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At the occasion of Nikola Tesla's 165th birthday, Juan O Savin spoke about Tesla's annual gifts to the world. Juan is thankful, as we are, of God's gift of Nikola Tesla to the world.

We have the video and the transcript (also the original video of the Juan O Savin interview from which an excerpt was taken.)

Happy Birthday Nikola Tesla

Excerpt by Jetson White on YouTube
Published July 9, 2021
11:42 viewing length

107 shares what he knows about the Brightest Light in the World of Science as we celebrate the day Nikola Tesla was born, July 10. This video proposes that Nikola Tesla, the discoverer of Time Travel, is here now to assist with Humanity's escape from this captured operation. Tesla could have traveled back as an old man and found himself at that younger age, and then traveled with his younger self back to the Timeline he left from. So then the Tesla from this Timeline could grow old and die, but there'd still be the young one here, hiding out in our military's Witness Protection Program.


Juan O Savin 0:06
Every year on Tesla's birthday, instead of receiving gifts on his birthday, he would give a gift of a new invention to the world. People have no concept. Everything that you are experiencing in the world today is largely influenced by things that Tesla invented and put out into the world, including, for example, the radio, which was proven in court was not Marconi's invention, but was Tesla's, the coil, which makes you know, modern cars, you know, possible. All sorts of things, even the alternating current.

Our world is this gift to the world, to humanity, of the person of Nikola Tesla is stunning. And one of the things Tesla, you know, he had women that liked him, he was actually a woman's man, they loved him. He was very statuesque, he was a very fit, good looking man, he was dapper, and women were attracted to him. He was raised by, you know, a pastor's wife. So he was a very spiritual man. And he actually, on occasion, had commented that his work would not allow him the luxury of a wife and children, because he had a duty to the world with the things that he had his understanding of the world, his understanding of the physics, the things he had to create.

He was internally driven to build on everything he'd done, and so we received, he forgoes certain enjoyments and pleasures that everybody else would think that they deserved or should have, or whatever. And he passed over them in order to complete his mission. He was a man with a mission.

So I would love to celebrate, and continue to build out and understand and remember that day, for me as a holiday. I think it's an important day that we need to, you know, kind of give thanks for this gift to the world of Nikola Tesla. And a lot of his work, a lot of the things that he understood and presented are not fully understood even today. And there's room to build out and expand on that. And entrepreneurs, inventors would do well, to revisit some of the things that he had there that will help the world out in the future. So I'm a huge, huge, huge Tesla fan. And I've spoken at a couple of Tesla events in years past quite some long time ago. There's a couple of Tesla clubs out there. And I have a lot of respect to the people that continue to build out the legacy of Nikola Tesla.

So what I want to do on July 10, and I'd actually like to do it every year, I want to just present things related to Tesla. In fact, I have one of his relatives, who is going to do some presenting we hope, with unique insights, related to Nikola Tesla. Tesla was not an Einstein fan. A lot of the physics that we have today was tweaked. There's terms that have been introduced, there's understandings with the quantum physics that is in denial. It side-tracks us from stuff that Tesla understood on the 369, et cetera. There's a certain build out on the physiology related to the platonic shapes, and the fact that those are reflected in matter, and the way that matter exists, and then builds on different shapes at the atomic level.

Tesla was trying to present an understanding that allowed you to build out your ideas differently. And so this great global reset that's coming will also include how we understand, perceive, conceive our ideas, and relay them based on the proper physics, the proper numerical equations, as opposed to these cooked ones that get us in a zone close enough to work, but don't get us to the real underlying physics that are holding us back from going where we're really supposed to go to.

The second edition (of Juan's book, Kid By The Side Of The Road) is one that has a very important cube in it. And that's through the whole text, it's on every page of the first edition. And then it is the dress that Melania wore the last day as FLOTUS on 1/20 of 2021. In this tetrahedral form, if you draw that tetrahedral form inside of a globe, and it's rotating. Now, if you do it upside down, the pyramid shape only it's a tetrahedron, it's actually three sides on the base. If you invert it, instead of having the point go to the North Pole do another one that goes to the South Pole. And it counter rotates in the turnstile fashion. Now you have the basis for the other energy and you have the torsion signal that exists between those counter rotating tetrahedral shapes inside of a rotating body. They can both be going in the same direction but one slower than the other and you have a torsion mechanism, they can actually be reversed mechanically, and you get an extremely high form, a very dense form of a tension interaction, force interaction. And so the reason I say that is that if you're going to go to a time manipulation - yeah, that's where you actually start having enough energy to actually do some of those things, theoretically.

Tom Numbers 10:10
Earlier on when you were talking about Nikola Tesla, and then you were talking about the pyramids. So, if you do the numbers on "pyramid", "pyramid" comes to 86, which comes to the word "nineteen". And you talked eloquently about 19.47, you did all of that. But if you do "the pyramid", there is 33. Add those together, that comes to 119, which comes in "Nikola Tesla".

Juan O Savin 10:33
In gematria, when you go to Nikola Tesla's birthdate, and you say it the way Europeans say it with the day first and then the month. And so there's a lot of fun stuff in there. Are we seeing some ancient wars still being played out and we're just here present in the midst of this? I would say yes. And the evil that existed then, is still present. So when we look out at the evils going out across the world, is this still them playing out what's part of their basic nature to enslave anyone around them, anything around them? We're just ants in their sight, because their consciousness has been around for eons. We've been here for a few decades, and you're going to match that ingenious understanding, etc.? It's hard to imagine such a part from divine assistance, divine interaction, just like Nikola Tesla claimed to have gotten from God himself.

Above Excerpted from Juan O. Savin, Brice & Tom Numbers, John M ⏰Tesla, Howard Hughes, The Pyramids, Aliens, Jupiter 🎺🗽

PSYCH CLUB - Tom Sidney Bushnell aka NUMBERS on YouTube
Published June 29, 2021
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July 10 will mark the 165th birthday of Nikola Tesla, 26 days after Donald John Trump's 75th birthday who's uncle John was a business partner of Tesla's. Nikola said science was the great uniter. Every year at his birthday, instead of seeking to receive birthday gifts, Nikola would present the world with a new invention of his which helped to improve life on earth.

Contributing author Candace Whitelight and Ruby Ray Media author Beverly Ann Wood contributed to this article. (See Beverly's earlier article on Tesla and Trump from Feb. 17 in the Related section.)


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