16 ATF Agents Appear at Popular Georgia Gun Store Same Day as Nashville Shooting & No One Believes it's Coincidence



When 16 ATF out-of-state agents enter the Adventure Outdoors store in Smyrna, GA (a premier gun/ammo sports store) for an abnormal 'routine" inspection the same day as the Nashville Christian School shooting, suspicions are roused. Local congressional representatives heard of the supposed routine inspection and, knowing it was anything but routine, they arrived on the scene to greet this unprecedented show of ATF force. 

What happened and Why?

The GatewayPundit reported some juicy details: 

Sixteen ATF out-of-state agents reportedly visited Adventure Outdoors in Smyrna, GA, to conduct a "routine" inspection of the popular longtime gun dealer on Monday morning.

Coincidentally (or not), this happened on the same morning of a school shooting by a transgender who kept a manifesto and mapped out his plan in Nashville, TN. The Biden White House on Monday afternoon called for Republican lawmakers to back a ban on so-called 'assault weapons' following the Nashville school shooting.

Both of these incidents happened only months after Nashville Predators Foundation teamed with Nashville Police in offering People $50 Kroger cards to turn in their firearms.

MTG and her Delegation Were There 

Georgia Republican representatives Marjorie Taylor Greene, Barry Loudermilk, Mike Collins, and Rich McCormick were told of the ATF's unprecedented visit and responded by being there to counter the gun-grab narrative. 

Marjorie Taylor Greene can be seen below, telling off an ATF Public Information Officer, saying:

"For 45 years, their FFL was renewed in September. So, this is a flagship type of business. These owners have basically set the standard on the four-check system, which makes it completely ... It's very odd for them to be treated this way..."

ATF agents raid one of the largest gun dealers in the country, Adventure Outdoors in Smyrna, GA

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Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene's post on Twitter:

"Members of our Georgia delegation were present for an unprecedented ATF inspection at longtime and well-respected Adventure Outdoors in Smyrna, Ga.
After we questioned their motives and informed them of Oversight and Republican-controlled Appropriations, they all left."

A GA local news source, 11Alive, reports:

  • Lt. Gov. Burt Jones vowed an investigation Monday after an apparent visit by the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) to a Smyrna gun store.
  • 11Alive contacted ATF to confirm the nature of the bureau's presence at Adventure Outdoors, which was posted about by Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, but the bureau did not respond to the request for comment.
  • Fellow Georgia Republican Reps observed the presence of ATFBarry Loudermilk, Mike Collins, and Rich McCormick.
  • Lt. Gov. Jones reposted a video of the Congress members speaking to a person wearing an ATF public information officer jacket. He wrote: "Adventure Outdoors is one of the largest and most respected businesses in our state — and this appears to be an egregious overreach by Joe Biden's ATF. We will be working to investigate this situation to protect this business and Georgians' second amendment rights."

ON-THE-SCENE VIDEO and this report from RSBN: 

Watch as sixteen ATF out-of-state agents enter Adventure Outdoors in Smyrna, GA, for a "routine" inspection just days before Governor Ron DeSantis plans to visit on Thursday. Local congressional representatives who heard of the supposed routine inspection arrived on the scene and answered questions from the local media. They also questioned the ATF public information officer about this unprecedented inspection.

Georgia lawmakers can be seen below denouncing the highly equipped inspection by the "politicized and weaponized" agency and explaining that the ATF agents would not answer their questions. "They've been the benchmark nationwide for other gun stores of how it should be done," said Rep. Barry Loudermilk. "It was unprecedented to have that many inspectors come for especially a dealership that has just renewed their Federal Firearms License (FFL)."

Rep Mike Collins told reporters, "we were told we didn't have to be given a reason" from the ATF for their inspection. The ATF also asked about the upcoming political event on Thursday.

This was not an annual or regularly planned inspection, said Congressman Rich McCormick. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene said, "They left after they met us." She continued, asking, "Why leave if you're not doing anything wrong? Why would they leave after meeting members of Congress, especially the Congressman where this gun store is in his district, and he's a customer here?"

The Congressmembers from Georgia said these 16 officers came from multiple states. One Representative said they came from 14 different states to intimidate this "flagship" gun store. "There are 20 inspectors here in the Atlanta area," said Loudermilk.

The Georgia delegation also confronts the ATF's Public Information Officer as a group.

WATCH: ATF Raids Popular Gun Store in Smyrna, GA - 3/27/2023

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