Noem Sues "Bidan" LOL

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Always good to see the Governor of South Dakota sticking up for her State's people and for American values. We're not sure who's she's suing though. Is the REAL Joe Biden still around? LOL

Kristi Noem sues Biden administration over Mount Rushmore fireworks

" “Mount Rushmore is the very best place to celebrate America’s birthday and all that makes our country special,” said Noem in a statement. “After telling us they’d ‘circle back,’ the Biden administration has not responded to our request to uphold the Memorandum of Agreement between the State of South Dakota and the National Parks Service (NPS) to host a safe and responsible national celebration and fireworks show."

" “Unfortunately, the new administration departed from precedent and reneged on this agreement without any meaningful explanation,” she continued. “We are asking the court to enjoin the Department of Interior’s (DOI) denial of the fireworks permit and order it to issue a permit for the event expeditiously.” "

Washington Examiner - Mike Brest

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Gov Noem Leads Governors in Common Sense

Gov Noem Leads the Nation in Common Sense

Kristi is a mom too and doesn't like the way fake news is trying to scare the kids.



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