Idiocracy self Immolates with Interfering Indictment

President Trump keeps calling it Election Interference but we know what he means. It's what's left of the Idiocracy's clownish ATTEMPT to interfere with the election. We are watching an overwhelming growth of support of Americans for President Trump in his defense.

Yes, they've interfered in elections for a long time and in many nations. The whole world is finding out.

With confidence we state that their days of interfering with elections or with anything else having to do with America's destiny are fast coming to an ignominious end.


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MAGA News Flash 2023 Wk#13 brings Trump Indictment Boomerang, the DC GOP kicking butt while global protests escalate and DJT rides the Red Wave!

They Think They've Won 

OH no, no, no, not this time, satan, and not ever!😇

Trump's falsified indictment is another White Hat trap to catch swamp creatures. Trump knew it was coming, just like the stolen election, just like J6, just like all other corrupt tactics the globalists throw at Trump that don't stick. They have nothing on him, so they make up lies that boomerang on them every time! 

This latest attempt to 'GET TRUMP" will serve to wake up another couple hundred million heart flames to the evil truth. That is the goal, dear hearts! The more who know, the worse for Joe and the globalist den of liars, murderers, and thieves! The divinely inspired new age has no room for the likes of them, and God is making sure they all get rooted out. 

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J6 Shaman Released

The J6 DC Gulag freakshow got caught hiding exculpatory evidence in a total criminalization of the prosecutorial process and everyone's favorite Buffalo Guy shaman today got let out of the jail sentence he never should have received.

We're thankful to God for Jacob's release, a truly peaceful warrior for all that is good.

We are unceasing in calling for the Lord's judgment of the demonic world that has infested our judicial system, our government and our society.

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United States Senator from Missouri Eric Schmitt on the Weaponization of Big Tech

"The First Amendment is the heartbeat of our constitution," says the good Senator from Missouri, Eric Schmitt.

In the ongoing self immolation of the demonic Left, we see rising to the occasion of a nation experiencing a near death experience, one hero after another to seize the torch of Liberty and run with it for all of us!

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OMG! O'Keefe Strikes Again: Exposes Democrat "DONATION FINANCE MULES"

O'Keefe's quest to EXPOSE corruption never gets old. 

James O'Keefe reveals a massive Democrat election money laundering scheme. 

The money laundering occurs using 'mules,' whose names and addresses are stolen to make thousands of small donations to Democrat politicians and their campaigns.

The 'mules' he spoke with admitted they've donated to Democrats but had no idea they contributed the amounts revealed. These voters discovered their names and addresses were used to make thousands of online donations, all earmarked for Democrats.

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MAGNIFICENT MERCOLA: Most Baby Formula Claims Not Backed by Science


  • An international cross-sectional survey of 757 formulas sold in 15 countries found only 26% of the products used clinical trials and 90% of those carried a high risk of bias due to missing data or conclusions that were not supported by data
  • A Lancet Series on breastfeeding calls for greater regulation over "predatory" marketing aimed at new mothers that have influenced families, scientists and policymakers
  • The 2022 formula shortage highlighted a monopoly in the market that contributed to a disaster in which the lives of millions of babies were threatened, government regulations that effectively ban imports that meet or exceed FDA requirements and corporate greed that dictates infant nutrition
  • Albertson's grocery store app merges information about your food purchases, prescriptions and vaccinations in one place, aligning Big Food with Big Pharma and moving society one step closer to the globalist's end goal — limiting your freedoms
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"Trump supported the jab..."

When you don't look past incendiary ad hominem designed to deflect culpability, you will miss the buried lead. There is a fair bit of whiff-ball going on with respect to how President Trump has worked through the covidiocracy to expose to the People the full evil of the Pfauci-Pfizer-Pfarma State, allowing that pfreakshow dumpster pfire to self immolate, the only way we were ever going to see the death of it.

"You can't always tell them"

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16 ATF Agents Appear at Popular Georgia Gun Store Same Day as Nashville Shooting & No One Believes it's Coincidence


When 16 ATF out-of-state agents enter the Adventure Outdoors store in Smyrna, GA (a premier gun/ammo sports store) for an abnormal 'routine" inspection the same day as the Nashville Christian School shooting, suspicions are roused. Local congressional representatives heard of the supposed routine inspection and, knowing it was anything but routine, they arrived on the scene to greet this unprecedented show of ATF force. 

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Trojan Horses Everywhere

A Trojan Horse is named after the tactic used in a long-ago infiltration of a walled city with soldiers hiding inside a giant wooden wheeled contraption made to look like a horse.

You had to be pretty dumb to let that giant wooden contraption into your city gates but it happened didn't it?

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The "No One Is Above The Law" Sham

Presidents Trump, Putin and now Israeli PM Netanyahu are accused of exactly what the KM freaks that are accusing them do themselves, which is to establish "rules for thee, but not for me" [them.]

