CONSPIRACY NO MORE! Is the Biden Administration behind the Nord Stream Pipeline Sabotage?


At first, it was reported as a "leak." Then the truth leaked out. 

There is clear evidence of 2 explosions being 'set off'  severing the Nord Stream Pipelines in 3 different places. 

This is from Denmark: 

  • JUST IN - Denmark assesses that Nord Stream gas leaks were caused by a "deliberate act" and could not have been a result of accidents — PM Mette Frederiksen

From Russia flowing to Europe, the pipelines are a lifeline of energy. So what does the corporate scripted fake news do? Blame Vladimir Putin for the industrial sabotage. How absurd! Only a despot ruler would set up an infrastructure to pump life-giving resources into a country, then blow it up, which sounds more like something Biden's Crime Crew would do. 

The lamestream media's 'Russia, Russia, Russia' smear campaign is not fooling anyone, least of all the people of a country who know their faithful ally is Mother Russia. Putin's efforts to free Ukraine of leadership using nazi tactics to keep the population in control can no longer be hidden. Vladimir Putin is a humanitarian and wise statesman, and the Ukraine people have verified that by voting en masse to become a part of Russia. 

Read about Ukraine/Russia breaking news here>>Russia just grew - and Ukraine just shrank - by 8 million people

 This criminal act points to U.S. interference. 

In the video below, Tucker Carlson points out how Biden and his minions mentioned this particular pipeline as a source that would not be allowed to continue if the Ukraine war escalated. There were no innuendos or double entendres. The Nord Stream Pipeline sabotage is an act of war perpetrated by the NWO-controlled puppets playing dangerous games in the DC Swamp.

Watch the video below and listen carefully. The Biden Regime, working hand in hand with deep state factions in shadowy corners of Europe , purposefully knocked out the Nord Stream Pipelines and are now blaming Russia. 

"This Was an Act of Sabotage"

Chief Nerd on Telegram
Published Sep 27, 2022
Length 11:18


We feature this exposé by Truth in Media's Ben Swann in the hope that some of our friends who are stuck on the hate-Russia thing will seize an opportunity to see things as they are rather than as they "believe."
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    Franz · 2 months ago
    Good reveal, Beverly. The maniacs have an hour of power, and it's running out fast.
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