Elon Goes to War


We'll have to admit, it's hard to say "goes to war" when Elon has been at war with the pedovore world order probably his entire life. Kinda like yours truly, only I'm not a household name, LOL.

Elon's Tweets today, November 28 2022, are direct Mother-Of-All-Bombs attacks on major installations of the devil himself, such as Apple Corporation.

I hope it's occurred to you that Apple made sure you know who they are, with the Apple logo, the bite removed, as in "We got you" by the Serpent himself to all of mankind.

Elon is building the case for a new internet - and that means, EVERYTHING new

Elon has talked about Twitter being the start of X, his "everything app." Already, he's suggested a new Tesla phone. He continues to expose the deeply corrupt scam of the current internet and its silicon valley DARPA giants. He's even taking on Ukronazi conmen like Vindman. This is getting good. 

Something tells me he's not going to leave everybody in the lurch, but it's like he's giving all the good people an opportunity to start thinking about the new world online once the bad guys go down. 

I trust, dear reader, that you knew that the pedovore world order that ran everything and thought they should do that forever, including whether any of us should live or not, is being exposed in the Lord's Great Judgment, so that all of us who have it written in our inward parts that we are God's, should choose of our own free will, to "come out of her," that Great Whore that rides the Beast of Revelation.

I do not see what use there is in writing articles on such monumental and disruptive activity in the world, without putting it into the proper spiritual context, do you?

 MOAB incoming!!!


Self purge at Twitter is emblematic of a much larger spiritual dynamic in the world

We all get to watch in real-time how a proven organizational genius like Elon Musk is not only making his new company acquisition better but also its products that the rest of us get to enjoy. It's fun now to be on Twitter! Can this happen on a wider scope in our world?

Over the Trump years, we saw an unprecedented wave of resignations, retirements, firings and suicides from the top levels of the power elite.

In fact, there will be a lot more creative fun for regular people in our world once the purge of the parasites (i.e., the Lord's Judgment Day) is completed. Look forward, people!

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