Critical Race Theory is a Classic Communist Divide-and-Conquer Tactic

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"Rather than serve help heal the nation, critical race theory has proven to be poisonous to liberty, true community, and our common humanity."

In other words, the communist left in our political, media and academic arenas are part of a dangerous mindset that has destroyed countries before and will destroy this one, if we let it. That's why we elected Trump. That's why Trump is ending the CRT nightmare.

Critical Race Theory Is A Classic Communist Divide-And-Conquer Tactic

Rather than serve help heal the nation, critical race theory has proven to be poisonous to liberty, true community, and our common humanity.

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"Of all the ways identity politics is used as a tool to sow hatred among people where there should be the potential for friendship, “critical race theory” is one of the gravest offenders. Every person of goodwill should know that judging people based on their physical characteristics is cruel and wrong.

"This is not the nature of critical race theory, however. Rather, the insidious ideology is being used to promote estrangement rather than friendship, and hostility rather than goodwill. Indeed, the tactics used by proponents of critical race theory share many parallels with old tactics used by the Bolsheviks.

"As such, federal employees and those who work for corporations that do business with the federal government sucked into the poisonous vortex of critical race theory can thank President Trump for ordering a stop to the promulgation of critical race theory. Thanks should also be sent to scholar Christopher Rufo, whose diligence brought the critical race theory venom to the forefront of Trump’s attention, and Russ Vought, director of the Office of Management and Budget, who is working to root out members of the administrative state who defy that order.

"It’s important to remember that because very few of its activists have shown much sincere desire to end racism, critical race theory should not be taken entirely at face value. If a majority of its supporters were sincere, they would be willing to have fruitful discussions in a civil society that supports civil discourse. Rather, critical race theory’s agitators are committed to tearing down civil society on the pretense that it is an incubator for “systemic racism.”

"If you’ve any doubt about that, consider the Smithsonian display on “whiteness” that condemned all elements of civil society, including politeness, hard work, self-reliance, logic, planning, and family cohesion. None of those are “white” values, but critical race theory frames them just so. This sort of animus proves that critical race theory “arguments” are non-starters and merely serve as convenient pretexts for power grabs.

"Doused with critical race theory, the Black Lives Matter organization and its related Antifa-infused mobs are organized for the same purposes as all cult recruits: to recruit more people and to implement the desire to divide and conquer. The phenomenon can be seen as they surround people in vehicles or restaurants, demanding their victims raise a fist and recite slogans under the intense intimidation and implications of violence.

"Indeed, agitators who deploy critical race theory have zero interest in ending racism. Instead, they’ve made essentially the same point over and over again: Racism is an unsolvable problem. If you’ve been tainted as “white,” there’s nothing you can do about it. You are eternally a racist, especially if you don’t believe you are.

"Robin D’Angelo explains it all in her best-selling book “White Fragility.” Your only option is the cultist’s option: submit to your critical race theory overlords, then recruit others to do the same. If, however, you’re a black person who disagrees with all of this, well, then, “You ain’t black.”

"As with all forms of identity politics and intersectionality, critical race theory stokes divisions between people where few or none existed before. It’s all about relational aggression and predatory alienation.

"Let’s look at a perfect example of this process, a parallel case from Soviet history. As peasant farmers tended to be overwhelmingly religious, traditional, and family-oriented, the Bolshevik government hated them with a fiery passion. Increasing the acrimony further, the peasants resisted giving up their family-run farms—a roadblock to the Soviet leadership’s desire to exercise complete control over the nation’s food supply.

"To collectivize agriculture, Soviet leader Joseph Stalin devised a plan to stir up hostilities among the peasants where resentments had never existed before. As would be the case later with Mao’s Red Guard (and today’s radical statue-toppling, Molotov-cocktail-throwing radicals), the Soviets used mobs of youth to do the dirty work.

"The communist youth league, known as the Komsomol, went into villages to propagandize and incite divisions, turning formerly peaceful neighbors against one another. In his book “The Whisperers: Private Life in Stalin’s Russia,” Orlando Figes describes the situation:

"The villagers had never heard such propaganda in the past, and many were impressed by the long words used by the leaders of the Komsomol. At these meetings, the villagers were told that they belonged to three mutually hostile classes: the poor peasants, who were the allies of the proletariat, the middle peasants, who were neutral, and the rich or ‘kulak’ peasants, who were its enemies. The names of all the peasants in these different classes were listed on a board outside the village school.

"This process is eerily similar to the way critical race theory — and all identity politics — has been applied in America. You can see the same three divisions: victims, oppressors, and those who might save themselves by becoming “allies” of the victims.

"Note the reference to the Komsomol using impressive “long words.” Today our miseducated youth are easily impressed by new terms such as “systemic racism,” “intersectionality,” and “white fragility.” Finally, the wokesters identify and condemn those marked as oppressors — doxing and canceling them by name — in a written list of names posted in the village. Today such work is helped along by media and Big Tech.

"The whole idea is to sow chaos where there was peace — or, at least progress. It is to disrupt and destroy any sense of community a person may have. Figes continued: “These divisions were entirely generated by the Komsomol. The villagers had no previous conception of themselves in terms of social class. They had always thought of themselves as one ‘peasant family.’”

