"The Democratic Party’s Stasi"

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From American Greatness:
"While reading emails in his bedroom last Wednesday morning, Paul Hueper heard a loud commotion inside his house. Still clad in pajamas, the Alaska business owner ran to his dining room to see what was happening.

"Hueper found himself face-to-face with several armed FBI agents, guns drawn, barking orders to him and his wife, Marilyn. The agents had kicked down the front door of their home in Homer, Alaska where they also operate a day spa and inn.

"The pair were quickly handcuffed along with a few houseguests, including a teenager. Paul and Marilyn, who had attended Donald Trump’s speech in Washington, D.C. on January 6 and then walked to the Capitol, were interrogated for at least three hours by federal investigators.

“They said they had a search warrant but didn’t present it to us . . . they said it had something to do with the January 6 riot . . . as they called it,” Hueper told a local radio station after the April 28 raid. “They put us in different rooms to make sure we were telling the same story. They treated us like criminals.”

Marilyn was told she was a suspect in the case of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s “stolen” laptop; a few hours into the inquisition, an agent finally showed Marilyn a photo of someone inside the Capitol on January 6 who looked like her. She told agents it wasn’t her and insisted the image had been photoshopped.

"The whole incident was somewhat amusing to the Huepers. “We laughed a lot of the time because it was so ridiculous,” Marilyn said. “I could hear Paul laughing in the other room.”"

"Joe Biden’s Justice Department now operates as the unapologetic enforcer of the Democratic Party’s will, a modern-day Stasi unleashing a campaign of terror against the ruling party’s perceived enemies. Americans who dare to deny the legitimacy of the U.S. president—an activity considered political haute couture from 2016 until 2021—aren’t just dismissed as misguided conspiracy theorists but rounded up across the country to face criminal trials conducted not by a jury of their peers but by Democratic Party-ruled tribunals located in Washington, D.C..

"It only took the U.S. Justice Department four short years between ambushing a top Trump national security advisor in the White House to ambushing small-town Alaska spa owners and Iraq War veterans inside their own homes. At least way back in 2017, Democratic Party henchmen disguised as federal prosecutors tried to conceal the targeting of a decorated Army lieutenant general who was on Barack Obama’s hit list.

"Now, Biden’s Justice Department flaunts its plans in a public display of “shock and awe” as one top prosecutor boasted, empowered no less—and once again—by the craven political leadership of the Republican Party.

"In a near-unanimous vote on April 20, the U.S. Senate confirmed Lisa Monaco as Biden’s deputy attorney general. (Only two Republicans, Senators Ted Cruz and Rand Paul, voted no.) The golden stamp of approval was a green light for Monaco—an Obama confidante, key Russian collusion hoax perpetrator, and former chief of staff to ex-FBI Director Robert Mueller—to accelerate the agency’s manhunt for Trump allies, both the powerful and the unknown."

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12 Attorneys General Encouraging Big Tech Censorship of Speech

"The attorneys general of twelve states have signed a joint letter to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, calling on the world's top social networks to do more to suppress negative claims about COVID-19 vaccines." LifeSite News

As I have pointed out in previous articles, this is not just the censoring of people by big tech on their own platforms. This is a clear violation of the first amendment to the constitution, which protects the peoples' inalienable right to free speech.


Angels Walk Among Us

RRM Content Creators: Visionaries, Poet Warriors, World Leaders

Citizen Journalists, multimedia content creators are the reason we are here. Raising up your voice is central to our mission. We are a team, lifting each other by the variety of our talents and skills. The most important element in this is capturing and sharing the unique thoughts, wisdom and artforms that come to us as we ponder the world in our hearts. Seeing now clearly how badly the people who arrogate themselves into positions of power and influence over us, are bungling the job. They have never attempted to serve the people who are the source of their wealth and power, they only seek to exploit us.

Our years of experience on social media have clearly proven to us, that the so-called "average" men and women living on this planet, have in our daily musings the extraordinary wisdom of how this planet needs to be run--it's a big planet, each one of us contains valuable insights into the many aspects of the whole. We support each one of us upping our games expressing the unique gifts each of us contains. 

Your qualifications, are your courage to be born on this planet, and make your way living a worthy life. We are here to support you putting your thoughts and ideas into words and other artforms. The technicalities are simply hurdles to overcome, the challenge is summoning the courage to say what is in our hearts and minds. We recognize that every soul born, simply by delving into our hearts, can contact Infinite Wisdom, the Holy Spirit. Maybe not so clearly at first for those with less experience exploring within, and certainly a lifetime of growing and developing our ability to put words to the wisdom we inherently contain.

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