The Near Death Experience


As the movie we're living in continues to look more and more like a horror flick than a political drama, we are directed by one of the biggest MAGA influencers out there to watch an interview of "former staunch atheist" Bryan Melvin about his near death experience. 

Why? Because, there isn't really a better way to explain what we're all living through.

Oh. And it does end very well!

There is no death, it's Satan's confidence game

We hasten to remind dear readers that life is in fact eternal but we must choose it! When your body dies your spirit leaves the body for higher octaves. You return to the incarnation experience until you've mastered this thing called "Life." It takes a lot of embodiments, in most cases.

The devil wants you to think that life ends when it doesn't. He also wants you to think that God doesn't exist, when all there is, is God.

Bryan Melvin - Former Staunch Atheist's Death & Experience in Hell! Part 1
Warriors4ChristRise on Rumble
Published Nov 12 2022
Length 1:17:41


Juan O Savin - The Near Death Of America (Why It Needs To Happen)

20 minute video montage featuring a very cogent explanation of what we're going through as a nation and a world, spiritually speaking.

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