Tucker Exposes the Mr. Magoo Circus Rallying to Protect Biden From Himself

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Tucker Calrson's intro on Fox News tonight nailed it, we'll let him capture the comedy show of two-faced liberal gaslighting.

cartoon biden 2020 mentally unfit

Tucker nails NYT columnist Thomas Friedman, firstly for being dumb, also for his article today proposing impossible conditions to be met by Trump for Mr. Joe Magoo to debate him, in a laughable attempt to justify hiding the brain dead candidate.

Predictable, yet we have indeed been served another head-shaking, jaw-dropping moment by those shaping the Idiocracy's narrative. It's a nightmare that will not end too soon; and it does give one pause for concern: how many rubber rooms are we actually going to need after Nov. 3?

Originally published Wednesday, 08 July 2020

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