SPIRITUAL SCIENCE: Gregg Braden - We Have a Direct Access to the Field of Infinite Potential… and The Access Code Is?


In this video Gregg Braden explains how we can reach into the state of energetic potential and change our lives. All energy is potential. When we create either consciously by prayer, for example, or subconsciously by our habits and our paradigms, we create our lives moment by moment. It is important therefore, to be careful what we say and how we say it.

Gregg Braden - We Have a Direct Access to the Field of Infinite Potential… and The Access Code Is?

Gregg Braden on YouTube
Published 5 months ago
18:17 viewing length


SPIRITUAL SCIENCE: Escape the Matrix, Change Your Mind

We have been programmed to believe we are "only human", but the truth is we are divine. We came from the Divine and it is to the Divine we are destined to return. But how do we get there? Most people think that you have to die to get to heaven after living a moral life. But what if we could make heaven on earth?

God, where art thou?

Recognizing Divine Love

The universe is active in all our lives. We are created perfect in spirit from God's own heart. Our souls are cared for as infants in a cocoon woven of infinite love. As time moves, we choose to drift from Divine Love's protection. Yet all of us have the potential to remember from whence we came and to choose once again to be supported by that love.

Or we can ignore all the signs around us that point to the expression of God's provision built into our worlds and being. 

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