Hymn for Freedom from Virus Tyranny: Ten Million View and Participate - “Let’s Sing and Dance Our Way to Freedom!”

French singer-songwriter HK's hit "Danser Encore" becomes the worldwide hymn of freedom from CCP virus political oppression

Over 3.6 million views in four months on his original YouTube recording, HK's song "Danser Encore" or "Keep Dancing" is a cry from the heart expressing the human need for the freedom to sing, to dance, to laugh and give hugs to loved ones. In other words, to live free instead of in the chains of fear.

Since the first lockdown over a year ago, European artists like HK were told they are "not essential," their performances and pretty much their careers and livelihoods cancelled.
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When Dementia Struck – Miracle Cure or Common Sense?

Hope for dementia and Alzheimer's patients, as well as people suffering from nearly every other type of disease.

Five years ago, I became my parents' parent. My 90-year-old father lost his ability to manage the finances, and my almost 80-year-old mother became unable to take care of everyday chores. My father declared he was done with this life and he wanted to go to the other side of the curtain. He passed a few short months later, after a three-week hospital stay.

My father's passing precipitated my mother's mental decline. The symptoms were numerous: loss of memory, loss of time and space awareness, irritability, paranoia, … alas it took me long to realize I was dealing with dementia.

She was given medication for the psychological issues, I was told she was never coming off the meds and her continued decline was inevitable, with a life expectancy of somewhere between 3 and 9 years.

We decided to move my mother into our home to take care of her. The severe side effects of the medication were painful to watch. Sleepiness, drooling, most of the day, a feeble body without a mind, bless her she would stand staring at the walls with a glazed expression, not even know where she was.

I decided to gradually, over months, wean her off her meds despite the doctor's predictions. She began improving; the psychological issues did not come back, thank God! The drooling had stopped, and the sleepiness had diminished. Yet she was still speaking with difficulty, unable to complete a thought or a sentence.

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Héberger votre contenu en toute sécurité dans votre profil MyRR, vos pages et vos groupes est rapide et facile

MyRR Arsenal : Une marée puissante a commencé, les gens viennent au RRM pour de nombreuses raisons, y compris un refuge sans censure pour leur contenu. En plus de bénéficier de certaines des meilleures nouvelles et des meilleurs commentaires sur Internet, l'adhésion à notre communauté de patriotes augmente rapidement. La création de votre prof...
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