EYE ON PfizerGate: Brook Jackson suing Pfizer on Behalf of all American Citizens


Can big pHARMa be sued for c19 jab deaths and injuries? 

As we have learned, the government allowed all liability to be removed from jab-producing companies, like Pfizer, when they declared c19 a scamdemic. 

This is why: 

Then, how can Pfizer be sued?

According to lawyers: "Pfizer could be held liable for harm caused if their claims on safety and effectiveness were based on fraud."

TOO LITTLE TOO LATE.  (tap image for link to CDC info)

Why is it taking so long?

The wheels of justice spin long and hard yet seem to get nowhere because the big pHARMa machine has many facets of deception to pull apart, examine and terminate.

As the video below demonstrates, the CDC has taken all this time to figure out Pfizer c19 jabs need to be investigated for strokes. Yet many well-known doctors, researchers, and medical professionals have known about the harm c19 jabs cause for two years. 

BREAKING 🚨 The CDC has just put out a notice regarding the COVID vaccine.

RuibyRayMedia on Rumble
Published Jan 13, 2023
Length 0:33

Is America just one big petri dish? 

Are companies like Pfizer cooking up concoctions in their bio-hazard labs and then distributing them to unsuspecting fear-mongered folks in hopes of tracking those who have been harmed or died so they can see what to create next to help depopulate the planet? 

This may sound far-fetched, but the evidence adds up to just that.   

Pfizer scientist admits the unthinkable on hidden camera

RubyRayMedia on Rumble
Published Jan 15, 2023
Length 1:03

 "My name is Brook Jackson. I was fired in September of 2020 for being a whistleblower."

In 2021, the British Medical Journal investigated & published a peer-reviewed article substantiating the fraud she witnessed as a regional director of Pfizer's Clinical Trials in 2020. She is now suing Pfizer and their conspirators on behalf of the people of the United States. 

Brook's case could be life-changing for people injured by the product they were lied to about being safe and effective. 

The Biggest Whistleblower Case in the World

RubyRayMedia on Rumble
Published Jan 12, 2023
Length 1:39

"Whatever, it ends up being billions, trillions [of dollars]  that belongs to the people and those that have been injured by this vaccine and if there's anything successful, will go to them...[the vaccine injured] ~ Brook Jackson



The evidence is overwhelming.

Yet, the liars club we call 'mass media' continues to peddle propaganda instead of facts. As each day passes, we learn that more people have succumbed to the deadly effects of the c19 jab. Each of us has a story we can tell about a friend, neighbor, or family member who fell for the c19 jab trap and is suffering or has passed. All because the masses are being duped by fear and false science.

Whom shall We the People hold accountable for these atrocities?

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