Evil Underfoot - Australia and Worldwide Evidence Mounts that Our Criminal "Elites" Conceal Their Crimes in Underground Tunnels

What Would I Know About Underground Tunnels  My early working life had me doing some quite extraordinary things. I initially grew from being a heavy machinery operator undertaking large civil engineering earth works on the new Australian Parliament House Canberra ACT in the mid 1980's – the largest Building and Construction project in Australi...
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2020 - Quantum Computing

Eventually, we will connect all 17 DOE National Labs as the backbone of the Quantum Internet. We'll also add in universities and private sector partners, working with a broad community of individuals and institutions with diverse and complementary skill sets. Together, we'll create something truly groundbreaking that will transform our lives.  ...
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James Murdoch resigns from New Limited

Written Resignation Below by Author  Footnote: The author met (by chance) Rupert Murdoch in the year of 1988/89 (?) in the small village of Wee Jasper NSW Australia. The chance meeting was at a Restaurant / Bar called The Stables - see link below:- The Murdoch Family has owned (for many years) a prime beef and primary producing station near Ya...
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Who is Bill Gates - by Robert Kennedy Jr.

Who is Bill Gates?

He's the guy who unreportedly added a sterilization formula to every single vaccine for the last 10 years and The World Health Organization had to admit it in court!

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The Australian General Notice Registration Web Site

"Welcome to Australian Public Notices, a place where you can place important notices that you would like to make public." Some innovative Australians have established a Registration Web Site for many things of a General Notice nature. I have set out below many of the headings used in their document filings. The Web Page link will be at the bottom. ...
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Australia - Government Child Separation and Child Trafficking

I want to introduce Dee McLachlan from The Gumtree News. Ms. McLachlan, a fierce advocate defending children here in Australia, has published the excellent 4-part video series linked below. These children are being forcibly separated from the custodial protective parent by corrupted courts, court officials, police, and children'...
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Port of Melbourne: Human Trafficking Evidence has Been Uncovered Connected to Some Very Big Corporate Names

Human trafficking evidence has been uncovered connected to some very big corporate names:

- Wayfair
- Etsy
- eBay
- Twitter
- Amazon
- Walmart
- Yandex

..and other e-commerce

I predict, that if these revelations have merit, then Australia's shipping ports (and those connected therein) will face huge pressure with lines of inquiry that they cannot dodge.

The Victorian and NSW Branches of the Maritime Union will also come under the blow torch with these revelations and disclosures.

20,000 plus children go missing each year here in Australia - many of them are trafficked. I'll bet that some of these kids (%) are trafficked overseas and thus through the Australian Ports. And if there are Australian kids being trafficked out - then sure as night follows day, there will be kids being trafficked into Australia.

Scouting around, it now looks like there are hundreds of Q Anon Digital Researchers that have these big corporate names in their sights, and will unpack and expose the lot of them.

As the son, of a Life Member of the Waterside Workers Federation (now MUA), I intend to do my part. And if it came to be that the MUA had anything to do with child trafficking, I personally will be deeply wounded. But this will not stop me from doing my duty in support of children nor indeed anyone who is being trafficked in or out of this country.

I finish by saying, that even in Victoria, there has been a recent announcement, of a line of inquiry by the Children's Commissioner Liana Buchanan. The investigation goes to "missing children" from state care. There are hundreds that go missing. 

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