America Awake! Before it is Too Late!


Men and Women of Freedom's Hope,

Those who love the natural expression of truth find it difficult to understand how there can be so much untruth in men's concepts. As they gaze upon the face of nature and see the beauty of the light passing through the sky—the fretted, fluttering, fading leaves of autumn penetrated by that light, their cadences promising change—it is as though there were two gods—a God of nature where the face of truth is and a god of man where vacillation, deceit, and confusion manifest. 

You may ask why I have chosen to use a picture of the Saint, Thomas More, but just study his life then brothers to understand his devotion to God and the principles of truth and justice he espoused, thereafter your question will be answered.

Men of truth, then, must weigh the human heart which the Scriptures have called deceitfully wicked, for nowhere is it more wicked than in matters of politics. Men may ask themselves the question "Why?" The answer may be found in an examination of the machinations of the sons of darkness who have capitalized on human fears and weaknesses while denying men access to those ideals reflected in the face of God and in the face of truth. Men find it easy to rationalize their own acts. And in the glaring light of honesty we must also concede that the refractions of true thoughts do produce new ideas, clearer concepts, and a renewed hope for a better world.

The current political campaigns in America reflect some of the most gross attempts in the history of man to distort the images of the candidates—one playing upon the real or manufactured weaknesses of another in order to revamp his own pale platform—and how they have turned the world community away from the simple gospel of light and its natural order. Well have some of the electorate asked themselves this question: "Dare we trust the destiny of our nation to men such as these?" You may be thankful that there is a higher destiny that presides over the affairs of men.

When people continue to attack individuals as a means of winning approval for themselves, they cast serious doubt on their own abilities. Without question, the honest man is aware of the need for order or the control of dissenters and for the harnessing of the energy waves which men are constantly emitting in their secular struggles for humanistic achievement. If they knew the whole truth, the spiritual truth, this would itself set them free from the sense of struggle.

Those who are embroiled in the terrors of the night and in the pestilence that walketh at noonday should understand that this human drama is also captured in the hymn "My Country, 'tis of thee/Sweet Land of Liberty/Of thee I sing/Land where my fathers died/Land of the pilgrim's pride...." For you are all pilgrims still, in search of higher goals. While it has been said, "Your goals should be one," they remain diversified through the lens of the minds of the many. But we foster and encourage appreciation of the culture of liberty, of freedom, of the power to express transcendent humanitarian ideals.

You cannot gain order in society by disorder or by disrespect of the law. The so-called avant-garde culture presently in vogue to which the young are being subjected is in reality one of the terrors of the dark night of human consciousness. If they could see from Heaven's level, there could be no practiced deceit or intended destruction wrought upon them. But the darkness of protest and social unrest comes as a thief in the night to rob them of their birthright.

To those who have yet the clarity of vision to see we say, "Awake before it is too late!" There are those who seek to carry a torch for freedom, but they are surrounded on every side by the spoilers and the purity of their motive is distorted on every hand by an almost militant propaganda machine. Yet they continue fearlessly to uphold the banner of Christ. Such as these have won our respect and our support, for can heaven do less than to pledge her all to the faithful who dare in the darkest hour of human infamy to seek to preserve us a nation? Those who are alert will understand the need to uphold in prayer the land of the pilgrims' pride, the ancient boundaries of respect for neighbor, for property, for opportunity, and those who have the courage to take a stand for the principles of the Brotherhood of Christ.

If the world is to have a solution to its problems, it must be because of the example of liberty and courage set before it from the heart of America. This heart must survive and pump into the mainstream of the body politic of the world the nutrients of independence—the vital strength to rejuvenate the nation and to slough off the old cancer of human disrespect, profanity, obscenity, degeneracy, and disorganization. Both old and new institutions must uphold the banner of the Christ. This is the culture of the Spirit that leads humanity out of darkness to preserve this nation under God for that new birth of freedom which will be its eternal portion so long as men and women of courage live to support and to uphold that divine right of life.

For the victory of right over might and the perpetuation of the light of freedom forever,



As many of you may recall, Mary Magdalene, referred to our Beloved Jesus as "Rabboni" when she came upon him after his resurrection. This is to say "Master" and was a Jewish word used to address someone who was a spiritual leader or a learned one in those days. So our Beloved Master Speaks to us in our heart flames if we will hear. What does the Master Jesus whisper to us in the still small voice we hear in our minds and hearts?


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    MsPat · 1 years ago
    "Men find it easy to rationalize their own acts. And in the glaring light of honesty we must also concede that the refractions of true thoughts do produce new ideas, clearer concepts, and a renewed hope for a better world."

    Soul searching, immediately comes to mind. Yet, the enemy instills fear between thought & solution. 😔🙏
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