Great News: DeSantis Clause is Back in Town, Aussies Continue Rising up, Trump Always Wins and Evil Always Loses!


It is with great anticipation I approach this coming Holiday Season.

Of course, the anticipation of gift-giving, of tasty holiday delicacies, and the merriment of gathered loved ones sharing in joy make this time of year delightful indeed.

Yet, I sense something new, something different in the air. As if the world is on the brink of awesome and wonderful change filled with glory and wonder. It isn't just the Christmas Season I celebrate this year, it is the worldwide patriot winning that is non-stop against a weak and ineffective tyrannical global system that brings me inner joy.

As we are being rewarded with victory after victory in our relentless beat back of the unlawful demands from warped government entities, we are gaining moral, legal, and psychological control over our lives. We are making great progress, and with each victory, large or small, we are ridding the world of darkness while creating and sharing the light.

Our world is truly changing into a #WorldOfUnityWorldOfWonder!

Is your Heart prepared for Christmas?


DeSantis Clause doesn't Mickey Mouse around. 

Once called the happiest place on earth, Disney World isn't near as happy now with the latest gift FL Gov. DeSantis has given their employees. Smile a while as you watch the below video and read more details HERE about this excellent win by one of the greatest governors in the USA today.

FL Gov. DeSantis proposes pay increases for state law enforcement officers, first responders.

Watch the video below to see why he is the gift that keeps on giving. Want more details about the proposal? Link HERE.

I wonder when he will run for president??

Now, this is winning!

It takes strength, determination, and UNITY to fight back like the Aussie folks. The Courageous Australian people WILL NOT COMPLY WITH THE LIE!

"Powerful scenes of Patriots in Australia laying down their work uniforms on the steps of parliament. They lost their jobs because they refused to comply." More HERE.

Lauren Boebart is an outspoken advocate for patriot freedom.

She is a staunch Second Amendment defender. She is a serious candidate for congress from the state of Colorado. She has nothing but winning on her mind. Watch the short video below and you too will agree. Find out more about Lauren HERE.

"I called and spoke with Ilhan Omar today. I thought you would like to hear details about the call directly from me."

Make it Yourself!!

And now for some great news! There is no need to do without the essentials of good health and wellness. Here is a tried-and-true recipe for hydroxychloroquine. Make it and keep some on hand through the winter months. It is a healing elixir for many things that ail you and your family.

RISE UP FOLKS, we have the resources to overcome, for we are all overcomers!

  Article Alcove

"THE STORY OF THE OTHER WISE MAN" I had no idea there was another wise man in that Christmas story till I read this heart touching tale. Ruby Ray Media writer, Peggy Napier delighted us last Christmas Season with many love filled Christmas stories and she continues that tradition this year with this the first in her series. Read this delightful story by clicking on the image above. For more in this series, stay tuned to Ruby Ray Media and keep the tissues handy! 
"CHAMPIONS OF MEDICAL FREEDOM JOIN FORCES IN TEXAS" Jennifer Bridges and Dr. Mary Talley Bowden are amazing heroines who had a their careers and paychecks sorely affected by covidiocy, but rose above it all, and are now pulling their forces together to serve others even more effectively then they had before. What a grand Victory and what a great example for us all! Click on their smiling faces above to read their story. This is an inspiring article you won't want to miss. 
"SHARE THE LOVE, SHARE THE UNITY, SHARE THE WONDER" On November 20, 2021, the New World Order had another long nail driven into its coffin. History was not only made, it will continue to be made as a brave new #WorldOfUnityWorldOfWonder is catapulted into existence by protests like the World Wide Demonstration Freedom Rally. Tap on the image above to for a compilation of the 'best of the best' photos' and videos which perfectly captured this historic world wide demonstration. 

 Nature's Niche

"President Donald J. Trump's first official book since leaving the White House. This photo book captures the greatness of the last four years unlike anything else that has been published. Every photograph has been handpicked by President Donald J. Trump, every caption written by him, some in his own handwriting!"

Want one? Orders will ship in January 2022. Find out more HERE.

"He got a kick out of this honor."

A Friendly Reminder:

First Lady Melania Trump in her element. 


Blogger, videographer, cue-ball, patriot and all-around sharp cookie, Marlene Love deserves a feature on our hallowed pages. She's a good one to follow! Amen.


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