Criminal Ukraine

UPDATED 9-20-23

The criminal US, UK, et al, are joined at the hip with the Ukronazi state in a global nazi mafia that includes the UN, NATO, WHO, and the EU. 

This freakshow has been rather quickly reduced in their power and their danger to us, mostly of their own doing, but strategically maneuvered into self destruction by a powerful consortium of warriors for the right fighting them behind the scenes and removing much of their assets in this war of Good and Evil at the dawn of God's new dispensation for America and her Divine Destiny.

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President Trump intervention saves Texas AG

Our president Trump posted an hour ago as I write this that it was his intervention that saved Texas AG Ken Paxton's job.

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Michiganders acquitted: Fedsurrectionists bungled the fake Whitmer kidnapping

The False-flag Bureau of Insurrection (FBI) is being revealed every day for its fraudulence.

An Antrim County Michigan jury today, Sept 15 2023, revealed just the latest federal faceplant to the public by voting to acquit the last three of the falsely accused men set up by the creepy G-men.

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MTG going for the DC beast's jugular

I think it's all those weight snatches and ironman competitions MTG has won that have given her such a steely spine.

She's not satisfied with an impeachment of Joey Magoo, she wants this impeachment process to reveal the swamp like it's never been revealed before.

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Gregg Jarrett destroys fake Biden prosecutor

Top story today Sept 14 2023 is about a comical "indictment" of the First Crackhead. Emperor of the World Donald J. Trump weighed in.

We're well aware of the mockery of the Department of Justice (DOJ) whose criminal captors appear to be frothing at the mouth for one chance after another to ignore God's Woes to the Wicked, such as Isaiah 5:20, "Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!"

In other words, America's DOJ's behavior is visibly satanic (for a season until we all agree to boot the freaks and take it back.)

To be sure, this is alarming a hundred million Americans as part of the individual and collective journey into the proper awareness of God's promised golden age for America and out of the dark cycle of mankind's karma heaped high in our day, to be dealt with responsibly before we can enter in.

Gregg Jarrett's analysis presented here gives you a closer look at how pathetically wicked they are, in full view. This helps us to get great clarity in terms of our necessary witness before our Lord's Judgment.

Let us be up and doing. Always victory!

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​Novax Djokovic a national and world hero

Tennis' recently crowned US Open champion and World No 1, Novak Djokovic of Serbia, is celebrated as a national hero there, not just for his winning ways but for his courageous stand against the globalists and their medical mafia and media sycophants.

The phenomenally fit 36 year-old's victory in New York over a man almost 10 years younger brings his career Grand Slam tournament wins to 24, tying the legendary Margaret Court as the most any man or woman has won in a career. That's 2 more than the next man, the surgery-recuperating and vaxxed Rafael Nadal, 4 more than the recently-retired Roger Federer, and 10 more than the long-retired Pete Sampras, who is fourth among men.

(A Grand Slam tournament refers to the sport's four annual major tournaments that bring the world's best men and women players together. These include the winter season's Australian Open (their summer), the spring season's French Open, the early summer's Wimbledon and the late summer's US Open.)

Many around the world view "Djoker" as heroic for not giving in to the maniacal cancel culture even when it might have cost him all-time career records that might never be reached again, making him the unrivaled Greatest Of All Time (GOAT) in his sport.

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President Trump says REMOVE JOE!

This year's Sept. 11 Patriot Day was highly charged with Great Awakening sparks flying.

Our president did not hold back either.

1. He insists on reminding us again that the military have all the facts about the 2020 election. "Rigged and Stollen"

2. He is cleverly moving the Joey Magoo tragicomedy to the next Act, calling on Republicans to exercise the 25th Amendment which provides for the removal of a useless man from the presidency.

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Trump statement on 9-11 - "...such a beautiful field..."

Once again, the maestro of Qlues, President Donald J. Trump, dropped another barely disguised comm to those of us with the ears to hear.

No, not everyone gets this stuff.

But someone has to.


We have a phenomenally thorough treatment of this subject below, fully notated.

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Ukraine got LOOMERED

Independent investigative journalist Laura Loomer was driving home from the hairstylist, passed a bunch of Feds making like Nazi white supremacists on the side of the road in Altamonte Springs, Florida, then decided to find out more.

