In a prophetic dream Dr Bridges was given an assignment. That assignment is to pray and also to ask others to pray for the protection of the "Ancient Foundations," as well as for President Trump and his family. President Trump has been selected by God to be a "Protector of the Ancient Foundations." Please listen to this very important message.

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@TheHermanCain, a great American, is hospitalized with coronavirus and has requested prayer.

Franklin Graham @Franklin_Graham

@TheHermanCain, a great American, is hospitalized with coronavirus and has requested prayer. He is a colon cancer survivor & in a high risk category. Would you join me in praying for him today, as well as all those who are suffering from COVID-19?

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The Sheltering God - Look at the BRIGHT side!

"Shelter in God" - Dr. David Jeremiah tells us what God has done during and after sheltering times in the past. As we move through coronavirus pandemic of 2020 and begin to think of its impact and effect, many people are asking what is going to happen next. Some are predicting the worst. “The world will never be the same,” they say. “We’ll never go back to normal.” The pessimism about the impact of this pandemic is almost as bad as the pandemic itself. So what do you say to those who predict such a dire post-pandemic life?

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Common Sense Preaching the Word of God: "What in the Heavens is Going On"?

Pastor Kynan Bridges discusses how the forces of darkness interfere in our lives. There are entities and demons and these "beings" need to infest the body in order to work. They are not just spirits hanging around, they have to inhabit others in order to work in the world. He explains how important it is to reject evil and pray these forces out of our lives. We should pray and "fall out of agreement", with the forces of darkness. This is actually very encouraging. Please listen.

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Man Lost at Sea Literally Saved by Angels

Now here is a happy story. When was the last time someone lost at sea was found alive? I can tell you it isn't often, living here in a coastal town myself. But this man was found after 24 hours clinging to the hull of his capsized boat!

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"The Shocking Turnaround"

Pastor Kynan Bridges says, "I don't care what the devil says, it's not over until God says it's over."

"God is about to shock some people!"

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"Exposing The Spirit of Witchcraft"

Pastor Kynan Bridges talks about how manipulation and lies we are told is actually witchcraft being practiced against us. If you cause people to violate spiritual laws it will bring curses upon themselves. The evil one needs our agreement in order to function.

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President Trump messages USA Citizens and the world from Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Maryland where he is currently resting and recuperating from a covid diagnosis. The support for his well being is over the top tremendous.

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Prayers that Change the Trajectory of the Battle

Prayers that can change the trajectory of the battle, that can literally change the outcome. "Where there are two or three gathered in my name, there am I in the midst of them." Jesus the Christ
Please watch the video and pray.

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Pastor Kynan Bridges Has Some Important Messages for Us

In the first video below Pastor Kynan Bridges points out that we live in a society in which we are conditioned and manipulated by the media using Mind Control. In the second video he discusses recent events, "The Culture War: Exposing The Spirit of Hatred, Strife, and Division," and Jacob Blake, George Floyd and Joe Biden. The third video contains an interview with Dr. Kynan Bridges on the Chris Salcedo show on Newsmax TV regarding the culture war.

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"The Day I Stopped Being "Black""

Pastor Bridges shares with us the day he learned that he is not defined by his race or color and neither is anyone else.

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Dr Kynan Bridges on Dreams, Confession, President Trump and Brainwashing

Confession about Trump, Dream, Brainwashing, and How Much I was Paid

Dr. Kynan Bridges discusses the emails he has received from people regarding his dream about President Trump. They have asked him if he is being paid off by a political campaign.

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