"What in God's name have they done to those injected?"

Why is Pfizer pushing c19 pills laced with HIV drugs?

Watch this video from 'The Jerusalem Report' with Ilana Rachel Daniel (CHD-TV) and listen carefully for the important connection between HIV, Fauci, and the c19 jab. 

As you process this information and do the research, it becomes evident big pHARMa's mafia machine corruption goes far beyond greed and power grabs. Yes, big pHARMa money, mayhem, and murder are behind the creation of disease and its supposed cures, but the ultimate objective of their evil posturing is to wipe out free will and personal identity and destroy anyone in their way. This is as much a spiritual battle as it is a physical and psychological one. 

Please watch and share, especially with those who still trust the traditional medical world with their life. 

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DJT skips GOP debate, hosts MAGA rally with UAW instead.

Union Workers are waking up. 

When labor unions were first organized, the focal point was to have an organization that would assist in shielding blue-collar workers from abusive working conditions.  Unions were initially formed to negotiate with employers, giving workers a voice in how they are treated on the job. 

Over the years, unions' power structures have become increasingly political and corrupt. The UAW, United Auto Workers, is no exception. More woke people are paying attention to the recent UAW strike than ever before, and they, along with UAW members, are finally realizing the expansive Democrat Party's disconnect with America's hardworking citizens' needs. 

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What do New York and Italy's Island of Lampedusa have in common?

New Yorkers are fighting mad. 

The American border is open to all who want to enter this great country.  There are no more checks and balances regarding who comes in or why they enter. Hundreds of thousands enter only to exploit a non-existent safety net that allows for our country's exploitation.  The border weakness has been created by the very same domestic treasonists using it for globalists' gain.  

Thanks to the Biden Crime Syndicate, the United States border is no longer safe from thieves, murderers, child sex traffickers, drug smugglers, and all other forms of criminals. Now, that influx of human flesh has made its way to New York in such a huge wave that the citizens of New York are finally ready to end the war on themselves that the evil elite globalists began.

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MAGA News Flash 2023 Wk#37: "Constancy of purpose is the first principle of success." ~ Napoleon Hill

Constancy is the key.

We watch as Donald J. Trump continually rises to the moment, never wavering from his truth nor allowing negativity to cloud his perception. My dear friends, this is constancy being demonstrated on a grand scale. His example teaches us to do the same in our personal lives and patriot warrior roles. Spreading the truth is like spreading manure; it's messy, but when applied often and with precision, it will stimulate and sustain significant growth. 

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HEALTH CONSCIOUSNESS: Comprehensive list of treatments for covidiocy concerns

Is anyone paying attention? 

There are thousands of videos and pages of research backed by factual sources demonstrating the staggering number of deaths, injuries, and related fallout due to the c19 plandemic and subsequent jab. The NEWS NQW is filled with carefully researched information showing empirical evidence and detailed reports of public harm to the masses.

Where is the outrage? 

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New Mexico Gov. Grisham stole her election in 2020 and now plans to steal people's gun rights in 2023.

How much more absurd can political theater get? 

I have asked myself that question daily, and of late, the news feed does not disappoint. Today, we explore the newest absurdity: gun control via state emergency declaration. 

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The real conspiracy theory is the 9/11 fake news narrative. 

22 years after 9/11, the truth is still being revealed, one huge layer at a time. Anons, Patriots, and Q have known for a long time what some are still having trouble wrapping their common sense around. 

9/11 was a calculated domestic terrorist attack designed to instill fear, create a war, and take our freedoms away. 

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MAGA News Flash 2023 Wk#36: "Covid Tyrants want to take away our Freedom. Hear my words -- WE WILL NOT COMPLY!" ~ Trump

Happy Victorious MAGA Week to all! 

Reading between the lines is important as I delve into social media news daily. Applying the accumulated knowledge from Q, Trump and Team, the White Hats, digital warriors, anons, meme artists, Pepes, and truthers everywhere makes it easy to discern the victory at hand. And reading the handwriting on the proverbial wall is getting easier: NOTHING CAN STOP WHAT IS COMING...NOTHING! 

The once entrenched cabal deep state NWO elite society is drowning in the swamp they created! 

God's word is clear: "And He will bring them their own iniquity, and He will cut them off in their evil. Jehovah, our God, shall cut them off." Psalm 94:23 (KJ)

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Wait, what? How could he have known?

Just a gut feeling, some might say. But that is not true, for with his keen awareness and inside intelligence, Donald J. Trump knew that a YUGE false flag 9/11 event was coming.

For decades before President Trump announced his run for the 2016 presidency, he was much more keyed into the world's secret vampire deep state than he revealed. Trump has had his eye on the deep state for decades! And to this day, President Trump is still right about everything!

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The 9/11 Truth about what we should never forget...

It's been 22 years since 9/11

Since then, volumes of hard-core factual data have been uncovered to blow the original 9/11 narrative out of the water. 

As We the People have been discovering, the deep state entrenched dark government forces, in league with their controlled political colleagues and their created fake news, have been cooperating to propagandize the public for decades, steering us into the agenda they have set forth.

Video, transcripts, fact-finding commissions, and thousands of individuals present at the time of the horrific Twin Towers domestic terrorist act are witnesses to the world reality of what actually happened. Like the JFK Sr assassination, U.S. government agencies and their henchmen masterminded the tragedy, using tax dollars to create chaos, murder, and mayhem, then covered their tracks with a script that blamed others for their sins. 

But now, we are in an era of truther red pills being handed out by the millions, and the masses are finally willing to swallow them instead. 

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In this continued series entitled 'Health Consciousness' about how to effectively live a life geared toward gaining and maintaining better health more naturally, I include the first US medical journal-published natural protocol to detoxify the body from C19-induced spike proteins. 

