General Flynn discusses Child Trafficking

General Michael Flynn has spoken out recently for the children of America and the world, emphasizing how important an issue it is, one that is so difficult for people in our world to face and deal with. It's so heinous, people don't want to believe it's happening.

His sister Mary does solid work with America's Future and the General was asked to lend his considerable influence. Hear about the mission they're on together. God bless the Flynns!


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MAGNIFICENT MERCOLA: Scientists Struggle to Explain Why COVID Spared Unjabbed

Story at-a-glance

  • "Vaccine equity" remains high on the global cabal's list of priorities, even though real-world evidence shows the COVID shots have done more harm than good
  • Africa, where fewer than 6% of people have received the COVID jab, have maintained an extremely low COVID-19 death rate throughout the last three years, likely because they didn't have equal access to experimental COVID injections
  • While wholly ignoring the African experience, U.S. media are now trying to scare people into taking additional shots for fall by warning of an incoming "tripledemic" of COVID, flu and respiratory syncytial virus (RSV)
  • The tripledemic narrative is scientifically implausible. Respiratory viruses tend to interfere with each other's spread, such that one typically ends up dominating
  • Pfizer's and Moderna's pediatric trials both found RSV infection was more prevalent among children who got their COVID jabs than those who didn't
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MTG to RINOs: 3 strikes and you're out!

You can't always tell people, they have to see it for themselves. RINOs "consulting" the babe in the woods, Hershel Walker, told him better to distance yourself from Trump. Not such a good idea was it. Well, that's the point. The deepstate has no R or D party, that Hegelian Dialectic is for dividing us and confusing us, as they take over the country without a shot fired.

MTG and RRM say, ENOUGH!!

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Twitter Considers Medical Fake News Fact Checkers

A concept whose time has come.

Nothing is impossible when you own a social media empire—not even getting credible fact-checkers to counteract covidiocy lies. 

If we've learned anything these past few years, it is this: We the People can undo whatever they do to lie, cheat and steal.

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Martial Law in Brazil?

There have now been 33 days of protests in Brazil over the sham globalist-corrupted election that stole the Brazilian presidency for the enemies of the people. Brazilians are demanding that the military take control of the country in order to arrest the criminals that seized power in their country and restore power to the people and put their duly elected man into the presidency.

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KARIZONA Update #2: Proof Katie Hobbs Directed Social Media Censorship During 2022 AZ Gov Campaign

The evidence of election fraud and interference runs deep. 

Since Nov 2020, I have wondered how many national elections have been tampered with in the past 100 years. 

Although we have no proof of mass election fraud before that time, we do have evidence the 2020 presidential election was rigged. And now, we have calamitous proof the national Nov 2022 midterms were tampered with and fixed on more levels than many imagined.  

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General Flynn on the Divine Destiny of America

You have to know that the Pilgrims came to America with a sense of Divine Destiny. They were informed by an ancient tradition inspired by Almighty God.

General Michael Flynn understands this and puts current challenges before us in America in proper perspective in a recent interview he gave to Pastor Caspar McCloud in his Spiritual Encounters podcast.

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Happy St. Nicholas Day!

St Nicholas Day: Interesting Facts About The Patron Saint

St. Nicholas Day is celebrated on Dec. 6 to honor one of the most popular saints in Eastern and Western churches.

Growing up, I was not taught about St. Nicholas Day. I learned about it while living in Germany in the mid-1980s. Below are some interesting facts.

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You'd think the enemy would know enough by now not to let themselves fall into any Trump Traps. They did it again going libtard on a Truth post by the president recently regarding the 2020 sham election and its proper remedy.

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Twitter Truth Draws Lawsuits and Deepens Investigation: The Biden Crime Syndicate Is Going Down

Where's Hunter now? 

For over two years, the Hunter Biden laptop cover-up has been critical to the Democrats, not because of Hunter's obscene pedo-related pictures, sloppy drug habits, or self-incriminating emails but because of their cash cow, Joe Biden, who would be revealed as the treasonous politician he is. 

James Comer has received enough intel to know it. John Paul Mac Isaac, the man who discovered the laptop from hell, knows it.  And James Woods, the celebrity whose career has been ruined for being a truther, knows it. And as of the Twitter Files release on Dec 2, 2022, clear evidence of PedoJoe's traitorous ways has surfaced and the masses now know it.

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MAGNIFICENT MERCOLA: 'Lies My Government Told Me, and the Better Future Coming'

Story at-a-glance

  • Dr. Robert Malone, inventor of the mRNA and DNA vaccine core platform technology (the original platform, not the current mRNA COVID shots), has published a new book, "Lies My Government Told Me: And the Better Future Coming," in which he analyzes the tyranny we currently face, and how to get out from under it
  • The first part of the book reviews the reality of censorship of medical and scientific truth during the COVID pandemic, and the emergence of global totalitarianism
  • The second part tries to answer the question, "Who or what is behind it all?" Malone believes it's a combination of bad actors with nefarious intent, and opportunism
  • The last part of the book is focused on how to create a better future. A major part of the answer lies in creating decentralized, local intentional communities, and to create the potential for networking between them on a national and international level, while remaining independent and self-governed
  • A good way to avoid groupthink that results in policy fiascos is to establish completely separate problem-solving groups that do not interact with each other. Only after each group has independently come up with their own ideas do they come together to share, analyze and find common ground
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The Twitter Files

Overheating Twitter servers serve as a perfect metaphor for the meltdown in the pedovore world, fronted by legacy mockingbird media, the Washington Post, NY Times, The Atlantic, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, NPR, and so many other media whorehouses, as the psychopaths' criminal behavior is now being laid out for the world to see.

