Another Canceled American Who Is Not Gonna Take It - Meet Texan Roxanne Mathai

Roxanne-Mathai-Jan-6-with-friend Lt Roxanne Mathai and Friend in Red White and Blue

Already on January 7, the day after the so-called "Capitol Riot," Lieutenant Roxanne Mathai's boss, Democrat Sheriff Salazar of Bexar County in Texas, who campaigned for Biden/Harris, was in front of local news cameras announcing his intent to fire her. She did NOTHING to deserve that, she didn't even think about entering the Capitol Building. Hear her tell her story and find out how you can help this patriot fight the good fight! (We also have the transcript.)

Lieutenant Roxanne Mathai Fights Cancel Culture in Texas

RubyRayMedia on Rumble
Published July 31, 2021
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The GiveSendGo campaign for Lt Mathai is explained there, as follows...

"Please meet Roxanne Mathai. She attended the historic rally in Washington DC on January 6, 2021. As a result, she was terminated from her position as a Detention Lieutenant from the Bexar County Sheriff's Office. Roxanne did not violate any laws and most definitely did not enter the Capitol. She is not facing any criminal charges and has been cleared via a background check (to include FBI) that was done for future employment. She attended what she believed would be a rally in which President Trump would be speaking as well as spending time in Washington DC the following day(s). Like most other attendees, Roxanne was there to be a part of history when a few chose to highjack a peaceful event and invoke violence and mayhem at the U.S. Capitol. At different times during the rally, Roxanne's Facebook posts document her attendance at the event with pictures and comments; and later after learning of those who breached the Capitol, her Facebook posts condemn their acts of lawlessness. Bexar County Sheriff Salazar's immediate reaction about Roxanne's future with BCSO simply because she was there was: 'he stated, "my intent right now is that she never steps foot in this building again." '

She had a constitutional right to be there along with the others. A rush to judgement has thrust Roxanne into the court of public opinion in the San Antonio area as well as to the national and international media (The NY Times, Washington Post, Reuters, Associated Press, UK Daily Mail.) Roxanne is a hard worker and a law-abiding citizen and had been recently promoted to Lieutenant because of her hard work ethic and her dedication to the Bexar County Sheriff's Office. Can you imagine your character being reduced to headlines and stories pieced together that distort the person you actually are and the life you live? Roxanne went to the rally as a citizen and patriot and she had no knowledge of the outcome of this event and that it would go south. Nor should she have lost her job because of being at a place in which she had no control of others' actions. Yet on the contrary, she still condemned the actions of those who she learned participated in acts of lawlessness.

There are three objectives to the GiveSendGo account:

1. To spread the word to help restore Roxanne's name.
2. To collect funds to cover legal fees Roxanne has incurred.
3. To begin a prayer chain; please share this link with others.

Any amount you can donate is most appreciated. In the GiveSendGo platform, you may either list your name or elect to hide your name from the public view when publishing your donation. With her livelihood hanging in the balance, your support is an encouragement to Roxanne, her children, and all who know and love her."

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Transcript of the Ruby Ray Media interview

Franz Glaus 0:07
Hi Roxanne. This is Franz with Ruby Ray Media. My guest is Roxanne Mathai from the San Antonio area from Bexar County in Texas. Thank you, Roxanne, for joining us this afternoon. I understand you're a Lieutenant in Bexar County. Tell us about yourself a little bit, your background, and the county you work for. And the reason we're talking, I just want to quickly say, is that a mutual friend of ours introduced me to your story and you're one of those January 6th victims of the cancel culture. But, let's find out a little bit more about you, if we could.

Roxanne Mathai 0:55
Well, I'm born and raised here and I started with the sheriff's office approximately nine and a half years ago. I went through the ranks very quickly, from an officer to a floor role, was on a certain team, made Sergeant, went up to Lieutenant, all in about seven and a half years or so. I was a great Lieutenant. I'm great at what I do. I'm great with the officers, I'm great with the inmates, the chiefs, the entire admin staff, including the sheriff.

