War on Children

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Supermom and the President Both Act to Stop the Critical Race Theory (CRT)

"Most Pro-Life President in Our History"


VIP Abuse Ring

Ghislaine's list

Netflix is the devil's playground. IMDb plays along. #CancelNetflix #CancelHollywood

WAR ON AMERICA'S SCHOOL CHILDREN: BLM Makes Massive Move Infiltrating Schools Nationwide

Fiona Barnett Candy Girl Documentary - Satanic Ritual Abuse

The Rise and Fall of a Sexual Predator

Jacinta Nampijinpa Price - Reports on the rape of a 5 y.o.

Why Are Our Children Coming Back Home Set Against Us?

Grammy Winner Kaya Jones has 400,000 Followers and Speaks Up for the Children!

Our First Lady Dresses to Kill

Operation Underground Railroad Wants To End Human Trafficking

Is TikTok a Child Location Tool for the Pedosatanist Deepstate?

Planned Parenthood Chooses ‘Social and Racial Justice’ Activist as CEO

170 People Arrested In Largest Child Trafficking Operation In Tallahassee, Florida

Virginia School Board Weighs Stifling Freedom of Speech for Teachers

Biden Buddy Defends Child Traffickers Before the Supreme Court

Top US Teacher Training Org Partnering With China Group Promoting Socialist Nursery Rhymes

Juan O Savin 12-17 is 11.3 John Podesta will soon be arrested then Hillary Clinton et al

"The Courage of Our Convictions"


Across Party Lines Montanans Take Human Trafficking Seriously

Operation Autumn Hope Leads to Over 180 Arrests

Juan O Savin exposes the US/global pedophile crime syndicates

Producer of Hunger Games talks about Hollywood pedophiles

President Trump Declares January National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month

Pizzagate: Are You Redpilled Yet?

Robert David Steele with Juan O Savin on the Satanic Empire

"Clarence Thomas Rips SCOTUS Double Standard On Teen Maturity: ‘Child’ For Murderer vs. ‘Young Woman’ For Abortion-Seeker"


"Supreme Court Agrees to Take on Major Abortion Case"

"Anti-Mask Parents In Arizona Peacefully STORM The School Board"

"This Little Boy Survived an Abortion. Now He’s 15-Months-Old and His Mom is Pro-Life"

"Vaccines are saving lives" said the sheep

A High Schooler and His Mom Fight the Deepstate

Pornography is a Crime Against Humanity

Richardson Post: Epstein's Black Book and Flight Logs

"It is Time to End Compulsory Public Education"

Proof that Epstein Didn't Kill Himself

POTUS on Secretly Saving the World From a Satanic Cult of Pedophiles and Cannibals - "Is that supposed to be a bad thing?"


Trump's Operation Legend Dramatically Reduces Murders in Chicago