Candlelight Vigil for Support & Unity From USA Patriots & Around the Globe


Friday evening, I traveled up to North Georgia near Canton to be with fellow patriots to pray and bring comfort and support to those arrested during the January 6th gathering in Washington, DC. Those who sought to redress the election situation surrounding the results from November 2020. We were to meet earlier in the day in Atlanta to pose a few questions to the Atlanta City council, and we sat in silence in the halls with a few of our posters.

Then later in the evening, we were to meet at Bethel Church in North Georgia. However, we were apprehensive of the cold weather, so we decided to meet at a nearby home of one of the Look Ahead America representatives. 

It was a very moving experience. 

The event started with a short update on what the Jan 6 attendees who traveled to Washington DC and were being put through the DOJ's unprecedented process and being put through hardships that seemed harsh. Then we had a moment of silence to send prayers of solace to those sitting in jails across the USA, separated from their families and loved ones, during this holiday season of joy and comfort. Then we took turns giving prayers and thanksgiving for being here at this gathering to be one in unity and spirit. I spoke in my prayer about the hardship and tenacity of George Washington when kneeling in prayers to call to Almighty God when the time for the continental army seemed bleak. 

It was uplifting to know all the people who have not forgotten those who have been unjustly treated at the hands of our government. We ended up exchanging info and the promise to support in prayers and concern for those who might have the concept that they are forgotten and alone. We even had a raffle exchange, and many went away with heartfelt gifts to cherish.


The below PDF is an overview of concern for fellow Americans held in prisons without "due process", throughout the USA.

Individuals targeted by a misaligned narrative against patriots of America who have been denied their basic rights and have been labeled incorrectly as "terrorists" by media federal officials. Fueled by the ramped-up liberal discontent in Washington, against those whose basic "freedom to assemble" has turned into a vicious hunt against men & women under slanted & false information.

For more information go to LookAheadAmerica

Below is a sea of many faces. 

Please consider writing a few words to those who have been treated harshly and financially are drained by court and attorney costs.

These bright upstanding people who were community contributors until they received a cold knock on the door in the early morning hours or stopped on the highways to be humiliated and arrested. 

They are Moms and Dads, veterans who served valiantly and were removed from jobs from their homes, in the center
of family warmth and support. Their food and other conditions in these prisons are so bad you would be appalled to learn of their situation. 

Please consider writing some notes of encouragement and, if possible, donations.

God Bless you for keeping them in your prayers.

Link in the image below and here: Write to J6 Prisoners

Write to J6 Patriots in Prison

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  • This commment is unpublished.
    terry125 · 8 months ago
    A wonderful time to lend support to those Jan 6'ers separated from family and supportive friends, please keep in prayers. God Bless all in the light of freedom.
    • This commment is unpublished.
      Franz · 8 months ago
      It boggles my mind that we let ourselves be fooled into thinking DC was America. It's a communist craphole and our fellow patriots were trapped by it. We need to shut it down, yesterday.
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