I was, if there's a such thing as a pet peeve there, not really a pet peeve, but a teacher's pet. That's what I was, I was the teacher's pet. And my biggest pet peeve was to favor one officer over another, favor one sergeant over another, and I didn't like that but at the same time, I appreciate the fact that they were so into my job and the way I brought myself to work every day with motivation and determination. They knew I would get the job done so they would load a bunch of work on my plate and expect me to do more than others, which I gladly did. I felt like I was a great example for the other officers and I did everything I could with a big smile on my face and nobody understood why I was so happy about my over-workload, but I loved it. I loved my job. I loved everything about it.

Franz Glaus 2:14
Yeah. I mean, you mentioned that the inmates like you. That says a lot. And then the other officers, both sides of the fence. Yeah.

Roxanne Mathai 2:22
They like me and they hate me.

Franz Glaus 2:23
Yeah right. But, you're holding them to account, right?

Roxanne Mathai 2:27
I can walk in there and they have a lot of fear. But, at the same time, they're just like, we need Mathai on the floor because she'll control us and she keeps everything quiet and everyone behaves and it just makes for a good day...

Franz Glaus 2:39

Roxanne Mathai 2:40 know, so a lot of respect.

Franz Glaus 2:41
... because you bring order, you bring discipline. When somebody goes to an event and just for showing up to show their patriotism, gets fired, there's more to it than that. There's somebody who has a certain competency that is a threat to people who are like brown nosers or paper shufflers or the political types, who look to get an angle. That's what I'm starting to pick up from you. By saying that you want to treat everybody fairly is what this country's about, kind of like the way Trump was running the presidency and was trying to run the country. And so you went to support that on January 6. So, tell us how it came about that you were there in DC, on January 6.

Roxanne Mathai 3:35
We went to the previous rallies in DC and I was really jealous that my friends had gotten to go when I didn't get to go and then they announced that there was going to be another one coming up and I really wanted to go that one. I'd already missed the first two, all the fun that my friends had, and I said I'm going to go to this one. I'm not going to miss this one. This one I'm definitely going to go to. My friends and I have some mutual friends in Florida and we all just kind of met up in DC and we had a blast. The goal was, hopefully, I'm not just there to listen to the president, show my favoritism but hopefully I get to see him in person and that was my main goal was just to see President Trump in person. Unfortunately, there was just so many people there that we were way back in the crowd and didn't really have a good view of him. But, at least I heard him.

Franz Glaus 4:21
What happened when the speech was done? I know President Trump just invited people to peacefully parade to the Capitol, because inside they were going to deliberate on the vote. I think it was clear to a lot of us, wasn't it, Roxanne, that some funny business took place on November 3rd and 4th?

Roxanne Mathai 4:47
I think it is very fair to say that. And I'm not gonna say it out of my mouth, I'm just gonna leave it to viewers to see what they've seen on recordings and video that has been released in numerous places and there's a lot of video that says or shows that there could have been some funny business going on. Thank goodness I wasn't involved in either way. I wasn't part of it at all. In fact, I didn't even get there until long after all this stuff had started to take place.

Franz Glaus 5:16
Oh, at the Capitol.

Roxanne Mathai 5:17
Correct. Yeah, there was an incident that had happened where a mutual friend of ours, I lost him in the crowd and I couldn't find him. And everyone was having cell phone problems, I know. I wish I could say I heard Trump talk and then we just went straight to the Capitol and that was that. But no, it was a lot more complicated when you have all these people there. So, I lost my friend.

Forty-five minutes later, you know, that's what it took for me to find him. Then we started walking towards the Capitol, but of course, I'm also there to sightsee, which is why I got there a day earlier and I even left a day after or two days after. So my whole purpose was to sightsee. So we're stopping along the way and taking pictures and just lollygagging around, having fun. We're there for fun. We're not there to act crazy or anything. I was enjoying the moment.

