Cortes: "Even in Liberal States, Get Ready for Schools vs Parents Over Masks and Vaccines"

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Newsmax's Cortes & Pellegrino is a "must-watch" says Steve Bannon who had Steve Cortes on recently talking about liberal moms who would never vote for Trump but are now reachable by patriots over this issue of the Radical Left-run schools making life miserable for their kids. They are being "pushed over the edge."

Make sure to watch the "Cortes & Pellegrino" show on Newsmax to keep up to Steve Cortes' sharp analysis of the cultural and political landscape as it burns red hot under a temporary and false DNCCP presidency and Congress.

Political And Cultural Inferno Coming In August (when school starts up again)

Bannon's War Room on Rumble
Published July 14, 2021
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Steve Cortes 0:00
This is going to be a political and cultural Inferno in the United States. And I don't think I'm exaggerating to say that. That's why I wrote this piece, because I want to get ahead of this and I want the MAGA posse out there to be thinking about this to be ahead of it. I put my editorial up at It is even in liberal states. Get ready for schools versus parents over masks and vaccines and starting right now, because a lot of parents, if you're out there, if you're a parent, grandparent, perhaps you're already aware of this, the meetings and the emails are starting now for what the rules are going to be this school year. In the state of California, by the way, Governor Newsom has already said the entire state fully masked all children. Of course, you heard the fascist, Noam...

Steve Bannon 0:39
Ho no no stop. Hang, hang on. Stop. If the kids had the vaccine, don't tell me he's got to put the mask on. They're saying everybody is or just all non-vaccinated?

Steve Cortes 0:47
Correct. No but, that's everybody under 12, because they're not even eligible.

Steve Bannon 0:50

Steve Cortes 0:50
Correct. So everybody from age three to 12 in California and our largest state, fully masked in school this year ... we heard, by the way from those two doctors, from Wen and Fauci. I call Fauci the fascist gnome MD. We heard right there tyranny under the guise, under the pretense of supposedly being sound medical advice. But of course, there is nothing scientific about forcing children to mask up.

Steve Bannon 1:16
Some of the data, but parents have to get...don't trust us. Just go look at the evidence that's put in front of you. We're not anti vaxxers. We're not anti vaxxers. But look at the data that's provided to us.

Steve Cortes 1:29
But, I'm anti-compelling the vaccinations...

Steve Bannon 1:31
Yes, without the data.

Steve Cortes 1:32
...particularly on children for whom this disease does not present a material risk. It just does not. Vaccinating people for something that is not dangerous to them violates any preset, any premise of medical ethics. And forcing people into that vaccination or de facto forcing them, saying, "You cannot play sports or You will be..." as you were talking about Steve "...a second class citizen in your classroom, you will be "otherized"." That is the height of evil. I mean, I realize, I'm using some extreme terms, but it really truly is.

Steve Bannon 2:01
Psychologically, they'll never come back.

Steve Cortes 2:02
And what I'm telling you, Steve, is that, and the polling is already showing us this, okay, but it's only going to intensify. What I'm telling you is that there are millions of mothers in this country. The mythical suburban credentialed woman voter, right, who can't stand the MAGA movement, who doesn't agree with us on the American approach...

Steve Bannon 2:19
Not a Trump fan.

Steve Cortes 2:20
Not a Trump fan. Those people, those women, particularly parents in general, but particularly the moms, I really believe that we are setting up for a massive confrontation of those protective mothers, those mama bears who want to protect their cubs, as well they should, against the ruling class so-called experts; the teachers unions, the supposed public health experts like Fauci, the Democratic Party, Joe Biden, Gavin Newsom. This is going to be a massive confrontation. And if we in the America First Movement play our cards right, this is the first chance in my view to actually reach what we thought were unreachable voters, these suburban women.

"Get ready for school mask and vaccine wars into this Fall.

"A giant chasm has already unfolded: On one side lies an alliance of powerful leftist interests comprised of corporate media, teachers' unions, Democratic politicians, plus Dr. Anthony Fauci and other public health bureaucrats.

"On the other side, there are millions of fed-up parents and children, along with a smattering of medical experts brave enough to stand up for science and sanity."


Steve Cortes - Newsmax


Yesterday, Wednesday, July 14, a friend and contributor to Ruby Ray Media messaged us and wanted us to help her friend get his story out. So, we talked to seventh generation Texan and Navy veteran Eliazar "Cisco" Cisneros. We are featuring here our very first recorded video interview.

Cisco is among a group of patriots being sued by Biden Leftists for protesting the ridiculous Biden-Harris platform in their home State. Some of you might remember the video footage that got around social media showing that the Sleepy Joe con game was not welcome in the Lone Star State.

We start this article with earlier coverage by Gateway Pundit's Alicia Powe, who also interviewed Cisco, then we have our interview on video and a transcript of all 21 minutes, posted below.

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