EYE ON Maricopa: The President Praises OAN for Actually Covering Maricopa

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The President's statements come almost daily and multiple times in a day, he is guiding the nation through the disinformation world that has been allowed to completely show itself. Americans wake up in vast swaths of the nation.

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Meme Katie Hobbs Promise you wont shoot me

EYE ON Maricopa: Soros' Hand-Picked Minions are in the AZ Audit Spotlight

Arizona's Secretary of State Katie Hobbs acts like someone with an Open Society gun to her head. Come to think of it, so does Maricopa Sheriff Paul Penzone.

Arizona's State Senate President Karen Fann addressed this bizarre behavior yesterday in a bombshell letter revealing that voting machine databases were DELETED!

My goodness but the Leftists are SO self-destructive. Hat tip to the Trump Team geniuses who set them all up. KA-Boom!



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