Ascension vs Transhumanism


Transhumanists are the ultimate rebels, who in their enmity with Our Heavenly Father and their hatred of the Divine Mother, have forsaken the great Antahkarana of life, the bridge to the sacred where the soul is aware of its oneness with God and with every part of God's creation, something scientists in the last hundred years have begun to identify as the Quantum field.

The soul that raises itself to the heart can realize its eternal inheritance, master life's energies and ascend into the higher realms of existence as taught and demonstrated by Jesus. The transhumanists are denied this of their own choosing as those who betrayed and hate the Law of Life itself. They would deny it to us as well and they have done so with their false dogmas, bastardizing what Jesus delivered in his mission as the Son of Man / Son of God.

These transhumanists are fallen angels that have created a false existence, they are complete frauds, yet they sound so serious and so sincere in their utterly nihilistic insanity. In their ungodly arrogance, they seek to "hack" Immortality itself, vainly striving to buy their own Stairway to Heaven, while refusing in their pride and envy to bend the knee to the very Law of Being.

The good news is that these fallen ones can only harm us by behaving like whores turning tricks, luring and tempting us into harming ourselves when we lend them our very lifeforce for their cockamamie schemes that lead to the ruin and destruction of the soul.

For our salvation, we must honor the Lord's exhortation to come out of her, the Great Whore Babylon.

The Great Reset | The Entire Great Reset Agenda Explained In 17 Minutes (Featuring Biden, Schwab, Harari, Musk, Gates, WEF, etc.)
Thrivetime Show: The ReAwakening versus The Great Reset
Published July 5 2022
Length 17:10

Ascension versus Transhumanism in Ancient Texts & Modern Times
Michael Salla on YouTube
Published June 29 2022
Length: 1:18:06

William Henry has been researching ancient texts and myths over the last three decades and has made many discoveries concerning extraterrestrial intervention, genetic engineering of humanity, ascension, and transhumanism that are all recorded far back in human history. He correctly predicted the growing problem of transhumanism in his 2002 book, Cloak of the Illuminati, and identified the key role of portals/stargates as a means of instantaneous transportation used by Anunnaki extraterrestrials and other off world visitors.

William is a leading proponent of the need for ascension via activation of the rainbow/light body to unleash the full human potential. He asserts this is the best means to offset the grave threat posed by the aggressive push for transhumanism by global elites who want to bio-engineer a new outer skin/exoskeleton for humanity modeled on the fictional Iron Man metal suit.

In his interview with Dr. Michael Salla, William explains why he decided to become an investigative mythologist, his discoveries about humanity's true history concerning extraterrestrials, how he recognized the threat of transhumanism decades before others, and his work in developing ascension classes around the world including his home in Nashville Tennessee.

On The Ascension With Elizabeth Clare Prophet
The Summit Lighthouse on YouTube
Length 4:04

The path of the ascension occurs when the son of man has put on a sufficiency of the Son of God and Father with you. Elizabeth Clare Prophet on your potential for reunion with God.


GEORGIA GUIDESTONES: One Down 4 To Go, But Why The Heck Was Such Evil Intent Erected Anyway?

There is myth, there are stories, and there is fact.

When it comes to the Georgia Guidestones, all of the above applies. And today, the fact is, one of the 'mysterious' Georgia Guidestones has fallen!

A round of applause and a grand celebration is being sent up to the heavens, hailing the forces that collapsed part of this evil structure! But why is this so??

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