'A Pandemic Of Amnesia' by Larry Cook


How do we stop the next Planned-demic?

Larry Cook knows how! 

As Larry does in his writing below and the invitation for all to join "The Health Freedom Summit," we also need to stop the onslaught of more scam demic rubbish being pushed by big pHARMa-controlled media and its tyrannical medical industry by sharing with everyone the well-known facts about the covidiocy failure. 

The division and destruction once caused by a world hampered with covidiocy will not be allowed to happen again. WE ARE THE NEWS NQW has gotten a firm hold on the distribution of worldwide truth, and the saturation point of red pills being swallowed is tipping the scales in favor of the world not being fooled again by the same type of c19 scripted fear porn that occurred in 2020.  

 A Pandemic Of Amnesia

by Larry Cook

The power players who ran the covid response from America's political and cultural heights are now piloting a pandemic of amnesia.

They want everyone to forget about canceled weddings, Zoom funerals, financially ruined households, and elder abuse of the most heinous nature.

They want to simply move on from church shutdowns, shuttered small businesses, the unscientific masking of children, months of school closures, years of travel restrictions, and rent moratoriums.

Forget those who were forced out of the military, out of their schools, and out of their jobs for not wanting to take an experimental medical product. Forget everyone who is still picking up the pieces of their lives.

Forget the quarantine of the healthy, the financially incentivized hospital death protocols, the abysmal failure of the rushed vaccines, and the ensuing injuries and death.

Forget we just lived through an era where you literally heard: "Papers please" (digital passport) to participate in culture.

Forget the medical apartheid between the vaxxed and unvaxxed. 

 Rewriting history is a specialty of totalitarians.

"The Surgeon General of Florida says we should refuse to cooperate with mask mandates and lockdowns. I am with him! Hold your head high maskless WHEREVER you go. It is not a law. It is not Constitutional. Show your children the way. This is for your children and grandchildren's future." WE ARE THE RESISTANCE! (~ Altitude 40000 on Telegram)

But they will have to contend with the clarity and resolve of the Health Freedom Summit speakers!

We again gathered a collective with strategists such as Naomi Wolf, Dr. Robert Malone, Dr. Peter McCullough, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Del Bigtree, Dr. Pierre Kory, Dr. Meryl Nass, Catherine Austin Fitts, Dr. James Corbett, David Whitehead, Richard Grove, and 30 more of our nation's most powerful dissident voices to share their expertise and thoughts with you. Some are internationally famous, others merely brilliant. Together, they will make sense of Covid Era policies and what a conscious response could look like.

If you know the 'official covid narrative' is absurd on its face, this divergent perspective on the greatest social upheaval in modern history will uncover for you the players, the motives, and the methods of the covid crimes.

Do Not Wait!

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More about Larry Cook:

You can find him on Sub-stack at > Stop Mandatory Vaccination.
On Telegram at LarryCook/StopMandatory Vaccination.
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What is the true purpose of jabs and forced jabs?Larry is a humble patriot, a good friend of Ruby Ray Media, and a trustworthy advocate for natural health and immunity. We regularly feature his informative videos and well-researched information so others will learn the truth about today's criminal medical system and the complications of their black magic concoctions, some unto death. You will find this article a great resource to hang on to.

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