Patriots Fight Communism at School Board Meeting in Montana


A Monday evening Bozeman Montana School District Board of Trustees meeting was attended by many outraged members of the community, students, parents, grandparents, raising a hue and cry over the Board's proposal to introduce a barely disguised Communist policy initiative framed by a virtue-signaling "Equity Advisory Committee" using catch words like "Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity" - buzz terms used to get us to swallow a demonstrably Marxist Critical Race Theory.

CRT is designed by "Progressives" of the Left (code for Marxists) to divide and conquer our nation starting at Kindergarten. (More depth on this in a related article below.) The war the Leftists wage against our free republic is now reaching a crescendo after decades of dumbing down this nation with the indoctrination curricula of our public schools. We the People are waking up to it and won't let it reach that final stage of infiltration and domination, regardless of how much work they put into their wordy itineraries to try to sell it to us.

"It was the last school board meeting of the academic year in Bozeman - and it surely went out with a bang, going on for hours. The meeting was the first in-person in almost a year, and administrators heard from dozens of people who showed up to express their concern, mainly to talk about the district's equity policy and critical race theory (CRT).

"Twenty-three states have have either banned or proposed bans that teach the CRT curriculum, which claims racism and division are not just based on personal prejudices, but are ingrained in America's social, legal, and political institutions (read more about CRT).

"During Monday's meeting in Bozeman, one person exclaimed during the public comment period: "This country isn't even a racist country. We elected Obama for two terms. So anybody who has the thought that this is a racist country, that we have to get it right is a completely left associate, Marxist… I can't even have words."

" "When we try to bring CRT into this school district, I think that's a huge mistake," another person said.

" "It is not equality. It is not an equal chance. It's calling us out for things that shouldn't… I mean I can't blame my little girl for Hiroshima," said one dad.

" "I just think it's a load of crap. We're dividing our kids," another person said."

(Article continues)

KBZK Bozeman - Annie Johnson - June 29, 2021

Bozeman School District No. 7 Special Board Meeting Itinerary

Excerpted from Agenda Item #4.1.1 - 

Equity Advisory Committee Vision and Mission:

● We Are Committed to supporting and sustaining an educational community that is inclusive, diverse and equitable. The values of diversity, inclusion and equity are inextricably linked to our mission of quality and excellence, and we embrace these values as being critical to development, learning, and success. To fully realize our mission it is imperative we recognize the institutional barriers, including racism and bias, that contribute to the pervasive opportunity gaps and the resulting disparate educational outcomes within our school system. (emphasis added)

● We Will Take Action to eliminate barriers as we strive for educational equity for all student groups. We expect nothing less than an accessible, multicultural community in which civility and respect are fostered, and discrimination and harassment are not tolerated. We recognize that our work to respect diversity and to include all in our community has roots in a history that has privileged certain groups while excluding and oppressing others. In our work with our schools and community, we work to address the detrimental effects of this history through our teaching, practice, training and service.

● We Are Vigilant to advance the voices and needs of our marginalized populations, given the existing power differentials within our community and in the larger society.

● We Will Ensure that all students receive an education that gives them what they need to thrive through differentiated supports focused on removing social factors as a predictor of success

● We Will Educate all students in an equitable and just manner.

Also excerpted from Agenda Item #4.1.1 - 

Equal Education and Non-discrimination:

The Bozeman Public School District does not discriminate against any person on the basis of illegal factors in the educational programs or activities which it provides. The first nine points below further delineate the district's position regarding sex race, color, national origin, ancestry, sex, ethnicity, language barrier, religious belief, physical or mental handicap or disability, economic or social condition, actual or potential marital or parental status, gender, or sexual orientation discrimination.


Sex - is traditionally assigned at birth, based on a newborn's genitals. It is also associated with chromosomes, hormones, and reproductive structures.

