Why are Federal Prosecutors in Biden Administration Dismissing Violent BLM/ANTIFA Cases? Hypocrisy?

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While the Biden Justice Department goes after, even people who simply attended the January 6th event at Capitol Hill that they are calling an insurrection, which by all accounts was mostly peaceful, violent BLM/ANTIFA rioters, some who even attacked federal officers, are being completely let off the hook. See story from the National Pulse below.

1 in 3 BLM/ANTIFA Rioters Are Having Their Cases Dismissed By Biden's Dept Of Justice.

" “KGW reviewed federal court records and found 31 of the 90 protest cases have been dismissed by the U.S. Department of Justice, including a mix of misdemeanor and felony charges,” a local news outlet revealed.

"More than half of the cases dropped were “dismissed with prejudice,” which means the case can’t be brought back to court, and at least 11 of the dismissals occurred on or after the inauguration of President Joe Biden."

Staff Writer - National Pulse


From City Block Takeovers to Murder in the Streets, Portland IS a War Zone

From City Block Takeovers to Murder in the Streets, Portland IS a War Zone

Since the George Floyd incident took place May 25th, 2020 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, the unrest in Portland, fueled by BLM and Antifa, has escalated from scheduled 'peaceful demonstrations and protests', to violent riots, to a temporary takeover of a few city blocks, and now to murder in their streets. 

From May 28th, when the civil unrest began in Portland, protests quickly turned to riots which then turned to the creation of CHAZ, (Capital Hill Autonomous Zone) mid-July 2020. Bearing arms and threatening attacks, violent agitator/rioters seized a few blocks of the city of Portland for a short while and called it their own as reported by Fox. The sympathetic Mayor Ted Wheeler was more concerned about the presence of federal officers who he wrongly claimed caused violence than the takeover and destruction of several city blocks of his own city.  The purpose for CHAZ was and is still unclear. It did fail miserably and was shut down but business has never returned to normal status due to lack of security and continued unrest. Many businesses are now either not reopening at all or leaving Portland for more peaceful and secure places to operate.


Portland: "The fish rots from the head"

"Not that there isn't plenty of blame to go around in the Oregonian metropolis, but the fish rots from the head; Wheeler is the head and the rot's been happening for a while."

"In short, he's deluded, desperate or both. He's abandoned his residents and is bragging about it on Twitter for anti-Trump points."


Angels Walk Among Us

RRM Content Creators: Visionaries, Poet Warriors, World Leaders

Citizen Journalists, multimedia content creators are the reason we are here. Raising up your voice is central to our mission. We are a team, lifting each other by the variety of our talents and skills. The most important element in this is capturing and sharing the unique thoughts, wisdom and artforms that come to us as we ponder the world in our hearts. Seeing now clearly how badly the people who arrogate themselves into positions of power and influence over us, are bungling the job. They have never attempted to serve the people who are the source of their wealth and power, they only seek to exploit us.

Our years of experience on social media have clearly proven to us, that the so-called "average" men and women living on this planet, have in our daily musings the extraordinary wisdom of how this planet needs to be run--it's a big planet, each one of us contains valuable insights into the many aspects of the whole. We support each one of us upping our games expressing the unique gifts each of us contains. 


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