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Are you ready for Starship's maiden orbital flight? It may happen in July! Happy Fourth America!

Booster 7 Rolled Out for Static Fire Testing | SpaceX Starbase
NASASpaceflight on YouTube
Published June 30, 2022
Length 10:29

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Booster 7 was rolled out to the launch site in preparation for its static fire test campaign. SpaceX is ramping up testing for the orbital test flight after the FAA released its Environmental Assessment earlier this month.

Video and Pictures from Mary (@BocaChicaGal), Nic (@NicAnsuini), and the NSF Robots.

Edited by Patrick Colquhoun (@Patrick_Colqu).

All content copyright to NSF. Not to be used elsewhere without explicit permission from NSF.

0:00 - Venting From the Orbital Launch Mount

0:28 - Sunrise

0:45 - The Orbital Launch Mount

1:16 - The Booster Quick Disconnect

1:44 - B7.1 Test Tank

2:26 - Venting From the Orbital Tank Farm

2:38 - Booster 7 Rollout to the Orbital Launch Site

5:53 - Buckner's Liebherr LR 11000 Disassembled

7:00 - Ship Payload Section Being Welded in the High Bay

7:15 - Ship 15

7:30 - New Building Near the Production Site

7:46 - Ship 25 Payload Bay Section

8:01 - Work on the Mega Bay

8:29 - Ship 24 in the High Bay

8:45 - Chopsticks Raised

9:17 - Booster 7 Moved Between the Chopsticks

9:49 - Chopsticks Moved Into Position

"SpaceX has entered the next phase of preparations to send Starship to orbit. Following the key milestone of passing the Federal Aviation Administration's (FAA's) Programmatic Environmental Assessment (PEA) with a mitigated Finding Of No Significant Impact (FONSI), SpaceX rolled out Super Heavy Booster 7 to the Orbital Launch Site for a third time to begin its static fire test campaign which will set the stage for Starship's first Orbital Test Flight – paired with Ship 24 – later this year.

"SpaceX moved Super Heavy Booster 7 out of the Mega Bay on June 23, rolling out to the orbital launch site shortly after. This was the vehicle's third rollout to the launch site, following two previous trips down Highway 4 back in April and May.


"For this rollout, unlike the previous ones, Booster 7 sported an impressive suite of 33 Raptor 2 engines on its aft section.

"The latest flow inside High Bay 2 also put the finishing touches to the booster's full launch configuration. The vehicle now has all four grid fins installed, all four chines, and the Hydraulic Power Units (HPUs) are also covered with their respective aerocovers. Teams also appear to have installed debris and heat shields around the engines.

"This indicates that this may well be Booster 7's last trek to the orbital launch site before the long-awaited Starship Orbital Test Flight, which Musk indicated should happen in July. However, this is likely to be delayed, as first-time operations and tests will likely provide some challenges on the path to launch day.

"SpaceX is already achieving new milestones with Booster 7, including the first use of the Launch Tower arms – nicknamed "the chopsticks" by Musk- to lift and place a Super Heavy booster into the Orbital Launch Mount."

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Tesla, SpaceX and the Mighty Stainless Steel Mars Rocket


"Making humanity a multi-planetary species," HooAh.

Originally published May 4, 2019

I understand "journalists" allegedly have a duty to present balanced viewpoints. On the other hand, everyone on earth seems obligated to diss-down on SpaceX and especially Tesla. I will gleefully wear their pejorative, "Fanboy," for men who love thundering rockets, hot cars and beautiful women, as the greatest of accolades if this miserable, un-American tide of recidivist doom and slander is the alternative!

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