Gender - is a person's innermost concept of self as male, female, neither, or a blend of two or more gender identifications. It is the deeply held internal knowledge of identity—who a person is and how they want to be perceived. A person's gender identity can be the same or different than the sex assigned at birth. Sexual Orientation - is a deeply held understanding of the nature of our physical, emotional, spiritual, and/or romantic attractions to others. Sexual orientation is nonbinary, and encompasses people who have the capacity to be attracted to more than one sex or gender or not to feel sexual attraction at all. Definitions above are taken from National Association of School Psychologists (NASP) Resource: Gender Inclusive Schools: Overview, Gender Basics, and Terminology (2016).

Editor's comments: The WOKENESS of this stuff is insane! Was the Board Meeting's opening Pledge of Allegiance just dead ritual for these people? Just HOW we let ANY of our school administrations get infested by such godless anti-American tripe is the most important issue of our day, even beyond the fact that we have let them do it at all! It demands a spiritual awakening and accountability, each one of us under God; and I believe we're having it, in the nick of time! Rise up, America, it is NOT too late!

Montana's leadership will not allow this

What is amazing to us is how this School Board nonsense completely contradicts where Montana is going. Our leadership has expressed the will of the people in opposition to the Marxist Critical Race Theory and the School Board just ignores it as if they live in a vacuum. It reminds me of how the Leftist Gallatin City-County Health Department ignored the new Governor's lifting of the mask mandate earlier this year. It took the legislature passing laws to make it illegal for the covid karens to dominate our world.

This is war. Not a shooting war but a war of conscience. And we will win it, only by God's grace! And only if we first each defeat the evil within ourselves! Put on the WHOLE ARMOR.

Attorney General Knudsen Issues Binding Opinion On Critical Race Theory

"Committing racial discrimination in the name of ending racial discrimination is both illogical and illegal. It goes against the exceptional principles on which our nation was founded and has no place in our state," Attorney General Knudsen said. "Montana law does not tolerate schools, other government entities, or employers implementing CRT and antiracist programming in a way that treats individuals differently on the basis of race or that creates a racially hostile environment."

  • Schools, other governmental entities, and employers may not treat individuals differently on the basis of race
  • Many CRT activities violate U.S. and State Constitutions, federal civil rights laws, and/or Montana Human Rights Act
  • Attorney General's Opinions carry the weight of law in Montana

HELENA – Montana Attorney General Austin Knudsen today issued an Attorney General's Opinion (AGO), holding the use of "Critical Race Theory" (CRT) and so-called "antiracism" programming in many instances is discriminatory and violates federal and state law. The AGO, which carries the weight of law in Montana, was issued after a May 12 request from Superintendent of Public Instruction Elsie Arntzen.

The AGO determined that many of the activities undertaken in the name of CRT across the country in public education – such as "privilege walks" and disciplining or grading students differently based on race – and in the work place – such as telling employees to be "less white" – are violations of the Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution; Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964; Article II, Section 4 of the Montana Constitution; and the Montana Human Rights Act. Schools or entities that violate state or federal civil rights laws jeopardize their funding and may be liable for damages.

"Committing racial discrimination in the name of ending racial discrimination is both illogical and illegal. It goes against the exceptional principles on which our nation was founded and has no place in our state," Attorney General Knudsen said. "Montana law does not tolerate schools, other government entities, or employers implementing CRT and antiracist programming in a way that treats individuals differently on the basis of race or that creates a racially hostile environment."

The AGO outlines three prohibited categories to assist schools, other governmental entities, and employers with compliance: racial segregation, race stereotyping, and race scapegoating. These concepts violate civil rights laws because they constitute racial harassment and/or require authority figures to engage in activities that result in different treatment on the basis of race.