By the time we finally got there, we had heard some rumors told by some other people talking over there by the line. "Oh, we think that there's somebody in there." They showed us a picture that they had seen on Facebook. But how many times do we see things on Facebook that aren't true? So, we looked at each other and said, "no, there's nobody in there, that has to be photoshopped or something."

So we continue just walking around, and then we get on to the Capital lawn and we wanted to move closer because I just wanted to get better pictures. And once we're getting closer, that's when I'm realizing that there's people climbing a wall, there's people climbing the scaffold; which again there's nothing illegal for them to climb a wall, there's nothing illegal for them to climb a scaffold, nothing at all. So, I think it's stupid, because it's dangerous and you can hurt yourself or there's many other reasons why it could be stupid. Not that I would participate in those things but, I wanted to get pictures for history. I wanted to document everything.

So I'm taking pictures and I'm still not able to get pictures, as I'm kind of short and I see a lot of people's heads in front of me. So I wanted to get a little closer. So that was when I recorded it on Facebook, the video, and I said, "We're going in guys," into the crowd, not the Capitol. And I wanted to go in closer because I wanted to take pictures. So we went in closer, we took pictures and we needed to eat; we had all been awake since five o'clock in the morning. A lot of us are starting to feel nauseous, because we have not eaten anything since the day before. So we needed to leave to go eat. So we're on the Capitol lawn maybe 10-minutes, 20-minutes tops. We were just there to take pictures and we walked away.

I really wanted to take a picture of the Capitol when it was nighttime. So we went back and then we came back to the Capitol, a little bit later, probably around five o'clock, to start taking more pictures with the purpose of leaving and being back at the hotel by six, because they had made that curfew, by six o'clock. So we went out there and we took some more pictures and then we went back to our hotel by six o'clock.

Franz Glaus 8:08
Okay. No big deal. Didn't run into any cops. Didn't yell at cops. Didn't...

Roxanne Mathai 8:14
They all knew that I videotaped them, I recorded them. They were very nice to me, I was very nice to them. I can respect the job that they do because nothing's easy. It was UK Sky, they wanted to do an interview with me, and they liked my costume, my, you know the clothing I was wearing. They wanted to interview me. So, they interviewed me on a little piece of side stairs that they have by the Capitol where all the media was holding interviews and so forth. So I ran into them or ran into some cops which, again, we exchanged some very kind words to each other, and then we went on our way.

Franz Glaus 8:52
So did you leave right away? I mean, you went to your hotel and you left the next day? Or did more sightseeing?

Roxanne Mathai 9:00
The next day we went sightseeing to the Memorial. We did quite a few things that day, actually.

Franz Glaus 9:08
And when did you find out there was a real mess inside the Capitol?

Roxanne Mathai 9:13
I knew again, when we saw those Facebook posts, we thought again, there's no way for it, this is silly, this is Photoshop. After we ate, we went back so that we could get those pictures at nighttime. Then we went back to our hotel and the hotel has a really large lobby where all the Patriots were sitting in there and everyone's eating pizza and watching the Fox News that was on the TVs. They have multiple TVs in there. And that was when we're finding out everything that happened.

Stupidity was happening, such as planting a scaffold, such as climbing the wall. Now, let me make it clear that they were climbing on the wall, there was a site like a stairway that led to that same level, where people were climbing. The only reason why they were climbing that part of a wall was because there was people on those stairs and that those people were not moving, so there was no way to utilize the stairs. Just being in that same area, and I also took a picture where it said something about visitors, like visitors walk here, walk in this direction or something to that effect. It seemed to me like all that stuff was completely public.

I never saw one time, any officers telling us something. I was never told to leave I never once saw anybody committing any crimes at all; whether it's an assault, whether it's breaking a window. Nothing. I wasn't even close enough to see those things to begin with. As far up as I did get, I still could not see any doors, I still could not see any windows, I couldn't see anything. So whatever could have been going on, I could not have seen it because, whether it was just a mob of people there, probably because of that and the fact that I'm kind of short. I couldn't see anything. There was nothing in my view.

