A Planet of Abundance

Dear Readers,

In my last article (Truth Seeping Through the Cracks), I mentioned a lot of what we commonly believe is based on total falsehoods.

  • Man-made climate change or "global warming" because of CO2.
  • The myth of overpopulation.
  • The myth of "Peak Oil" and generally dwindling resources.

Let us look at the last one above because the scarcity of oil and gas is presently used as a major fear factor for clobbering the awakening world population back into obedience.

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TRUTH Seeping Through the Cracks

"The Wound Is The Place Where The Light Enters You" ~ Rumi.

"As humanity unites in love and hope, our world becomes smaller and larger simultaneously. We connect in many different ways. Ruby Ray Media is honored to be connected with Africa through our brilliant and talented friend, Patriot brother, and superb entrepreneur, Georg Ritschl of Ogonise Africa.  Georg's talents are not confined to creating a delightful array of quality orgonite products; his writing skills are also excellent. His newsletters are filled with wit, wisdom, and insight. Georg's latest insights delve into the cracks in our world, revealing all its darkest secrets while enabling us to heal as the light enters." ~ Beverly Wood

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The Meek shall inherit the world: Don Croft (quoting from the Bible)

Who are these "meek" that the bible speaks of in that famous quote Don Croft loved so much? The word has come out of usage and is therefore not fully understood by modern English speakers.

I understand it more to mean people that are unassuming and humble, not weak, but restrained in their power. 

Is this the rise of the "deplorables", the normal people who just want to go about their lives in freedom and prosperity? It seems that such a movement is gathering momentum worldwide. It is despised by the established political class and not even thought to be worthy of political expression.

Whenever they vote for populist parties, they are scalded like naughty little children by the political class. The idea seems to be "you are free to vote as long as you vote for one of our approved options", very much like Henry Ford's famous "you can have the Tin Lizzy in all colors as long as it's black".

The Elite (central banking aligned economic interest and their vast support structure permeating all aspects of our life) have different plans:

They want to get rid of private property (for the masses, not for themselves) and any freedoms that we may still enjoy.

For that purpose (and a few others) they have unleashed this gigantic worldwide psyop and an increasingly dictatorial bio-security regime worldwide.

Only by suppressing the substantial scientific dissent with great brutality and censorship in all corporate and state media, was it possible to continue this juggernaut seemingly unopposed.

Even demonstrations of 100s of thousands such as last weekend in London or a million or more in Berlin last August remain practically muffled by non-reporting and are now made more and more difficult by increasing police brutality. This is being done by the same self-righteous regimes that dare to condemn countries like Belarus or Russia for their alleged suppression of dissent.

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World Freedom Day is coming up with worldwide demonstrations against the global new health tyranny. Some thoughts about Freedom might be appropriate.

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Zapping against that devilish prick?

This post is going to be controversial with all the censorship going on around CV19 and vaccines. Who would have thought that we would ever have to duck and dive in order to express our opinions in those allegedly "democratic" countries most of us live in?

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What is Orgone?

Orgonite and Orgone Energy - A Short History 

A lot of people are talking about "orgonite", orgone, orgone energy, orgone generator, orgone accumulator, cloud busters these days. But what does all this mean? A lot of confusion has been sowed by indiscriminate usage of some of these terms, not without the fault of some members of the growing worldwide orgonite network. Orgone is the name given by Dr. Wilhelm Reich - who spent the latter part of his life researching this phenomenon - to the all-pervading omnipresent Life Energy. 

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Weathering the Storm

Dear Friends,The South African lockdown is one of the fiercest on the planet and they're still not done..Nevertheless we lived through it fairly well and our orgone business even experienced the 2 best months ever in May and June this year.Why?Because people all over the world are realizing that they must take responsibility for their own health an...
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