Dinesh D’Souza: Margaret Sanger’s Racist Legacy


Dinesh D'Souza educates us on the truth not just about Margaret Sanger but American progressives in general. In a recent article Epoch Times shares Dinesh D'Souza's recent commentary on the recent acknowledgment that Margaret Sanger was indeed a racist and that they should stop making excuses for her. Notwithstanding of course, that Planned Parenthood still plants their clinics in the heart of minority communities and continues the slaughter of unborn children of color. Here are some excerpts from the Epoch Times below.

"In my movies, "Hillary's America" and "Death of a Nation," I portrayed Margaret Sanger, the founder and longtime leader of Planned Parenthood, as an out-and-out racist. My evidence for this was overwhelming:

  • Sanger was never an advocate of birth control per se; she wanted birth control of the people she considered unwanted people in society, a group she termed "undesirables" and "human weeds."
  • Sanger's goal was to create "a race of thoroughbreds," a term evocative of the goals of the Nazis. She drew a sharp line not so much between black and white as between "fit" and "unfit." By fit she meant whites, but only educated, upper-class whites. By unfit, she meant pretty much everyone else.
  • In 1926 Sanger spoke to the Women's Chapter of the Ku Klux Klan in New Jersey about her ideas for reducing the black birthrate. The racists loved it; other speaking invitations followed.
  • Sanger also created what she called the Negro Project at Planned Parenthood, designed, in her words, to get rid of "human beings who should never have been born." She recruited black pastors and activists and paid them to convince black people to reduce their birthrates, by sterilization if necessary.
  • In one of her letters, Sanger said, "We do not want word to get out that we are trying to exterminate the Negro population."
  • The Nazis based their racist sterilization laws on American models developed by Sanger and others; Sanger herself praised the Nazi laws as more advanced than anything passed in the United States.

"It's a crushing indictment. Even so, Planned Parenthood portrayed Sanger in glowing terms, downplaying her eugenic and racist positions and insisting she was a progressive champion of women's rights and human rights. Feminist authors such as Ellen Chesler wrote devotional biographies of Sanger, reinforcing Planned Parenthood's propaganda line.

"But now Alexis McGill Johnson, president and CEO of Planned Parenthood, has decided to fess up. She recently wrote an op-ed in the New York Times titled, "I'm the Head of Planned Parenthood. We're Done Making Excuses for Our Founder."

"Johnson gave a partial, though sufficiently damning, list of Sanger's racist positions and actions, and then concluded, "We must fully take responsibility for the harm that Sanger caused to generations of people with disabilities and Black, Latino, Asian-American and Indigenous people." In effect, Planned Parenthood has now officially disavowed its own founder and most famous figure."

Feel free to read the rest of the commentary by the clicking the Epoch Times link above.

Let me also share with you a video of some of the things Dinesh has been saying for years. I would like to add that conservatives have been mocked or ignored for pointing out this fact for decades.

I find it ironic that conservatives are called Nazi's and white supremacists, while it was and continues to be progressives who base nearly every political move they make by abusing, in some form or other, people of color. I don't uses the word abuse lightly. I find it abusive to do what progressives have done and continue to do to Americans or others based on their skin color. From the very early roots of progressivism, leftist ideologs have made it their job to put down Blacks, Hispanics and Native Americans by claiming in some way or other that they are too ignorant to make decisions for themselves.

Its true that racists are found in both the left and right communities of the past and present. But given the leftist ideology and thinkology of the present I believe it is the left who is currently doing the most harm to minorities.


Modern Progressivism traces it roots back to the late 19th and into the early 20th century in what purports to be motivated by the need for social and economic reform. While many may believe this movement was begun in order to help the less fortunate, the poor, the underprivileged, as well as those of other races including Native Americans, a closer examination of these roots uncovers the truth; that this movement was actually begun and continued in order to prop up those who considered themselves better than the aforementioned groups of people. In other words, it was a movement of snobs against slobs.

