Silk Reveals What Happened to Diamond


Silk has a few disturbing things to say about Diamond's untimely death.

I will admit, not knowing the sisters well, I questioned if Diamond of the beloved Diamond and Silk team had been jabbed. But come to find out, she was not. Yet Diamond, like thousands of others, succumbed to the pHARMa cartel's evil ploy to destroy the innocent. 

Silk is now ready to tell the complete truth about her sister.  

Silk prefaces her witness of Diamond passing with information seldom discussed these days: The unjabbed are at risk of being harmed by those who are jabbed. Also known as 'shedding.' 

What are the Risks to the Unjabbed?

RubyRayMedia on Rumble
Published Mar 5, 2023
Length 3:05

From DiamondandSilk's Twitter post on March 5, 2023, see the video below: 

"It looks like the Messenger RNA is transferring from the jabbed to the unjabbed. #SHEDDING "


Silk reveals her truth in an uncensored atmosphere on InfoWars

"I can tell the nekkid, nasty, lowdown, gutter-ridden truth without being censored. So I don't have a problem discussing what happened to Diamond."

Here are but a few key points highlighted from Silk's stunning revelations in the interview below: 

  • Diamond was not jabbed, but her body mimicked all the adverse effects of a person harmed by the jab.
  • Her body was riddled with blood clots.
  • After going through Diamond's medical records, there was no evidence in her chart or the doctor's notes she was being treated for heart disease.
  • One minute Diamond was fine, then suddenly she could not breath, and they could not revive her. 
  • Silk declares she is not a conspiracy theorist, "I've done my research. I've talked to the appropriate individuals. My sister did not have an autopsy done because she didn't want to have an autopsy done. I did what she wanted. There was no reason to have an autopsy because we had the scans, we have medical records (and) we know everything her body went through."
  • Silk warns, "I just want to say that Americans are being poisoned today." 

That is just a touch of what Silk has to say. 

She continues in her interview to blast every politician in America for allowing this scamdemic hoax to happen and the poison jab to continue. Silk, in her own dynamic way and with that unmistakable Diamond and Silk flare, calls for justice to occur. She is dedicating the Diamond and Silk platform to exposing what caused her sister's death and to fight for the medical rights and all freedoms for every man, woman, and child on earth.

BOMBSHELL! Silk Tells Alex Jones Unjabbed Diamond Died From "Vaccine" SHEDDING

RubyRayMedia on Rumble
Published Mar 21, 2023
Length 45:27

Silk speaks the truth boldly
At Diamond's memorial service: 

Connect with Silk's continuing quest to
Expose! Expose! Expose! 
at this link:
Diamond and Silk

DIAMOND, who's real name is Ineitha Lynnette Hardaway, was born November 25, 1971 and passed on January 8, 2023. REST IN PEACE MA'AM!

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