She parked and walked over to talk to them, finding out eventually that they are Fed assets that love "Joe Biden" for funding and arming their Ukronazi buddies with whom they've even fought the Russians in Ukraine.

She also found out that Ukronazis were used to help gin up the Jan 6 fedsurrection false flag.

We have Laura's recent interview with Russia Today (RT) on video plus the transcript. We recognize that the information Laura is revealing so far is just the tip of the iceberg.

Our RELATED articles will show you some of our Ukraine coverage of the past year and a half.

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Trump at Rushmore

UPDATED 9/9/23 - President Trump's two hour speech delivered Friday evening 9/8/23 in Rapid City, SD.


Ignored by the mockingbird media but a don't-miss date for patriots, President Trump is scheduled to speak at a South Dakota State GOP event they're calling the Monumental Leaders Rally, Friday September 8 (tomorrow as I write this.)

As usual RSBN will be there to cover it live. President Trump's speech is scheduled to begin at 5:00 PM ET.

Key Executive Orders issued by President Trump during his first four years, also extended annually uncharacteristically by "Joe Biden," are potentially expiring this month although they can be extended again.

(We just received notice that EO 13848 for Election Interference was extended by "Joe Biden" today. Do you not wonder why the gang that stole a presidency in plain view for a Magoo that nobody wanted, has continued to sign extensions on that EO? Who do you think is REALLY in control?)

Hence we find ourselves at yet another key inflection point in President Trump's execution of the plan to rid America and the world of the invasive psychopathic parasites pretending to be humans who thought they should forever rule us real humans.

All this gives us cause to revisit President Trump's historic appearance and speech given July 4 2020 at Mount Rushmore. The stage that night was graced with 14 UNFRINGED U.S. flags, signifying our move out of the counterfeit USA Inc and back to the original constitutional republic of these united States of America.

Joe Rambo @BrainStorm_Joe and patriot colleagues have purposed themselves to study that speech from 2020 for key comms the president left with us three years ago, to be understood in the new light that is shed on these things today.

Interestingly, we launched our website on July 4 2020.

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Trump media and tech company closer to going public

President Trump posted in Truth Social Wednesday morning, Sept 6, announcing that shareholders in his Digital World Acquisition Corporation (DWAC) have approved the Extension Amendment paving the way for a merger with Trump Media and Technology Group (TMTG), the parent company of Truth Social.

This announcement comes almost exactly a year to the day that TMTG issued a statement accusing the SEC of being "political" (a nice way of saying corrupt) in delaying review of the proposed merger then. We see this as just more flushing out of deepstate cockroaches, we have no doubt this was anticipated by the Trump Team.

Replies to this morning's post show great enthusiasm for the coming merger which would take Truth Social public and allow it to grow into a far more capable social media application.

We watch and wait to see how this will fit into the Plan to Save the World along with Elon Musk's X that Elon is making into the "Everything App."

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Maui Fires by Erik Carlson

A child sex-trafficking coverup?

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Trump on Education. "This is what a leader sounds like."

A patriot calling himself UltraMJTruth on X summarized what President Trump said about education in a couple of Truth 2024 campaign vidcasts recently.

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Tucker on X Ep 18 | Into the abyss: Colonel Douglas MacGregor tells us why the Ukraine war must end now

This Ukraine story is an old one for us, we've covered it up one side and down the other.

Nevertheless, Tucker Carlson puts the counter argument on Ukraine squarely on the map with 11 million views of this intelligent interview with Colonel Douglas MacGregor who exposes the foreverwar state in much of its ignominy.

We have the full video and a carefully edited transcript.

The transcript's section headings are:

Lack of readiness for war in the United States military

Ukrainians being led to slaughter and ripped off

Who is Zelensky?

Victoria Nuland and the Neocons and their deep hatred of Russia

Russia has grown strong kicking NATO and Ukronazi butt

The bankster-warmonger rape of America's wealth

Military Industrial Complex FF from Eisenhower to Biden

War propaganda diverts national attention from the economy

The deeply anti-human effort of the West vs Russia's Christian resurrection

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Roseanne the Rabbi: It's Decreed, the People Rule

General Michael Flynn and Clay Clark's ReAwakening America tour was never better!