"They then use those newly established identities to “rub resentments raw.” In “Rules for Radicals,” agitator Saul Alinsky described the process:

"The organizer must first rub raw the resentments of the people of the community; fan the latent hostilities of many of the people to the point of overt expression . . . an organizer must stir up dissatisfaction and discontent; provide a channel into which people can angrily pour their frustrations . . . your function — to agitate to the point of conflict.

"Conjuring up such hostilities is also the essence of what Karl Marx was aiming for in his call for “class consciousness.” The problem, as he saw it, was that people were busy with life and willing to live and let live. Or, to put it in modern terminology, they were “insufficiently woke.” All power elites likewise see social contentment as an impediment to their power.

"In the same fashion, today’s critical race theory agitators call for a form of race consciousness that breeds in themselves the same sort of blind hate. Ironically, they’re like a photographic negative, a mirror image of the segregationists in Jim Crow days. We have been assaulted with many other forms of “consciousness” intended to sow hostilities and lawlessness: immigrant status, gender identity, sexual identity, and on and on. We are being overwhelmed.

"Saddest of all is how critical race theory exploits the tragedy of racial divisions in America. The tragedy is thus reduced to nothing but a vehicle for a power grab by elitists in the circles of academia, media, and Big Tech. Ironically, those power elites are vastly and disproportionately white and in it for their gain. So, rather than serve as a balm for healing, critical race theory has proven to be poisonous to liberty, true community, and our common humanity."

Stella Morabito is a senior contributor to The Federalist. Follow Stella on Twitter.

Originally published Friday, 02 October 2020

Forced Denunciations And ‘Sensitivity Training’ Mimic Communist Brainwashing Tactics

Critical race theory looks like it’s all about race. But race is merely the tool used to stir up emotional responses that play into the hands of agitators who simply want to control minds.

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"Agitators for critical race theory have fanned out of academia into mind-hacking workaday Americans, trying to convince them the nation is unredeemably evil. They doggedly attempted to do this to federal employees as well as all big corporations.

"Christopher Rufo, a research fellow with the Discovery Institute, has described how trainers for critical race theory (CRT) in the federal government are defying President Trump’s executive order to cancel their race-baiting training. In the State Department, for example, they are pushing a “’21-Day Racial Equity Habit Building Challenge,’ in which staff are asked to recite a racial equity ‘pledge,’ ‘select a different minority group daily,’ and engage in a ’10-15 minute challenge’ in ‘pursuit of racial equity.’"

"Indeed, as Rufo has noted, the goal is to indoctrinate employees with neo-Marxist rhetoric that portrays America as a “white supremacist” nation. Critical race theory and communist tactics are pretty much interchangeable. It’s really all about brainwashing.

"In critical race theory, as in communism, the concept of “social justice” quickly devolves into a smokescreen, an old-fashioned divide-and-conquer tool. They evoke hostilities between people in order to control them. While Karl Marx stoked divisions by trying to build “class consciousness,” today’s CRT trainers stoke divisions through its brand of race consciousness.

"Sure, at first glance CRT looks like it’s all about race. But race is merely the tool used to stir up emotional responses that play into the hands of agitators who simply want to control minds. CRT really represents a classic, textbook case of coercive thought reform, otherwise known as brainwashing.

Similarities to Communist Brainwashing of U.S. POWs

"During the Korean War, many American prisoners of war ended up in camps run by Chinese communists. Unlike the North Koreans, who used physical torture on prisoners, the Chinese used psychological methods to induce compliance in our POWs. Social psychologist Robert Cialdini describes the Chinese “lenient” techniques of gradual thought reform in his book “Influence.” He characterized these as:

"Commitment and consistency pressures to gain the desired compliance from prisoners. . . . For instance, prisoners were frequently asked to make statements so mildly anti-American or pro-Communist as to seem inconsequential. (‘The United States is not perfect.’ ‘In a Comunist country, unemployment is not a problem.’) But once these minor requests were complied with, the men found themselves pushed to submit to related yet more substantive requests.

"Today we see CRT agitators getting people to make the seemingly mild statement that “Black lives matter.” Most are unaware that the BLM organization is blatantly Marxist and does not believe people have a right to own property or to raise their own children. But we can see how many youths have been pushed to these further levels once invested in the BLM slogan. This is what Cialdini calls the “foot-in-the-door technique.”

"Another tactic: get the American POWs to write things down, perhaps just by copying them from a notebook, which might seem harmless. But the act of writing is active, not passive. And the POWs were providing documents in their own writing which could be used to persuade others as well as affect the self-image of the writer.

"Cialdini noted that when the POWs returned to the United States, the American psychologists who examined them were unsettled by the success of the Chinese brainwashing attempts, and found that “the Chinese were very effective in getting Americans to inform on one another.”

They Start With Things Anybody Is Willing to Do or Say

"If you review the training sessions for CRT facilitators, the process is eerily similar to such communist processes of coercive thought reform. First of all, the employees are put into a controlled environment, isolated from other influences and under the complete supervision of the CRT trainers.