Franz Glaus 10:58
Which I found out later on, and we all did, the Capitol Police opened the doors and let people in.

Roxanne: Right, and I never saw that. But of course I've seen videos, I've seen video that's been released. I never saw that. In fact, when I was there the first time during the day I never saw any cops. I never saw one cop at all. Not a single one. The only people that I thought might be cops were putting up a scaffold, and I think that because they were wearing fluorescent yellow, either a vest or shirt, and it was fluorescent yellow, very bright. I thought those must be some sort of cops out there but they weren't doing anything, they weren't telling people to leave, they weren't fighting anybody. I only saw little specks of yellow, up at the top but I never saw one police officer, the entire time that we were there the first time.

Franz: So it's hard to imagine how this would have been anything for you to feel concerned about when you went back to your place of work, returning to San Antonio and back to your place of work. Tell us what happened. How long was it before you found out it was a problem?

Roxanne Mathai 11:13
All of this actually started happening before I ever left DC. No way. I'm at the Lincoln Memorial, next day and we're sightseeing, and I did some Facebook messaging from a Facebook Messenger account. Not to my phone, but to my friend's phone, and they showed me their phone, and it was KSAT12 (TV station in San Antonio) during a press conference, and it was Sheriff Salazar, you know, holding a press conference in reference to his placing me on administrative leave; and saying he's also going to see to it that I never step foot in that building again, quote-unquote.

Franz: It doesn't make any sense, Roxanne.

Roxanne: What can I say.

Franz: I don't even know where to go with that.

Roxanne: To me it makes it obvious that we have already had his mind made up, you know that I was never gonna step foot in that building again...

Franz Glaus 13:11
Had you discussed it with him or anybody about your trip to DC? Was there some foreknowledge on his behalf? Did he tell you he didn't want you to go? How is this even possible that that you haven't even left DC yet, and he's having a press conference about dismissing you?

Roxanne Mathai 13:37
Yes, and I had gotten permission from one of the chiefs to go to DC. Granted I didn't specifically say, "I'm going to go to DC because I'm going to go to the rally." I didn't use those two words but I think everyone and their uncle and their dog knew what was going on January 6 in DC. I don't think I needed to draw any pictures for anyone, but I did seek permission from one of the chiefs, for me to be able to go to DC ...

Franz Glaus 14:07
... and he didn't say, "Hey you know what, the Sheriff's not gonna be happy with that." Right?

Roxanne Mathai 14:14
No, I had permission to go and so I felt...

Franz Glaus 14:18
... like you even needed it because it was a weekend right so you had the time off. If you're a free person, you're a free American, you're allowed to speak your mind or go to any rally you wish to go to. It is just very very hard for me understand how... even somebody who just hates your politics, hates the fact that you'd be a Trump supporter, how would he even get it in his mind that he could fire you like this and hold a press conference and make it a public spectacle?

Roxanne Mathai 15:01
Keep in mind it wasn't so much that I had no free time. I'm not sure if you saw some of the other stories, but at the time I was, I believe back in October, as he said in his press conference, he stated that I was on admin leave for improper relationship with an inmate, which is the furthest thing from the truth.

So, you know my paperwork for being on leave was more about improper communication with an inmate that could possibly have been a family member (it may not be worded exactly like that but that's pretty close) and I wanted that to be aired out of course because I need to take upon myself that which I'm allowed to do and I should be able to do that.

So for many, many months, everybody's thought that, wow, this Lieutenant is having improper relationship with an inmate, which again was the furthest from the truth. The truth of the matter was that I had a son, I call him my son though he is not my biological son, but during my biological kids' high school years, I took on two boys that were not mine that, you know, CPS got involved in. And, because of their age, we didn't have to go to court or anything like that but they were allowed to finish living in my home until they graduated high school, or as long they wished. So they came into my home.

