"The Same Yesterday and Today and Forever"


"Come now, and let us reason together, saith the LORD: though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they be red like crimson, they shall be as wool." Isaiah 1:18

My personal wish for us this year is an understanding of Life and its victorious consciousness. This, of course, is the Supreme Power of God that overcomes all appearances and conditions of this world. It is God's will for us, and certainly my earnest desire, that we too should possess this God-understanding, this awareness, of our true being.

The comparatively simple life lived by our forefathers has given way today to a much more complex world, we call modern society. Most people, scientists, teachers and scholars believe that life on earth has changed greatly, especially during the last few decades. And so it would appear to the awareness of mankind. But let us see if this is really true!

Right here and now I ask you to still your outer mind, becoming as quiet as you can in body, mind, and feelings. Then direct your attention to the form of Jesus even as you read these words. We give Him honor of letting Him give to us His own victorious consciousness over everything of this world and to feel feelings of joy in so doing. If we will really do this we will begin to realize that nothing in this world has really changed insofar as its inherent nature is concerned. We will also realize the exact meaning within this gem of truth: That Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.

The inherent meaning is continuity of being through the Presence of God with us throughout all time and space and eternity. Therefore I believe we too can say, "The Mind of Christ in me, is the same yesterday and today and forever: therefore I am that Christ here below as above, being the soul sent forth as the reflection of what God intended me to be here below, is also the same yesterday and today and forever. And when my soul is become the bride of Christ in the marriage with that bridegroom, then it will be said of me, as it is said of my Elder Brother: "Jesus Christ, the same yesterday and today and forever!"

Some of you are familiar with the working of the iris of the eye; just as the shutter of a camera admits more or less light to register on the film, so the iris expands to admit more light to the retina. Now, has anything really changed by the mere opening and closing of a shutter, or the iris, to admit more light? Surely not! So it is when there is an opening of the shutter of our consciousness; we permit ourselves to now behold what was there all the time, simply waiting for our decision to open our eyes and see by the greater light what we allow into the field of vision.

Take electricity, for example; it is but one channel, shall we say, for the release of God's energy. Once it was discovered in this century, once it was accepted and used, it became and still is a blessing to our "modern" world. However, electricity has always been. And the fact that for many centuries mankind were unaware of its existence does not mean that electricity ceased to be, nor does it mean that the scientific principles governing its use has ever changed. However, when electricity was harnessed for mankind's use, in most cases appearances in the physical world did change for the better because people had a more illumined sense of their surroundings. Then, too, has not the gift of electricity shed more light upon the world? And along with it has not the mind become more enlightened?

We see that our attention has much to do with the expansion of consciousness. Our awareness of life corresponds to the focus of one's attention and upon who and what that attention is fixed. One may enter a garden and, being interested in a single rose, he may fix his attention so powerfully on that rose that he will see nothing else; whereas another may enter the garden and see it all at a glance taking in the whole rather than a part by the mere adjustment of the lens of the eye and mind. Thus the attention-what one wants to know or doesn't want to know-determines what one sees in life.

Thus it is a victorious awareness and feeling about Life that I wish so much for each of us to experience. I would have us have it for our constant practical use until we attain our own soul's ascent into the Light of God that never fails.

Therefore, regardless of present appearances to the contrary, please believe that this victory is possible for everyone! And it is much more than merely possible for those of us who are willing to believe the words of Jesus and who have the opportunity of consciously accepting those words of light into our minds and being.

Inasmuch as Jesus ascended to the heart of God, if we accept the Master, if we will accept it with His victorious awareness and feeling that He would impart to us, we will begin to realize the promises of God for our lives each and every day of the rest of our life-- Jesus, decreed it so.

Following our initial acceptance of the Master Jesus in our life, we must give a few moments of acknowledgment daily, wherein we reconfirm our acceptance, by our own victorious awareness and feeling, of our Master Jesus' Presence with us. Then claim that presence of Jesus as our own with these powerful words that I shall affirm with you:

By the victorious consciousness and feeling Lord Jesus Christ and my own Christ mind, I am the Resurrection and the Life of the Master of All Life within me!

