EYE ON Liberal Hellholes: The West Coast - Five More Counties in Oregon Vote to Leave


On Tuesday five more counties in Oregon voted to join Idaho, joining Union and Jefferson counties, bringing the total to seven counties who want to leave Oregon. These seven Oregon counties believe they would be better off in more conservative Idaho.  

A group known as "Move Oregon's Border for a Greater Idaho", want to move several of Oregon's more rural eastern and southern counties, as well as some of California's more northern counties, into Oregon. The hope is that negotiations can be opened between Oregon and Idaho to move up to 22 counties into the state of Idaho. The lead petitioner, Mike McCarter stated that, "This election proves that rural Oregon wants out of Oregon." McCarter said, "If Oregon really believes in liberal values such as self-determination, the Legislature won't hold our counties captive against our will. If we're allowed to vote for which government officials we want, we should be allowed to vote for which government we want as well."

From the website Greater Idaho:

1. American Values: Oregon will continue to violate more and more American values and American freedoms because normal rural Americans are outnumbered in Oregon. Not in Idaho. Addicts will be attracted to Oregon from all over the world by the 2020 drug decriminalization law.

2. Law and Order: Oregon refuses to protect citizens from criminals, rioters, wildfire arsonists, illegals, and the homeless, but then infringes your right to defend your family with firearms. Idaho enforces the law.

3. Low Tax: Idaho is the state with the 8th smallest tax burden, and Oregon ranks 33rd, according to https://taxfoundation.org/tax-freedom-day-2019 . Combining all taxes together, including sales tax, the average Idahoan pays $1722 less in taxes per year than the average Oregonian. That's averaging together every adult or child, employed, retired or unemployed. And cost of living is 39% higher in Oregon than in Idaho. Oregon tax rates will continue to go up due to a lack of willingness to control spending.

4. Safety: Idaho allows forests to be managed to prevent destruction of housing from huge wildfires.

5. Thriving Economy: Idaho has less regulation than any other state, low unemployment, and would allow our rural industries to revive and employ us again.

6. Representation: The ruling party in the Oregon Legislature doesn't have a single representative from a rural district or from eastern or southern Oregon, except one Ashland representative. But our reps would be in the ruling party in Idaho, where our concerns and needs would be heard.

Let's hear Mike McCarter's own words on the reasons for this movement.

Here is the break down of the vote from their website.


In California the Venice Beach boardwalk of today is very different than the Venice Beach boardwalk of yesteryear. Just ask anyone who has either lived or visited there. I wonder when this decline began but I think the title here explains it all for those with eyes to see.

During the 70's when Ronald Reagan was governor things were very different. California was still considered by many to be paradise. But the long slow change caused by liberal/leftist policies can be seen very plainly here. The very first video below shows a contrast of just a few months. Take a look.


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