One of these boys ended up going down the wrong path in life and ends up going to jail. I don't really have a close relationship with this guy anymore because of the path that he has chosen but in my heart, that's my son and I love him. Am I going to do anything for him? No, he needs to learn things the hard way. I honestly believe in fact that he belongs in jail because of his constant mistakes he needs to stay there.

Well, during that time that he was in jail, he sends me a Messenger message on my Facebook. I didn't know if that meant he was still in jail or if he had been released, I had no idea what that meant. So I responded to him, and I'm thinking because we really didn't have much of a relationship and we really never messaged each other, that when he didn't respond to me, I assume that means he's probably out of jail, maybe stealing or robbing homes, whatever it is that he does. I didn't hear from him so I assumed he was out of jail.

When he messaged me again on Messenger, he made a comment and made a joke and I said, "What are you talking about?" When we explained the joke, it was in present tense when he saw me walking in a certain area of the jail. And so I said, "Whoa, if you're still in jail, how the world are you messaging me? I didn't get a direct message at all and I don't think I got any message at that point, I was actually in the process of getting ready for work that day when I got that message.

So I went to work and as soon as my superior arrived, I boarded this information and showed her my cell phone. I showed her, "Here's what's going on we need to go make sure this kid does not have a phone, and if he has a phone we need to charge him with another crime, because if he's got a phone in here, we're gonna go find out. So we did an investigation and we went and researched all the different places he might have used that phone, whether it was his phone, his entire unit, you know, where he worked somewhere else in the town so forth, couldn't find any sort of phone.

Well, I'm the one who started the investigation because I'm the one who recorded it, I'm the one who took it the next step, because of my integrity and my morals, and my loyalty to my job. I'm the one who's willing to charge this kid with another crime because he's not supposed to have a phone in there, but I was willing to do that because that's my job, whether he's my son, or not, that is my job.

It's an investigation that I started, that I created. And then they put me on administrative leave for it. And then he wanted to call it an improper relationship with me ...

Franz Glaus 19:20
... as if you were somehow communicating with an inmate and not doing your job because of that, when in fact it's the very opposite as you just explained very clearly.

Roxanne Mathai 19:30
Yes, but actually it was a little worse than that because of what viewers got from all of these reports - keep in mind: when we did this press conference with all the local media here, it was also copied into New York Post, Washington Times, Reuters, everywhere. This story is now internationally known as this Lieutenant who's having an improper relationship with an inmate in which they took it as if I was having sexual relations with that inmate.

I will say this just to cover myself, Sheriff Salazar did say in the press conference, that although some people may see it as sexual relationship that he didn't think that that's what it was at the time, that's kind of how he worded it. However I think in my opinion, he probably should have said right then and there that it was not. I was on leave for improper communication with an inmate not an improper relationship. That may is something a little bit more accurate. For them to lead on that I was having some sort of sexual relations with an inmate was completely a smear. I'm just gonna use the word, defamatory...

Franz Glaus 20:50
He seems to have it in for you, Roxanne.

Roxanne Mathai 20:54
It kind of feels like that now, but you know like I said, I was somewhat of the teacher's pet from all of that then I was the one that they could come to to do everything. I'm the one who took on every single workload that no one else wanted to do I would do it with a happy, you know, smile, and I would get it done.

I touched on how they followed me around the jail thinking, "Wow, this woman's good, she gets it done." I thought they appreciated that, but now I'm thinking different.
Franz: You're too good, Roxanne (talking over Roxanne, can't make it out)

Franz Glaus 21:25
I'm thinking different too. Okay, so at this point, as I've discovered in reading your story, you're approaching the arbitration in about three weeks or more. And is there anything you can update us about that. Is there much that you do to prepare for that? What are you doing.

