."


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