MAGA Keeps Winning! Devin Nunes to Lead Trump Media


One of MAGA's best Congressmen is leaving the swamp to be CEO of Trump Media and Technology Group (TMTG) which tells us things are going VERY WELL indeed for MAGA!

Congressman Devin G. Nunes, Ranking Member of the House Intelligence Committee, to Join Trump Media & Technology Group as Chief Executive Officer - PDF Press Release of Dec. 6 below 

Nunes was talking about establishing a free and open social media town square back in the summer

"We need to have a place where we can express our thoughts on social media; social media is going to be the key-we need to get conservatives on these platforms as much as possible," said Congressman Devin Nunes in an exclusive interview with Iowa Field Report.

"Just like the remarks he presented to the freedom Coalition later that evening, Nunes continued to be adamant on his stance on the problematic nature of Big Tech Censorship. Throughout the interview, he often referenced the lack of traffic he would receive on youtube, Twitter, and Facebook compared to platforms such as Parler and Rumble.

"The only option for conservatives? Conservatives should go to platforms such as Parler and Rumble to get their messages across, advised Nunes." 

Caleb Lillquist - Iowa Field Report - Sept 21, 2021

See more of the article here

Nunes has stood in the breach and is still standing tall

Devin Nunes To Leave Congress And Become CEO Of Trump's Media Company
Forbes Breaking News on YouTube
Published Dec 6, 2021
9:46 viewing length

Nunes sat in committee in the seat just to the left of one of the head thugs of the DNCCP, Adam Schiff, in the midst of [their] full-scale lying propaganda assault on the People's choice of president, to deliver a scathing rebuke of their criminality. This dauntless courage can never be forgotten and it makes him the obvious selection to head up the effort to take our freedom of expression back with things like Trump Media.


10-3 UPDATE: Kash drops some bombs on Fox's Sunday Morning Futures with Maria Bartiromo. Watch the 5 minute video and there's a transcript too!

10-2 UPDATE: Kash explains why Sussman indictment is a BIG DEAL in an interview with Epoch Times' Jan Jekielek on American Thought Leaders. Watch the 12 minute video and we've got a transcript.

QUESTION: Why hasn't Biden's DOJ shut this down? Wouldn't they do that if they were really in control? Hmmm?

We have an analysis of what Durham's got by Kash Patel, President Trump's former Chief of Staff at the Department of Defense.

We have several recordings including a quick 5 minute excerpt from the Charlie Kirk Show posted to Charlie's Telegram feed PLUS the full 42 minute podcast recording. (We also have the transcript of the 5 minute excerpt for those who only have time for a quick read.)

In addition, we have the link to a 38 minute video AND transcript of the September 24 episode of Kash's Corner from Epoch TV with Jan Jekielek interviewing Kash on the latest goodies from the deepstate takedown. Oorah!

You'll also be interested to dig a little deeper on exactly who Kash is and what he's done, it's more than impressive. His Legal Offense efforts are also VERY impressive.


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