This past weekend, they prevailed over Vegas' corrupt cancel culture, forced to set up a tent with no AC (everything they tried to do was opposed by the freak state,) patriots in the thousands waving programs in their faces to beat the merciless desert summer,  yet never more pumped-up to be a part of an inspired America First event featuring some of the greatest hearts-on-fire that America can produce.

Roseanne Barr closed the weekend and when she entered the stage there was such an enthusiastic shower of loving appreciation from an overjoyed crowd of thousands of fans!

And she did not disappoint.

Her heart's love for God and His people has never blazed hotter. Roseanne the Rabbi delivered a fiery speech representing the Decrees of God.

And she spoke to what [they] have hidden these thousands of years about Rabboni's life and teachings.

We have the video and the transcript for your edification.

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Presidents that saved America: Washington, Lincoln and Trump

Stephen K Bannon gave an inspired monologue in his War Room broadcast this morning, August 25 in the Year of our Lord 2023, in which he put President Trump's nation-saving efforts today in context of America's historical brushes with fate when two other presidents saved the nation in its most precarious times: George Washington at the time of the Founding and Abraham Lincoln during the nation's only civil war.

One cannot argue that Americans are at a crossroad of good and evil today, putting the tests of the soul front and center. It is a spiritual war that in military terms is called Fifth Generation Warfare employing psychological operations. 

Psychology, the study of the soul. American souls are duking it out with the devil to make and keep America Great.

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Juan O Savin with Ninos Corner TV on PSYOP work by Jan Halper

Yesterday, August 23, 2023, the famous intel insider Juan O Savin called into Nino's Corner TV to talk about the progress of The Plan to Save the World.

He commented on the reveals made by Department of Defense contractor Jan Halper about the DOD's psyops designed to enlighten mankind as it struggles to be free of a very long train of abuse by the death cult that thought they should rule over us forever.

Adding context to current events is Juan's specialty. He knows the death cult very well; and he's happy about how things are going.

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Pres Trump writes, "Election was RIGGED & STOLLEN" (STOL[L]EN?)

UPDATED 8-24-23 with a new Truth Social post from the president that he corrected from "STOLLEN to STOLEN" putting further emphasis on this comm.

Why is President Trump frequently posting and reposting messages containing the misspelled "STOLLEN"?

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Jan Halper is one of a team of 12 who monitor society for the military

I've written twice previously about former Vice President of Republicans Overseas Jan Halper whom President Trump and General Flynn suddenly promoted in just the last couple of weeks when she appeared on the British GB News to tell viewers that prosecutors of Donald J. Trump know the "real results" from the 2020 election.

Jan appeared on Nino's Corner TV to follow up on that appearance saying she's very selective of the vloggers and podcasters she chooses to interview with, Nino Rodriguez being at the top of her list.

In this episode of Nino's Corner (which requires a subscription,) Nino asked Jan Halper about the Department of Defense task force she's part of.

She reveals that her team is tasked with monitoring the public and reporting back to their superiors at DOD who are planning the psychological operations required to bring the public out of the matrix of lies in which they are surfeited. 

It is the Great Awakening.

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Meet "the biolabs guy" BioClandestine

For a number of years now, we've covered the work of the researcher and writer, Jacob Creech, originally calling himself "BioClandestine" (still does on Telegram). President Trump and General Flynn have shared his work with their followers.

Like us and all good patriots, including President Trump and General Flynn, Clandestine was canceled from social media again and again (except Telegram and Truth Social of course) until Elon came along with Twitter 2.0, now X. He is simply "Clandestine" there, @WarClandestine is his X handle.

He's done some of the best work exposing the Khazarian Mafia's U.S./Ukraine based bioweapons program against the world, specifically against Slavs (Russians) whom the KM have an ancient hatred for almost as ugly as their wicked hatred for America's patriots.

Jacob has evolved his work to the latest release he's calling "Bioweapons Breakdown Part 2," fully disclosing himself in video format. This article covers this work and Part 1 as well.

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