Roxanne Mathai 21:50
Yes, without getting myself into any sort of trouble there is some stuff that we are doing to prepare for it. I do have a union attorney, he's been a great deal of help, and he's helping me on that and as far as getting prepared for the arbitration hearing that's coming up. I feel very confident that I'll win that arbitration. I really do because I did absolutely nothing wrong at all, I did not enter the Capitol, even any spaces of the Capitol grounds that said we weren't allowed to be. I did absolutely nothing wrong. So I feel confident that I will win arbitration. However, if I do not win an arbitration, with my private attorney we are going to seek other lawsuits...

Franz Glaus 22:42
...yes, you'll be forced in a position to become more aggressive. It makes no sense at all, that you would not succeed in arbitration, it makes sense at all that, all of a sudden the sheriff is holding a press conference while you're still in DC. But, it doesn't have to make sense with Leftists, they do things outside of common sense. We as a country need to come to terms with that.

The thing that I become aware of is, it's gotten right into our communities this spirit of anti Americanism, this hatred of America, this Leftism, this Cultural Marxism, Communism, Socialism, whatever you want to call it. It's this spirit of anti America, anti Christ anti God if you will. It's a spiritual thing that has a force on the dark side. It seems that some people identify with it more than others, other people have become victimized by it.

I speak about our children, our schools are now becoming inundated with this Marxist type of mindset. They want kids to get taught that if you're born white, you are just naturally a racist, you're just, and that the whole system of America started with white people that came over, even though there were natives all over the land. So how, how does that, you know, and they're still with us, and many other races have come over since to make America what it is. It's like a rewriting of history, and it's this idea that if you're born white you've got to be accountable for your systemic racism. This is an attempt to divide and conquer a country to divide us along races, around different things about our backgrounds, so that we are always looking at each other sideways and wondering, "oh is he one of them or is he like that?"

And this is absolutely wrong, this is completely against what America was founded for, and the spirit behind the American founding, it says right in our declaration of independence, what the country is for, it doesn't take a genius to figure it out.

I really applaud you for being willing to fight this because you could just go away, you could just say, "Oh you know what? This is gonna be too much for me to fight, it's like, nobody can win against against city hall, don't fight city hall, you can never win." Well, you could say, "I can't fight the sheriff, I'll never win." But that's not your attitude. Your attitude is, "I have my rights. I can't let somebody run roughshod on my rights. So I'm going to go to arbitration. If that doesn't work, I'm going to take the next step."

Am I characterizing your attitude on this correctly?

Roxanne Mathai 26:04
Absolutely not. One person will never take my rights away from me. And when I sit there and happily become, I don't want to say "become patriotic" but I choose to, you know, go to a rally, or to be patriotic and somebody wants to take that away from me: absolutely not! That's an infringement on my civil rights in my opinion and I'm not going to stay quiet. If somebody is in there trying to strip me of those freedoms.

Franz Glaus 26:31
Excellent. Well, we back you up here at Ruby Ray Media. You have a donation site where you're taking donations, maybe you're unemployed because of this, it is costing you sorely, you could probably use some help. People can hopefully chip in a few bucks to help you out. You have a GiveSendGo right?

Roxanee: Correct.

Franz: And it's with your name Roxanne Mathai?

Roxanne: Yeah, they will just do a search with my name.

Franz: Okay, beautiful, and we'll put that in the article and we don't have to do all that here, so I'm going to encourage people who read my article, watch this video and want to just stand up for a fellow American to help them out. Please chip in and keep up with this story, and maybe we can talk again when things have developed, do an update, would you be up for that?

Roxanne Mathai 27:22
Oh yes, absolutely. And if you don't mind, I just wanted to add one more thing please. My thoughts, my messages and my posts and everything on social media, you know whenever he (Salazar) had that press conference, they had full access to my Facebook account because it was public. It wasn't private, so they had full access to every single post that I had done so we thought it was really funny and odd that they chose to only put up pictures of the crowd - they chose to release the pictures or videos of me saying we're going in, you know going in closer. They pick and choose, and chose which ones they want to use. Now, I also posted some several explaining how I completely condemn the violence that was there, because again, we didn't learn about this until the evening of the sixth. So, as soon as I found out on that evening, I started posting, "While this was unexpected, this was not why I came. I came for Trump and did not expect this. I don't condone violence on any end, whether it was from a patriot, whether it was from Antifa, Black Lives Matter, it doesn't matter, I don't condone violence whatsoever."

