Big Pharma is the Cult, Universal Energy is the Cure


From the archives of our past, there come reminders of a bygone era where life was lived much differently, much more communally, and much simpler with less stress and disabling disease. 

What did they know, do, or not do that made this difference? Has humankind been so swayed and manipulated by the fake world of academia and the corporate-compromised media that much of mankind has forgotten how genuine universal science can help us?  

Nikola Tesla shared the secrets of the Universe with us.

Tesla is only one of many intuitive researchers who discovered the truth of our metaphysical world. For centuries and beyond, there have been races of people who understood the vast energies of the universe, the collective conciseness of man, and the energies built into each one of us that, when tapped into, give us power beyond this carnal presence.

Thanks to the internet's vast storehouses of information, more and more discerning minds are discovering the truth about how humans have been manipulated, especially concerning the body. 

Frequency and Vibration Heal

All matter vibrates and has a specific frequency. This includes humans and all the elements of earth, seen and unseen.  

All earth's organic natural substances vibrate energy and can heal and even cure when used for medicinal purposes. Herbs, oils, teas, and tinctures made from nature's harvest emit vibrational energy that, when used correctly, is natures healing balm.

Along with nature's bountiful harvest from trees, plants, and flowers being used to treat illness, there are modalities of healing using minerals, crystals, magnetic power, light, color, and sound.

These are not alternative healing methods, as so many have been propagandized into thinking. They are the original universal metaphysical realities available to realign one's body and mind into their perfect holistic form.

Humanity has been duped about 'medicine' by the elite few.

Are you ready to take your power back?

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Music, the universal language transcending all barriers, has also been manipulated to task mankind. 

For decades, a script has been used to write world history.

The covidiocy scamdemic has demonstrated that in grand globalist fashion.

They, the global regime who think they control the world, rehearsed the covidiocy script with Event 201 in Oct of 2019, programmed minds to accept an infectious disease outbreak via corrupt corporate controlled media, and rolled out murderous treatments to be implemented to the feared masses. All premeditated for one purpose, to manipulate the masses into doing the unthinkable: allow agents of the government and big pHARMa to destroy them.

With the sWORD of TRUTH, We the People are fighting back. 

CULT OF THE MEDICS: created to help answer complex questions such as:

  • Is it possible that some of our ills are purposely managed and maintained by some unknown agency that quite possibly profits in more ways than one off of our ignorance and ill health? 
  • What is a cult? Do ancient cults still exist and operate in our world today? If so, what kind of power and influence might they have?
  • Why are so many people sick, unmotivated, anxious, depressed, suicidal, drugged up, and dumbed down? Why are so many things that kill, maim and even alter us from our natural state in food, water, air, and medical treatments? Why is our overall health in such decline? 
  • If we truly live in an advanced society, why are we not healthier, happier, more loving, more aware, more connected, and freer? 
  • Who founded and funded the medical-industrial complex?
  • Who owns and controls our mainstream social news and entertainment media?
  • Are the numerous scientists and elites that have openly promoted the idea of human depopulation for many decades and even centuries now actually serious? And if they are (and why wouldn't they be) how do we really think they would go about achieving their desired goals?


RubyRayMedia on Rumble
Published Jan 18, 2023
Length 46:00



MAGNIFICENT MERCOLA: New Startup 'Cult' Releasing Chemtrails

The term is geoengineering, which describes manipulating the weather by either removing carbon dioxide to prevent it from trapping heat in the lower atmosphere or reflecting sunlight back into space, also called solar geoengineering. Advances in technology and an increasing understanding of meteorological processes have led scientists to discover ways to control the weather.
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