General Flynn reminds us that exposing this mafia is what got JFK murdered.

Not this time.

Though many will perish in falling for the sham, I'm glad to say that the people in general are not falling for this ages-old gaslighting. Amen!

#FightLikeAFlynn | Act local for national (and global) impact.

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Biden's sexual assault victim Tara Reade states "I will go under oath and testify."

The Hunters are being Hunted

Since the GOP won the House of Representatives majority in 2022, one committee after another has been set up to investigate the DC Swamp creatures. It looks like none of them will slither away from that spotlight.

Thanks to Representatives like Marjorie Taylor Greene and Matt Gaetz, the lid is being blown off the Biden Crime Family's dirty secrets. 

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MAGNIFICENT MERCOLA: What’s Behind the Sudden Surge in Autism?

The stark rise in autism rates in the US is difficult to ignore, but what's driving the increase remains a mystery. Could these factors be contributing to it?

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The Woke DeSanctimonious ([They] Are Not Human)

Meatball Ron is playing his role perfectly as a completely tone-deaf ready-fire-aim rino shill, whether he's consciously playing that role or not! (We ask: is this a Ron-in-the-mask like our FJB non-president Mumble-Bumble-Joey?)

And, we're all realizing now that he was never "America's Governor." That was and is Kristi Noem, who NEVER shut down South Dakota for even ONE MINUTE of the Covidiocracy.

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MAGA News Flash 2023 Wk#12: French Revolution 2.0, Xi & Putin talk peace, MTG targets Biden Crime Family, Trump beat the swamp again, and so much more.

Greetings, Fellow Travelers!

This 12th week of 2023, the MAGA News Flash is packed with historic victories. TRiUMPh after TRiUMPh lifts our joy.

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MAGNIFICENT MERCOLA: Branch Chain Amino Acid Deficiency Linked to Autism?


  • Some cases of autism are caused by mutations in the branched chain ketoacid dehydrogenase kinase (BCKDK) gene; in those with BCKDK deficiency, BCAAs are broken down too quickly, leading to depletion
  • BCAA deficiency is linked to a neurodevelopmental disorder that includes autism, intellectual disability and microcephaly
  • In children with BCKDK deficiency, a high-protein diet and BCAA supplements led to significantly increased BCAA levels along with improvements or stabilizations in motor functions and head circumference in nearly all of the patients
  • None of the children who started treatment before the age of 2 developed autism; the youngest child was 8 months old when treatment began, and they had normal development at age 3
  • The researchers have called for adding BCKDK deficiency to newborn screening tests so BCAA supplementation could be started right away, potentially preventing autism development
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Maverick Gaetz on Firing the Deep State

A Thursday, March 23 tweet on @RepMattGaetz twitter feed provided a video clip from his House oversight committee where he's questioning ATF witnesses about the "corrupt bureaucracy" at the Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) agency. 

We believe that this is just one of many examples of how MAGA will defund and thereby quickly in the coming year or two or three, shut down the deep state.

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KARIZONA Update #8: YUGE AZ Supreme Court 'Signature' Ruling

Victory has a hierarchy.

It comes in steps. A war is not won without first conquering the many layers of battle, one by one, being waged in the war. 

Kari Lake is winning the Stolen Election war one battle at a time. 

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MAGNIFICENT MERCOLA: Could This Vitamin Slow Brain Aging and Ward Off Alzheimer’s?


  • The trace nutrient nicotinamide riboside (NR), a precursor of nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD+) and a form of vitamin B3, may help slow brain aging
  • NR may help to boost levels of NAD+, which typically declines in the brain with age, leading to metabolic and cellular dysfunction
  • The NAD+ precursor niacinamide is also beneficial, but it's not widely promoted because it costs much less than other NAD+ precursors, including NR
  • Since NAD+ declines with age, boosting it has been described as a fountain of youth for extended lifespan and increased resilience to disease
  • Vitamins B6, B9 (folate) and B12 are also important for supporting cognitive function as you age and have been shown to play a major role in the development of dementia
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3-22-2023 Ending Skull and Bones

In 2008 on my birthday June 13, the deep state likely murdered NBC's Washington Bureau Chief and host of Meet the Press, 58-year-old Tim Russert (likely gave him a heart attack on the job, the way they likely took out Andrew Breitbart, then killed the coroner to cover it up.)

Thank you Tim for starting the ball rolling, you gave it EVERYTHING!

Exposing [them] is ENDING [them].

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Silk Reveals What Happened to Diamond

Silk has a few disturbing things to say about Diamond's untimely death.

I will admit, not knowing the sisters well, I questioned if Diamond of the beloved Diamond and Silk team had been jabbed. But come to find out, she was not. Yet Diamond, like thousands of others, succumbed to the pHARMa cartel's evil ploy to destroy the innocent. 

Silk is now ready to tell the complete truth about her sister.  

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