And I am giving conscious acceptance of the Light of Jesus the Christ, which is his very Life and Consciousness and which my Elder Brother is pouring into my waiting chalice now!

And I accept all that HE IS, and all that I am in Him, yesterday and today and forever, fulfilled in my victorious overcoming--my soul's moving into the Light of the God that always prevails! If we will do this each day as we love all life free through Jesus' Sacred Heart, Jesus, promises us that his light will constantly expand in, through and around our entire consciousness, being, and world until it has made us like Him, the Master of all life. "Know ye not that a little leaven [of the Bread of Life] leaveneth the whole lump?"

Remember always that the way of Victory and the way of Life is the way that Jesus, declared to us when He said that I AM that Way, that Truth and that Life, for I am that I AM! And so we shall be. We decree it. You see, God through Christ lives in us. And that Presence is victory by God's very nature! Jesus can never know anything but that Victory. For God is of too pure eyes to behold or to contain iniquity (inequity or imbalance).

And so our eternal victory is already ours, it always has been, and always shall be-the same yesterday and today and forever! For it is our divine birthright! It is that which we really are! The real me or you has never changed! Your human appearances have changed as you have made your entrances and your exits on the stage of life, and your expressions have altered from day to day but the T=truth of your God-Free Being remains the same.

Therefore your victory is not something for which you need laboriously strive; for now we have many tools God has given to us in this modern age to "shorten the days for the elect".

Now we can be free from our burdens so much more quickly if we will continue daily to purify our worlds to the best of our ability by the use of the sacred fire of the Holy Spirit. Then we must be sure to direct our energies constructively as we release them through thought, feeling, spoken word and deed; and hold to the understanding and the acceptance that Christ's victorious consciousness and feeling is really ours. It is God's will for us that we have this glad, free gift of the full-gathered momentum of His victory. Therefore accept it right now for the restoration of your world to the original pattern of your perfect being, which is the Victory; for the Christ mind in you and in everyone who will so accept it, is that Victory. The Father, never changes!

How strange it is that mankind find this principle of victory and of the soul's victorious overcoming too simple, either to understand or to accept. Victory is simply being. Therefore the Victory of being is allowing our minds to accept Christ in His full perfection. Remember, the Holy Spirit is pouring into our minds through our connection to God with every heartbeat to express God's Victory here below, untouched by the misconceptions and shadowed thoughts and feelings of our outer minds. That outer mind as a rule does not cognize the Truth but builds its concepts and opinions from the impressions it receives, which in turn are registered in the memory world.

Victory, I say again, is simply being that which God made us to be. Believe with me and know that we can express the holiness (whole-"I"-ness) of our own Christ mind. Is this not simple? But it is so powerful. For many a Christmas on this dear earth how very much have Christians overlooked this present possibility for individual Christ victory!

We are working for God to the raising of all life upon this dear earth into its God-destiny. Only God's Life, Light and Love are eternal. As has been said so often, these three are synonymous. And all three are the manifestation of Christ Truth within us.

Therefore, if only Divine Truth is released by those who serve and if that service is given in Divine Love, then by God's law the expanding, multiplying power of the angels will increase our affect not only in numbers but also in Light's magnitude until it becomes a real Ascended Master Jesus Christ victory for limitless good to flow to all the world. Then will the Light be seen by all, even as we see it now, "a city set on a hill, that cannot be hid . . ." Let us say here that the hill represents the Rock of Truth upon which the true church of God was founded.

Now let us bless each other and our world by flooding the atmosphere around us with the purifying and peace-giving fragrance of the rose as the disciples of Jesus which we can all become because we can expand our blessings to others, as our attention is upon Jesus today.


"Thus saith the LORD, the Holy One of Israel, and his Maker, Ask me of things to come concerning my sons, and concerning the work of my hands command ye me." Isaiah 45:11


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