Introducing Plandemic 3: THE GREAT AWAKENING Global Premier Livestream


Covidiocy will forever be known as a major catalyst for The Great Awakening. 

Thanks to fake news and the lamestream media matrix, everyone on earth was linked to one super scare event. Like the globalist generated world wars of recent history, the plandemic was meant to drain bank accounts, maim and murder much of the population while adding a different level of trauma-based programming to mankind's collective and individual psyches. 

Waves of truth have been crashing upon the shores of humanity for decades, but now we are in the time of a massive storm, and the world is flooded with more truth than ever before in modern history. The question remains: is humanity ready for the whole truth?

 The Great Awakening surges forward.

Patriots the world over are meticulously picking over old and new revelations, bringing to the fore every lie we have ever been told to light up the night with more truth than ever before revealed in the history of mankind. 

And now, Mikki Willis, who brought us the eye-opening documentaries *Plandemic 1 with Dr. Judy Mikovits in 2020 and *Plandemic 2: Indoctrination in 2021, is ready to unveil his latest red-pill masterpiece, Plandemic 3: The Great Awakening.

Note**You can find and watch both Plandemic 1 and Plandemic 2 documentaries at the end of this article**

Teaming up with Dell Bigtree of The HighWire, Mikki is releasing the latest in his series of revealing Covidiocy facts with a free live stream launch on June 3, 2023. The trailer for the live stream premier of Plandemic 3 is packed with all the insane commercials and crazy stunts the globalists created to get people to take the jab. The trailer alone is like a Babylon Bee skit being performed for SNL! This entire documentary promises to be a YUGE red-pill.

TRAILER for 'THE GREAT AWAKENING': A Documentary Experience from the Creators of Plandemic

RubyRayMedia on Rumble
Published Apr 26, 2023
Length 8:30

An Introduction Video to the man behind the Plandemic Series:


PlandemicSeriesOfficial on Rumble
Published Feb 2023
Length 6:50


"In this video, I share a few critical secrets I've learned after serving over twenty years on the frontlines of many of our nation's biggest scandals and protests. Please take 7 minutes to watch this video, then SHARE IT FAR AND WIDE." ~ Mikki Willis

Plandemic 1 with Dr. Judy Mikovits

RubyRayMedia on Rumble
Published Aug 18, 2020
Length 22:53

Plandemic 2: INDOCTORNATION with Dr. David Martin

Plandemic Documentary Series on BitChute 
Published Aug 2021
Length 1:16:29

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