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MAGA News Flash 2023 Wk#35: "My question about everything I do is, does it make our country stronger?" ~ Joe Donnelly

Democrats propose another round of Stupidity.

Unsurprisingly, there are efforts to ramp up the fear-porn regarding new fake covidiocy virus strains emerging. It's absurd to think anyone would comply with the lie once again. But stupid is as stupid does. There are a few left who need a big ol' shove in the right direction! 

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The Black Community is going MAGA!

Remember when race-baiting was 'a thing'?

Yes, you remember. It was when the public school system was infiltrated with a divide and conquer Critical Race Theory curriculum and lamestream media inserted the false narrative into their fake news broadcasts that blacks hate Trump and all conservatives. 

Since Trump's latest arrest in Atlanta, GA, the black community is coming forth with outspoken, honest commentary, and the liars club known as mainstream media is nowhere to be found reporting the truth. No surprises there! 

That is why WE ARE THE NEWS NQW patriot sources are the only place to get your news. Check it out...

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'A Pandemic Of Amnesia' by Larry Cook

How do we stop the next Planned-demic?

Larry Cook knows how! 

As Larry does in his writing below and the invitation for all to join "The Health Freedom Summit," we also need to stop the onslaught of more scam demic rubbish being pushed by big pHARMa-controlled media and its tyrannical medical industry by sharing with everyone the well-known facts about the covidiocy failure. 

The division and destruction once caused by a world hampered with covidiocy will not be allowed to happen again. WE ARE THE NEWS NQW has gotten a firm hold on the distribution of worldwide truth, and the saturation point of red pills being swallowed is tipping the scales in favor of the world not being fooled again by the same type of c19 scripted fear porn that occurred in 2020.  

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TuckerX Putin Interview in the works

Scare me once, shame on you; scare me twice, shame on me. 

Did you know while Tucker was still employed by Faux (aka FOX), he pursued an interview with Vladimir Putin in July 2021, the summer before the Ukraine/Russia incidents broke out? He was blocked from getting an interview due to Biden's NSA interference. 

He went onto his Tucker Carlson Show on Fox shortly after it happened and, with total transparency, told his audience what took place. We cannot view the original Tucker Carlson Show video because Fox has taken down all airing of Tucker's Fox Shows since they fired him. 

He has since spoken about the event and admits he was intimidated by the NSA's unlawful interference in his business efforts to interview Putin the first time. 

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MAGA News Flash 2023 Wk#34: "Winners win in life because they win the battle in their mind first" ~ Tony Gaskins

We have a loaded MAGA News Flash this week! 

To start with, the Trump-Tucker interview on X got the most views in the history of any show ever--YEA GOD!--but the talk of MAGAville is Trump's first X (aka Twitter) post since the Democrats tried to cancel him in Jan of 2021. 

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TRUMP INDICTMENTS: How is Trump orchestrating the BIG Reveal?

The First Trump Indictment was quite a spectacle. 

Then there was #2, #3, and #4.

Who in their right mind wants to be labeled a Trump hater by indicting one of the most beloved men on earth?

Here are three of them...

  1. Alvin Bragg, NY DA for the Stormy Daniels Case
  2. Jack Smith, Washington DC DA for both The Documents Case and The Election J6 Case.
  3. Fani T. Willis, Georgia DA for the Georgia Case.
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FALL OF THE CABAL: The End of the World as We Know it

Early in 2020, shortly after covidiocy was injected into society by the world's evil elite we call the 'cabal' (call them NWO, Deep State, WEF, or any other name that you may have heard, they all are a part of the subject matter at hand), Janet Ossebaard & Cyntha Koeter, creators of the Fall of the Cabal series, became well known to millions with their first series of 10 video's exposing the cabal conspiracy and their plans to control the world and all therein. 

Their videos were banned immediately. 

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Lament for Lahaina

Whether we understand it from history books, our personal life, or on a planetary scale, the definition of sacrifice remains the same. It is the act of giving up something of high value for the sake of something else considered to be of higher value or claim. 

To do this, one must believe that what they are giving up is worth less than what they will gain by giving it up. This spiritually practical practice has transcended the centuries. It sounds rather noble, but when you consider the more barbaric sacrificial offering techniques learned through history books or rabbit-hole studies of today, we know not all sacrificial practices are for the higher good of man. 

We also know there was something unnatural about the recent fire outbreak in Lahaina, HI. Many are discovering the fires may have been intentionally set as a 'sacrifice' of the land for nefarious purposes. It is an incident that needs to be looked into carefully. 

Georg of Orgonise Africa does a deep dive into the matter, which can help us better understand this may have been a horrendous tragic act of evil. 

Lahaina firestorm - a satanic burnt offering

By Georg

Is this real? 

The book about the wildfires in Maui is already out a few days after the blaze happened, and of course, it firmly locates these fires in the general global boiling narrative.

It's so bizarre!

I first thought it was a devious meme when someone posted the cover photo on Facebook.

But Hey! Here it is on Amazon. For real! 

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MAGA News Flash 2023 Wk#33: "Without passion you don’t have energy. Without energy you have nothing." ~ Trump

From what passion does your energy flow? 

As battles for uncorrupted Truth to prevail are being waged from Hawaii to Niger, Trump continues to make headlines with one fake indictment after another. His passion for ensuring all truth comes to light has brought him into a whirlwind war with the deep-state evil ones. 

We know that each reported tragedy and fake indictment is being done for two reasons. To distract from the real criminals in the Whitehouse and to foster as much derision and division geared toward the best president and most winning person on earth, Donald J. Trump. Although TDS -- Trump Derangement Syndrome-- is quickly being cured, there are still those infected by media lies and political posturing. 

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