LOL "Biden Got More Views Falling Down The Stairs Than Speaking To Congress" LOL

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"Last night, former Vice President Joe Biden gave a divisive speech to Congress where he slandered Trump supporters as ‘terrorists’ who conducted an ‘insurrection’ on January 6th. Instead of working to heal the nation, he did everything he could to tear us apart even more."
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YIKES: Biden Got More Views Falling Down The Stairs Than Speaking To Congress

"However, as fate would have it, very few people tuned in to watch the senile old man deliver remarks that were written for him by a staffer.

"The ratings have come out, and they’re bad. Only 11 million people tuned in to watch Sleepy Joe speak last night. For perspective, President Trump’s *lowest* rated speech got a whopping 37 million views…well over 3 times the amount that Joe Biden received.

"What makes last nights viewership total even more embarassing is that Biden’s tumble down the stairs of Air Force One a few months ago got more views than his speech to the nation. Yes, really.

"Here’s the tweet from Caleb Hull, showing proof that his video of Biden stumbling on the stairs got 16 million views while Biden’s “Joint Address” to Congress only pulled in 11 million:"

(more of this article at TP's website)

TrendingPolitics dot com - Clayton Keirns 4 days ago

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