While on the surface progressivism appears to have the well being of society in mind, the means to achieve their ideals of well being and of a better society are outright suspect. Progressivism wasn't just an economic philosophy, but it was and still is a philosophy of a kind of community organizing, social engineering. Progressives didn't believe that the founders of the United States got it right. They didn't believe, for example in natural or "God given" rights. Progressives believed that rights were given by the law and thus by the state. Progressives believed that it was the responsibility of those who were higher bred and better educated to decide for the rest of society what was best for them. Out of this philosophy grew theories related to economics as well as theories of community building.

Minimum wage laws were among the ideas hatched by progressives during this era, not to make sure people were paid well enough to sustain themselves, but because they believed there was a certain class of people that should only be allowed to work for these low wages and should not be allowed to be entrepreneurs or to be involved in certain aspects of business, which the free market offered, because they weren't intelligent enough or they weren't of the right "class" of people. This included Native Americans, African Americans, those with cognitive disabilities (the so called feeble minded or mentally ill) and women. In other words, the poor trash and women needed to be kept in their places.

"If the inefficient entrepreneurs would be eliminated [by minimum wages,] so would the ineffective workers. I am not disposed to waste much sympathy upon either class. The elimination of the inefficient is in line with our traditional emphasis on free competition, and also with the spirit and trend of modern social economics. There is no panacea that can 'save' the incompetents except at the expense of the normal people. They are a burden on society and on the producers wherever they are."

– A.B. Wolfe, American Economic Review, 1917


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  • This commment is unpublished.
    Franz · 1 years ago
    Jim Marrs and Texe Marrs (unrelated) both wrote about the Fourth Reich which was a secret fascist elitist society here that engaged in the covert migration of Nazi scientists after WW II to the United States. We've suffered under secret Nazis (deceptively masking themselves with the "Progressive" moniker) for many many decades in America and the West. Sanger might as well have joined the Nazi Party but knew that wouldn't fly with the American public.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Franz · 1 years ago
    Psychopaths succeed by posing as one of us and gaslighting us to make us feel inferior, to actually feel like we are to blame for their psychopathic behavior.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    SamInBerlin · 1 years ago
    Never forget - nor let anyone tell you "otherwise" - that the National-Socialists were just that: socialists! Goebbels made this unmistakeably clear, that the NSDAP was "Left", was "socialist", was "against the middle-class" as much as any Marxist ever was and still is. The nationalists of the day were conservatives, not "Nazis", they were overtaken and their parties abolished by the NSDAP (to which not only convinced fascists but many communists and a spectrum of conservatives flocked out of sheer opportunism and/or ass-covering hubris, at a time of excessive extremes and extremities facing a people seriously born down upon by, among other things but above all, the abominable Versailles Treaty. The Brown Socialists were not the enemies of the Red, but rather their competitors for naked power, both equally brutal. The Nazis won out, and the rest was history. The "right" has ALWAYS been conservaztive and not fascist. As for racism, it's like Covid: if you want to concentrate on that (as the Marxists so love to coerce everyone to d you can have it. But as we gradually come to learn has long been the case: it's the hysterically controlling "warners" who turn out to be the jailkeepers themselves. Patriots who place their allegiance to God, to Christ, to Constitutional Republic and rule of law, do not - and must never - fall for this. If anyone calls you a racist, a "Nazi", a whatever-phobic, mirror it right back and cast it as a challenge in their own face: for it is they themselves of whom they speak, projecting their own sickness upon your healthy, living and life-affirming image. Their breath is the stench of death. God love you all, I hold you all fast inmy heart, every day, every moment, every breath, every prayer. By God, we will prevail.
    • This commment is unpublished.
      Peggy · 1 years ago
      Sam you seem really knowledgeable. If you want to share any research with me, I would be happy to check it out and perhaps use it.
    • This commment is unpublished.
      Franz · 1 years ago
      From the beginning we were winning.
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