"Writing is also a part of the process. The State Department program would have employees take part in “challenge activities” for 21 days that required them to keep a written log of activities such as reading, listening, “allyship,” and more, “with a focus on four minority groups.” They were also required to take part in “support groups” and “emotional validation” exercises, which sound a lot like Maoist-styled “struggle sessions,” otherwise known in communist history as “sessions of criticism and self-criticism.”

"At the Environmental Protection Agency, CRT agitators planned to subject employees to a program in which they would be taught about “allyship, antiracism, white fragility, microaggressions, white privilege, and systemic racism.” The original source documents can be found here.

"In her 1995 book “Cults in Our Midst,” cult expert Margaret Thaler Singer discusses how the brainwashing/thought reform process aims to destabilize a person’s sense of self in order to change his or her attitudes. But, she says, it is usual “a gradual process of breaking down and transformation.” No doubt CRT aids in this process.

"The idea is to undermine individuals’ self-concept, to make them change their worldview and self-image to align with the cultic ideal and a new version of reality. They then become deployable agents to recruit others — and, in the case of BLM, to take part in mob violence.

Binary, Emotionally Charged Thinking

"The teaching of critical race theory does exactly this. CRT fits the type of cult thought reform process that Singer classified as reliant upon “aversive emotional arousal techniques – guilt and fear induction, strict discipline and punishments, excessive criticism and blame.”

"CRT requires people to think of themselves as either racists or victims or allies, nothing more and nothing less. The deeper you go into the mindset, the more you are invested in it, and the more your behavior is affected by it.

"The good news is that these transformations are not permanent for most people as long as they can get out from under the influence. The road to recovery can be difficult for those who were deeply affected, of course. Although many could remain stuck, most can manage to clear their minds in a matter of weeks when removed from toxic influences. It took Patty Hearst a couple of weeks to remove the brainwashing effects imposed on her after she was kidnapped and held under the influence of the terrorist Symbionese Liberation Army for more than a year and a half.

"She told Larry King in a 2002 interview: “I had no free will until I was separated from them for about two weeks. And then it suddenly began to dawn that they just weren’t there anymore. I could actually think my own thoughts.”

"This is why the liberation of federal and corporate employees from these mind rape sessions is such good news. Let’s hope K-12 students, college students, and the rest of us are as fortunate in freeing our minds, our lives, and our relationships."

Stella Morabito is a senior contributor to The Federalist. Follow Stella on Twitter.

Originally published Friday, 02 October 2020

The Federalist

How Denunciations, 'Sensitivity Training' Mimic Communist Brainwashing


Supermom and the President Both Act to Stop the Critical Race Theory (CRT)

Libby Emmons says the New York school system is teaching her 10 year old son he is a racist. Libby decided to take control of her son's education herself. The President is stopping this nonsense in his administration.

''The National Association of Scholars (NAS) has produced a report titled, "Social Justice Education in America." Written by David Randall, it defines, describes, and delineates many of the destructive and deceptive ideas behind the innocent-sounding social justice programs that have mushroomed in American institutions of higher learning.

"According to this December 2019 report, " the last twenty years, a generation of academics and administrators has transformed higher education into an engine of progressive political advocacy." Identity politics plays a major role in how social justice will be administered. Social justice activists work to increase the 'state's coercive power' to decide who will get his fair share concerning employment, housing, income, health care, leisure, political power, property, social recognition, and wealth. 

"Consequently, social justice buzzwords such as food justiceeducational poverty, and health equity aim to increase state power 'to tax the citizenry to fund progressive spending priorities'. If social justice warriors deem it, then any alleged privilege must be eliminated so that 'identity groups defined by categories such as class, race, and gender' will not be oppressed."

(Eileen F. Toplansky - Life Site)

Originally published Friday, 02 October 2020

Ruby Ray Media

Supermom and the President Both Act to Stop the Critical Race Theory (CRT)


Biden inserts foot into mouth again! "We are not a hate Group" Proud Boys To Sue Biden!

"I am suing them. I'm suing Joe Biden I'm suing CNN. All of these reporters that called us 'multi racial patriot group white supremacists' and Nazis. As far as I am concerned that's the new 'N' word. You call me a Nazi, that's as bad as any other racial epithets. Those people killed 6 million Jews and to call us that is a deep seated insult. So we are not tolerating it anymore. I already sued the SPLC for calling the Proud Boys a hate group, and now we are going to start getting litigious with everyone." 


Gavin McInnes, founder of Proud Boys 


UPDATE: The gaslighting psychopaths in the DNCCP Fake News / Social Media Industrial Complex have censored Proud Boy member Fred Swink (story below), deleting his social media accounts after slandering and lying about the group.


Proud Boys' founder is angry, says he's suing Biden, CNN

"Gavin McInnes, founder of the 'Proud Boys' group, comments exclusively on his reaction to the first Presidential Debate, his group being name-dropped by Democratic nominee Joe Biden, his legal plans to take action against news outlets and reporters he claims to have disparaged him, and more."

Chris Salcedo - Newsmax TV

Originally published Friday, 02 October 2020


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Originally published Friday, 02 October 2020

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