Atlanta the "Powder Keg" incitement of rioting, possibly thwarted by prayer?


Over the past month, Atlanta has been the brewing place for mayhem and unlawfulness.

On Saturday, Jan 21, 2023, Atlanta was attacked by the domestic terrorist group Antifa, under the guise of saving a local forest and bringing to the attention the stopping of a police and civil servant training center that will serve Atlanta. Last week this was brought to the fore by the riotous violent behavior of indoctrinated activists hell-bent on enticing the world to "look at us" and join our rightful cause.

The video below explains the logistics of the training center being instituted for first responders, including the local police force. Jack Prosobiec also details the cultural war creating the divide in Atlanta and the outlying areas.  

'Treehouse Antifa' explained by Jack Posobiec 

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Published Jan 22, 2023
Length 8:00

The majority of Atlanta does not agree with the violence.

The people of Atlanta, who could be easily influenced, did not join in with their riotous scripted acts because churches in Atlanta that provide Christian charitable services also provide much intercession prayer.

Groups of religious people pray for this nation, each state, and every country worldwide. Yes, Atlanta has had much history in the division of mankind, and I believe deep in the hearts of the people of Georgia, they have had their fill of violence and hatred. 

There are many religious study groups in Atlanta and surrounding states of Georgia that last week assisted in thwarting the chaos and violence that was incited by bussed-in people with an agenda to turn Atlanta into an inferno of their indoctrinated hate against lawful processes of civility. 

Yes, some groups in churches and homes throughout the south pray morning and night and would like to think that the fruits of those calls and prayerful intent assist in guiding the Atlanta leadership & police and all surrounding counties that helped keep calm and stop a powder keg of events that were designed to light a fuse.

Perhaps we can keep up the vigil for Atlanta and use the dedication of the unity brought forth thru the 1996 Olympic games hosted in Atlanta in the past. And through our prayers for unity, consume and transmute some of the leftover energies of disunity, fueled by the civil war. 

Thank you for your ongoing prayers to keep America and all states throughout this great nation and all countries around the globe from the enticement to be used as a tool for mob mentality that would manipulate our precious youth.

Atlanta Georgia Olympic rings of Unity

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