Activities that fall under these categories that are discriminatory, equally insidious when applied to any race, and illegal under federal and Montana laws include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Segregating students in any capacity based on race. This extends to every aspect of a school's program or activity including classes, seminars, lectures, trainings, athletics, clubs, orientations, award ceremonies, graduations, or other meetings. This includes segregation that occurs in an online or virtual format;
  • Government entities and employers segregating employees along racial lines or treating them differently based on their race;
  • Using race when administering academic programs, including grading students differently or having students complete assignments on the basis of race;
  • All exercises that ascribe specific characteristics or qualities to all members of a racial group particularly when participation is compulsory or acceptance of certain stereotypes is required as part of the grading criteria;
  • Using materials that assert one race is inherently superior or inferior to another
  • Forcing an individual to admit privilege or punishing them for refusing to do so, forcing individuals to "reflect," "deconstruct," or "confront" their racial identities – including instructing them to be "less white"
  • Asking students or employees to engage, or not engage, with the class in a specific manner based on race;
  • Engaging in "race scapegoating," which means assigning fault, blame, or bias to a race or members of a race on the basis of their race. This includes claims that by virtue of race, a person is inherently racist or inclined to oppress others; and
  • Trainings, exercises, or assignments forcing students or employees to admit, accept, affirm, or support controversial concepts such as racial privilege, culpability, identity, or status as this constitutes compelled speech.

Nothing in this Attorney General's Opinion will restrict expressive activities protected under the First Amendment, including academic freedom or political student speech. There are many bad ideas, such as the Communist Manifesto, and fraudulent curriculums, like the 1619 Project, that do not violate civil rights laws when taught in Montana schools. However, much of the training and programming done in the name of 'antiracism' perpetuates and glorifies racial stereotypes and division in a way that violates the law.

Click here to read the full Attorney's General Opinion.

What to do if you or your student are a victim of illegal discrimination:

The Montana Office of the Attorney General and Montana Department of Justice stand ready to assist OPI and parents, students, employees or other individuals with complaints of unlawful race-based discrimination. There are a variety of legal avenues available:

  • For violations of the Individual Dignity Clause and the MHRA, individuals should file complaints with the Montana Human Rights Bureau.
  • For violations of Title VI and the Equal Protection Clause, students and parents may either file a lawsuit directly against their school or file a complaint with the U.S. Department of Education.
  • For violations of Title VII, employees should file a complaint with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

Alert: Bozeman School Board Only Tabled the CRT Initiative

At Monday's public board meeting, when members of the Board of Trustees saw that voting for the new CRT-inspired policies would be immediately controversial, they voted to table that proposal and pursue further "education" on it, as if We the People are too dumb to know what their deceptive word salad is designed to do. Their "education" is the Left's code for sneaking their unpopular garbage into policy when on one is looking. We have to be on them like white on rice. What we really need to do is keep working to remove Leftists from our children's education. In the meantime, we recommend that parents consider co-op homeschooling as a creative alternative to sending them to such a contaminated school environment.


"Rather than serve help heal the nation, critical race theory has proven to be poisonous to liberty, true community, and our common humanity."

In other words, the communist left in our political, media and academic arenas are part of a dangerous mindset that has destroyed countries before and will destroy this one, if we let it. That's why we elected Trump. That's why Trump is ending the CRT nightmare.

Leslie Stahl from 60 Minutes did a segment wherein she interviewed several young adults who made the life altering decision to change their gender due to what is known as "Gender Dysphoria." The young adults all felt that they were rushed through the process way too quickly and then regretted the changes afterwards. Tucker Carlson did a segment on his show regarding the 60 Minutes segment to highlight two of the individuals who spoke to Ms. Stahl.


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    Beverly · 2 years ago
    Amazing how the commie creeps crept their anti-America agendas into our backyards while many parents were busy just trying to survive. But no more. Parents need to discontinue allowing others to take over their parental duties of raising and educating their offspring. The government has no business educating anything. But if they must, let it be ONLY the essentials such as "reading, writing and 'rithmatic" in the good ole' fashioned way. Enough of this leftist nonsense!!
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      Franz · 2 years ago
      Enough is enough! Parenting includes education.
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