I did several posts like this. He (Sheriff Salazar) never chose to release those for media. In fact I never had an investigation I was just told you're on leave, period. When the time came, you're just fired. There was really no true investigation, other than what happened in internal affairs in which both posts never came up. All my other posts came up, but not that and it was very unfair.

So I do want it to be known for all the viewers that I do not condone the violence. Just because I was there doesn't mean I knew what was going to happen, doesn't mean I condone what happened, doesn't mean I was part of what happened. It simply means that I purchased a flight ticket to go to DC, to see a rally. I arrived an hour or so after everything hit the fan and I left.

Franz Glaus 29:32
He has it in for you. There's no real investigation when you're trying to smear someone. In fact you're going to try as hard as you can to prevent an actual investigation. What we've done here is an investigation. I'm getting it from your side of course, but he wasn't there, so he doesn't have a side. We see what he's doing, we can see, we can see the trend from what he did back in the fall with the inmate that is your adopted son. We can see the pattern, this guy doesn't deserve the Office of Sheriff, that's the last thing he deserves. He is a lefty and lefties don't deserve to be in law enforcement because they don't know what they're doing. They want to cancel everything, they're trying to cancel you and that's against the law. That's against the Constitution, we need constitutional sheriffs.

I think at this point I'd like to just speak about as I mentioned to you in a phone call that we had: there is the Constitutional Sheriffs and Police Officers Association that was started by Richard Mack. I think it's really important that people get to know about that and support it because that's an important element of our taking our country back and restoring the republic to where it ought to be, free of Leftists and Marxists and people who do color of law - what's called color of law - which is, they pretend to do the law but they're doing something else, it's actually illegal. So he sounds like a thug, and a really disgusting person.

Roxanne, do you have anything else you want to add to that, to close our session here and I sure appreciate you joining me.

Roxanne: I think we got it covered.

Franz: Good. Well thank you ma'am, and I wish you good luck, and let's stay in touch. Thank you everyone for tuning in to watch this, let's keep in touch with Roxanne any way we can and make sure we got her back. Thank you so much. See ya. God bless.

Those who wish to contribute to Mathai's legal battle can do so here.

Lt Roxanne Mathai's Facebook posts from DC

Texas Lieutenant Fired By Sheriff (Who Campaigned for Biden) After Attending Trump's Jan. 6 Rally - (Cassandra Fairbanks, Gateway Pundit)

"A detention lieutenant was fired from the Bexar County Sheriff's Office in Texas for attending the Trump rally in DC on January 6, even though shenever entered the Capitol.Bexar "County Sheriff Javier Salazar, who fired Roxanne Mathai for attending the rally, campaigned for Joe Biden during the 2020 election.

"Mathai had posted about being at the rally on social media, but never entered the building. She even specifically posted that she had no desire to enter the building and break the law."

Cassandra Fairbanks - Gateway Pundit

Go to the full article here.

Real America - Dan W/ Roxanne Mathai & Nico LaHood (June 17, 2021)

One America News Network on Rumble
Published June 18, 2021
9:45 viewing length


Yesterday, Wednesday, July 14, a friend and contributor to Ruby Ray Media messaged us and wanted us to help her friend get his story out. So, we talked to seventh generation Texan and Navy veteran Eliazar "Cisco" Cisneros. We are featuring here our very first recorded video interview.

Cisco is among a group of patriots being sued by Biden Leftists for protesting the ridiculous Biden-Harris platform in their home State. Some of you might remember the video footage that got around social media showing that the Sleepy Joe con game was not welcome in the Lone Star State.

We start this article with earlier coverage by Gateway Pundit's Alicia Powe, who also interviewed Cisco, then we have our interview on video and a transcript of all 21 minutes, posted below.

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