Dec. 2, 2022, 6:44 PM ET, new-and-improved Twitter boss Elon Musk tweeted "Here we go!!" with an attachment of Rolling Stone Magazine's Matt Taibbi's first tweet in a long thread of damning evidence called THE TWITTER FILES.

This reveal has unleashed a firestorm in America, a nation long-captured by the Osiris death cult posing as - well, anything you like actually. Read Scum World here.

Steve Bannon: "What Elon Musk bought was a crime scene."

We'll update when Part 2 is released.

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Americans turn Pelosi's House back to the People's House

Colorado Congresswoman Lauren Boebert is not shy about dropping truth bombs on her enemies' heads. Watch her on the House floor declaring the firing of Speaker Nanshy PeLoser. One for the record books.

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MAGA News Flash 2022 Wk#48: Twitter is on fire, China's people protest, Fake News held accountable, Karizona heats up and Trump Shines at Gala

It's been a fantastic week, Patriots! 

How much winning can a winner win when a winner is winning?  So much that it won't all fit into this GREAT MAGA NEWS FLASH 2022 WK#48. And how many times can we silently think to ourselves, 'I TOLD YOU SO!' before bursting forth in loud voice?

We are on the precipice of MAGA and MEGA changes.

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"After Vaccines Cause Epilepsy in Toddler Mom Stops Vaccinating All Children"

 Colleen Malone shares her traumatic story about how one of her six children drastically deteriorated following the DTaP, HIB, IPV, and HepA vaccines when her child was 18 months old. Colleen vividly recalls her once healthy, talkative, and active toddler change for the worse before her eyes. Witnessing this dramatic decline, Colleen dove deeper and followed the twisting path of countless tests and evaluations that ultimately led to her daughter's epilepsy diagnosis caused by vaccine injury.

This article is brought to you by Ruby Ray Media Friend Larry Cook.

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Apple's Capitulation

When exactly did Apple capitulate to the righteous?

We all watched the latest chapter play out with new-and-improved Twitter boss Elon Musk visiting Apple CEO Tim Cook at Apple HQ yesterday (Nov 30) to get clarity on whether or not Apple would penalize Twitter for loosening its free speech policies. Apple had signaled it might drop Twitter from its app store for violating Apple's own censorship standards.

The result of the meeting is now a giant story in the social media world, with Elon gaining great favor for reporting that Tim Cook had agreed not to remove Twitter from the Apple universe! This has made Elon a hero among Trump supporters who have been censored and deplatformed by woke companies like Apple - Twitter also before Elon.

We ask, though, when exactly did the capitulation first take place? Are we really just watching a Movie-In-Real-Life? Our Kicking Kissinger's Cabal of Creeps article below in the Related section tells us that Silicon Valley capitulated to Trump in 2017. (This article, in particular: Trump vs Establishment )

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MAGNIFICENT MERCOLA: G20 Signs Declaration for International Vaccine Passport

Story at-a-glance

  • The G20, a group of 19 nations — including the U.S. — plus the European Union, recently held their annual business meeting (B20) in Bali, Indonesia, where they declared that a digital vaccine passport, standardized by the World Health Organization, will be part of international pandemic prevention and response moving forward
  • The rule for standardized international vaccine passports will be introduced as a revision to the international health regulations during the next World Health Assembly in Geneva
  • The G20 recommendations also include the creation of guidelines for a globally coordinated response to crises, "enhanced by a technology-enabled 'always-on' global health infrastructure," and a mutual recognition of COVID-19 vaccines made by G20 members
  • President Biden signed the declaration despite the promises made by his White House COVID-19 Response Team leader, Jeff Zients, who in April 2021 stated, "Let me be clear that the government is not now, nor will we be supporting a system that requires Americans to carry a [vaccination] credential"
  • The fact that the COVID shots do not prevent spread of infection has now been established many times over. This alone proves that vaccine passports are not for the purpose of containing epidemics. An international vaccine passport is the gateway to complete totalitarian control, because the entire control grid around a person gets tied together by it
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PROJECT VERITAS Video Reveal: Federal Agency HHS Caught in Child Trafficking

There is no statute of limitations on how often digital warriors can write about the same subject. 

None. With good reason. The Great Awakening is occurring in phases. 

Some have been awake for decades, some for the past few years and others are just now reconciling the truth they see and hear with the lies they've been steered to believe. Therefore, it is important to revisit a subject again and again. 

Example: Child abuse and sexual exploitation reveals need to be made continually and with increasing accuracy until the criminal activity of child sexual exploitation is wiped off the face of the earth for good. 

Child Sexploitation and the U.S. Dept. of Human & Health Services (HHS) is important NEWS NQW

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The TRUMPet Card


"The SCOTUS set the conference date
The 9 Justices will meet to discuss the case and decide (by vote) if they want to move it to a hearing, where they will officially judge the case and decide (by vote) if defendants should be removed from office"

Regular updates found here

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How Dr. Buttar Escaped Near Death From Envenomation by Larry Cook

Once again, we feature Ruby Ray Media's good friend, patriot brother, and medical freedom fighter, Larry Cook.

Today, he brings us an intriguing true story about the discovery made by Dr. Artis as he helped Dr. Buttar escape his 'near death' experience. We also feature a link to the 9-video series entitled BRAVE: Live Courageously, Heal Miraculously | RELOADED which will help you learn how to:

  • Reverse disease from COVID and Vaxx Bioweapons
  • Detox the deadly toxins from your body
  • And help you take control of your health
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